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BNXR रेलवे स्टेशन की जानकारी और BNXR से ट्रेनें


going to Sealdah railway station stop at Bidhannagar Road. Most long distance trains skip this station but a few stop here (see External links below).

The Calcutta (Sealdah)-Kusthia line of Eastern Bengal Railway was opened to traffic in 1862. Eastern Bengal Railway worked on the eastern side of the Hooghly River.

Bidhannagar Road railway station handles 975,000 passengers every day, with about 325 trains in both directions.

Bus route number 12C/2, 30C/1, 32A, 43/1, 44, 44A, 45, 46, 46A, 46B, 47/1, 79D, 91C, 201, 206, 211, 211B, 215, 215A, 215A/1, 217, 217A, 217B, 221, 223, 237, L238, 253, 260, DN8, DN16/1, DN17, KB16, KB17, KB21, KB22, JM2, JM4, 007, K1, 5 (Mini), 20 (Mini), 20A (Mini), 29 (Mini), S138 (Mini), S151 (Mini), S152 (Mini), S171 (Mini), S172 (Mini), S175 (Mini), S184 (Mini), C14/1, C41, C42, C48, D7/1, D11A, D20, D22, E17, E25, E25A, E36, E39, E46, E47, MX1, MX3, S12C, S14C, S16, S19, S21, S30A, S30D, S37, S37A, S58, T11, 15, AC2, AC10, AC30, AC30S, AC35, AC37, AC37C, AC39, AC49A, AC50, AC50A, ACT5, ACT7, ACT9, M4, M10, MN5, MN10, MN20, MW7, V1, VS1, VS2, VS14, ST7, ST15, ST21 serve the station.

Shyambazar metro station, Shobhabazar Sutanuti metro station, Bengal Chemical metro station and Phoolbagan metro station are located nearby.

Tram route number 18 serves the station.

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport is about 9 km via VIP Road.

BIDHAN NAGAR - BNXR स्टेशन के लिए 36 ट्रेनें है

BSB (08:35)SDAH (10:55) 26hr 20mins
General: 3ए एसएल
Tatkal: 3ए एसएल

BXT (13:15)SDAH (05:15) 16hr 0mins

BXT (13:45)SDAH (05:15) 15hr 30mins

APDJ (15:15)SDAH (08:20) 17hr 5mins

APDJ (15:25)SDAH (08:20) 16hr 55mins

JYG (16:00)SDAH (07:00) 15hr 0mins

JYG (16:00)SDAH (07:00) 15hr 0mins

BLGT (17:05)SDAH (05:35) 12hr 30mins

SDAH (17:45)JYG (08:50) 15hr 5mins

SDAH (17:45)JYG (08:50) 15hr 5mins

ANVT (18:15)SDAH (10:55) 40hr 40mins
General: 3ए एसएल
Tatkal: 3ए एसएल

SDAH (19:35)BXT (11:30) 15hr 55mins

SDAH (19:40)BXT (11:20) 15hr 40mins

SDAH (20:30)APDJ (12:25) 15hr 55mins

SDAH (20:35)APDJ (12:30) 15hr 55mins

SDAH (21:15)ANVT (11:05) 37hr 50mins
General: 3ए एसएल
Tatkal: 3ए एसएल

SDAH (21:15)BSB (21:40) 24hr 35mins
General: 3ए एसएल
Tatkal: 3ए एसएल

MLDT (21:35)SDAH (05:25) 7hr 50mins

SDAH (21:35)GEDE (00:15) 2hr 25mins

MLDT (21:35)SDAH (05:05) 7hr 30mins

SDAH (21:50)STB (00:05) 2hr 10mins

SDAH (22:15)BLGT (10:00) 11hr 45mins

SDAH (22:15)HNB (00:26) 1hr 45mins

SDAH (22:15)BLGT (10:35) 12hr 20mins

KNJ (22:17)SDAH (00:40) 1hr 43mins

SDAH (22:34)BNJ (00:27) 1hr 26mins

SDAH (22:40)STB (00:55) 1hr 20mins

BNJ (22:40)SDAH (00:30) 1hr 20mins

STB (22:45)SDAH (00:58) 1hr 15mins

SDAH (22:50)RHA (00:38) 1hr 10mins

SDAH (23:00)BNJ (00:50) 1hr 0mins

SDAH (23:15)NH (00:18) 0hr 45mins

NH (23:15)SDAH (00:20) 0hr 45mins

SDAH (23:40)RHA (01:28) 0hr 20mins

SDAH (23:40)BNJ (01:35) 0hr 20mins

DKAE (23:45)SDAH (00:28) 0hr 15mins