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FZR रेलवे स्टेशन की जानकारी और FZR से ट्रेनें

फिरोजपुर कैंट - FZR

During the First Anglo-Sikh War, Firozpur Cantonment played a key role for the British Indian Army. Today, it is the Headquarters for a 7th Infantry Division (India) of the Indian Army.

The district's key administrative offices and residences (such as the district courts and the commissioner's office ) are in the Cantonment rather than the city.

The Mall road is the main road in the Cantonment and runs through most of its length. All key offices and institutions as well as residences are located on

in close proximity to the Mall Road.

India census, Firozpur Cantonment had a population of 57,418. Males constitute 60% of the population and females 40%. Firozpur Cantonment has an average literacy rate of 75%, higher than the national average of 74.04%: male literacy is 80%, and female literacy is 68%. In Firozpur Cantonment, 11% of the population is under 6 years of age.

Firozpur Cantonment was establishment in the year 1839 when Capt. HM Lawrance was posted as the Assistant Political Agent of N.W. Frontier. It is situated about 5 Miles East of River Satluj & about 2 Miles South of Firozpur City. Firozpur City and Cantonment being situated on the Indo-Pak Border have not witnessed much of industrial & commercial development. Firozpur Cantonment is a Class I Cantonment. The Cantonment is connected to the City by Jhoke Road and to the River Sutlej by GT Road.Historically this was an important Cantonment for the British, it was a base for the Anglo-Sikh Wars in the 1840s. And continued as an important cantonment that was a base for supporting forward positions in modern-day Pakistan. Till World War II, it was one of the largest Cantonments in this region. After Partition the cantt's importance declined. There is an abandoned airstrip of British Vintage in the Cantt.The Battle of Saragarhi Gurudwara is a part of the Cantonment's military history as the men in the battle were mostly from adjoining areas.

Firozpur Cantonment Board is constituted under the provisions of the Cantonments Act, 1924 which was enacted by the Central Government. This Board is under administrative control of Government of India through the Ministry of Defence. GOC-in-Chief, Western Command, Chandimandir, acts as the local Govt. The Officer Commanding the Station is the President of the Board. The administration of the Cantonment Board is supervised by the Defence Estates Organisation. An officer of the Indian Defence Estates Service(IDES) is posted as Chief Executive Officer. Principal Director, Defence Estates, of the level of Additional Secretary at the Centre, is posted in each Command, who apart from being advisor to the GOC-in-C, is answerable to the Director General Defence Estates and through him to the Ministry of Defence.

The military units at the Cantonment come under the administrative and operational control of the 1st Armoured Division (India). 2nd Battalion of Madras Engineer Group, 2 companies of 8th Battalion Bengal Engineer Group, Garhwal Rifles, Garhwal Rifles, 9 Gorkha Rifles, 1 Squadron 3rd Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Regiment, 3 Squadrons of 5th Battalion Scinde Horse, I Battery 34th Medium Artillery Regiment (equipped with 122 mm howitzer), D Signals Company of Divisional Signals Battalion and 23rd Field Mobile Ambulance Squadron of the Army Medical Corps are the units stationed at Firozpur Cantt.

, B.M Jain Sr. Sec. School, Doon Junior School, Guru Nanak College, D.C. Model Sr. Sec. School, Army School, Army Public School, Grammar Model High School, St.Joseph's Convent School, Khalsa Girls Senior Secondary School, Kendriya Vidyalaya No.2, D.A.V College

फिरोजपुर कैंट - FZR स्टेशन के लिए 30 ट्रेनें है

FZR (00:20)DURG (06:30) 23hr 40mins

FZR (04:20)CWA (09:50) 29hr 30mins

FZR (04:20)DEE (11:40) 7hr 20mins

BVC (04:50)UHP (17:35) 36hr 45mins

FZR (05:00)MMCT (19:40) 38hr 40mins
General: एसएल
Tatkal: एसएल

FZR (05:00)SASN (09:45) 4hr 45mins

FZR (06:00)NDLS (12:05) 6hr 5mins
General: EC सीसी
Tatkal: EC सीसी

JU (06:25)JAT (06:35) 24hr 10mins

DEE (06:45)FZR (14:25) 7hr 40mins

DURG (07:10)FZR (11:50) 16hr 50mins

MMCT (07:25)FZR (22:15) 38hr 50mins

JAT (07:50)ADI (15:05) 31hr 15mins

SVDK (10:20)ADI (23:55) 37hr 35mins

ADI (11:20)JAT (19:35) 32hr 15mins

ASR (14:30)AII (10:00) 19hr 30mins

FZR (16:10)DHN (04:55) 31hr 50mins

FZR (16:10)DHN (05:05) 36hr 55mins

NDLS (16:20)FZR (22:50) 6hr 30mins
General: EC सीसी
Tatkal: EC सीसी

AII (17:55)ASR (14:45) 20hr 50mins

FZR (19:00)PNBE (21:25) 26hr 25mins

ADI (19:05)SVDK (06:50) 35hr 45mins

CSMT (19:35)FZR (05:10) 33hr 35mins

CSMT (19:35)FZR (05:50) 34hr 15mins

UHP (20:50)BVC (11:50) 39hr 0mins

DHN (21:20)FZR (10:45) 37hr 25mins

JAT (21:30)JU (20:35) 23hr 5mins

FZR (21:40)CSMT (07:45) 34hr 5mins

JUC (21:40)FZR (00:35) 2hr 20mins

FZR (21:45)CSMT (07:35) 26hr 15mins

PNBE (23:25)FZR (23:55) 24hr 30mins