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GY रेलवे स्टेशन की जानकारी और GY से ट्रेनें

गूटी - GY

"Gooty Junction railway station" (station code:GY) is the primary railway station serving Gooty in Andhra Pradesh, India. The station comes under the jurisdiction of Guntakal division of South Coast Railway zone.

The station has two platforms. The station is situated at junction of four lines branching towards Dharmavaram Junction railway station, Dhone Junction railway station, Renigunta Junction railway station and Guntakal Junction railway station.

Gooty railway station is located on the Guntakal-Chennai Egmore section, which is part of Mumbai - Chennai railway route, it is home to one of the five diesel locomotive sheds in the South Coast Railway zone (SCR). Gooty Junction railway station is situated on the Bangalore - Hyderabad, India National Highway 7 (India)(old numbering)or 44, Ankola - Bellary - Gooty National Highway National Highway 63 (India), Gulbarga - Gooty National Highway (In Process w.e.f 23/01/2014). Diesel Loco Shed, Gooty is home to diesel locomotives of the ALCO WDG2A, WDG3A, WDM3A and WDM3D classes.

Gooty railway station is classified as a ''B-category'' station in the Guntakal railway division.

गूटी - GY स्टेशन के लिए 145 ट्रेनें है

LTT (00:15)MDU (09:45) 33hr 30mins

CBE (00:15)RJT (17:50) 41hr 35mins

QLN (03:00)HYB (10:45) 31hr 45mins

QLN (03:00)NZB (15:40) 36hr 40mins

TVC (04:25)CSMT (20:50) 40hr 25mins

RJT (05:25)CBE (02:15) 44hr 50mins

BBS (05:30)SBC (12:05) 30hr 35mins

BBS (05:30)SBC (12:05) 30hr 35mins

RJT (05:30)CBE (21:30) 40hr 0mins

NCJ (06:00)CSMT (20:50) 38hr 50mins

NCJ (06:00)CSMT (20:50) 38hr 50mins

NED (06:00)SBC (04:45) 22hr 45mins

KCG (06:00)MAQ (10:30) 28hr 30mins

UBL (06:00)RU (20:35) 15hr 10mins
General: एसएल
Tatkal: एसएल

NED (06:00)SBC (04:45) 22hr 45mins

KCG (06:05)MAQ (09:30) 27hr 25mins

TPTY (06:10)UBL (21:25) 15hr 15mins
General: एसएल
Tatkal: एसएल

SMET (06:15)RU (20:05) 13hr 50mins

MS (06:30)CSMT (05:45) 23hr 15mins

BNC (07:20)BZA (06:05) 22hr 45mins
General: एसएल
Tatkal: एसएल

SSPN (07:40)HWH (14:50) 31hr 10mins

SSPN (07:40)HWH (13:25) 29hr 45mins

CSMT (08:10)SBC (08:50) 15hr 50mins

CSMT (08:10)SBC (08:50) 24hr 40mins

CAPE (08:25)CSMT (03:40) 43hr 15mins

NCJ (08:25)KCG (14:00) 29hr 35mins

TPTY (08:30)SNSI (10:45) 26hr 15mins

TPTY (08:30)SNSI (12:15) 27hr 45mins

CBE (08:55)LTT (14:30) 29hr 35mins

MAS (08:55)NSL (11:55) 27hr 0mins

VSG (09:00)TPTY (03:50) 18hr 50mins

VSG (09:00)TPTY (02:55) 17hr 55mins

ADI (09:40)MAS (17:10) 14hr 20mins

ADI (09:40)MAS (17:10) 31hr 30mins

ADI (09:40)MAS (16:00) 30hr 20mins

TPTY (11:00)ADB (11:00) 13hr 0mins

TPTY (11:20)VSG (05:15) 17hr 55mins

YPR (11:20)DADN (06:30) 43hr 10mins

KOP (11:30)TPTY (08:00) 20hr 30mins

KOP (11:40)TPTY (08:00) 20hr 20mins

TPTY (11:40)VSG (05:25) 17hr 45mins

AK (11:50)QLN (03:00) 39hr 10mins

LTT (12:05)KIK (18:35) 30hr 30mins

NZB (12:10)QLN (23:55) 35hr 45mins

CSMT (12:10)NCJ (03:40) 39hr 30mins

CSMT (12:10)NCJ (03:40) 39hr 30mins

CSMT (12:10)TVC (03:50) 39hr 40mins

MAS (12:20)CSMT (13:35) 25hr 15mins

CSMT (12:25)CGL (13:00) 24hr 35mins
General: 3ए एसएल
Tatkal: 3ए एसएल

CSMT (12:45)MAS (10:50) 22hr 5mins

LTT (13:15)MDU (18:10) 10hr 45mins

LTT (13:20)MAS (12:55) 23hr 35mins

MAS (13:20)CSMT (12:35) 23hr 15mins

NSL (13:30)MAS (16:45) 27hr 15mins

YPR (13:30)ADI (02:20) 36hr 50mins

ADB (13:35)QLN (03:00) 37hr 25mins

SBC (13:40)BBS (21:05) 31hr 25mins

SBC (13:40)BBS (21:05) 31hr 25mins

CSMT (14:00)MAS (16:20) 26hr 20mins

KIK (14:00)LTT (23:45) 33hr 45mins

KCG (14:00)YPR (03:00) 13hr 0mins

KIK (14:00)LTT (20:30) 30hr 30mins

NZB (14:05)TPTY (06:15) 9hr 55mins

NZB (14:05)TPTY (06:15) 16hr 10mins

YPR (14:20)MTM (07:10) 16hr 50mins

YPR (14:20)KCG (03:30) 13hr 10mins

MDU (14:45)LTT (23:45) 33hr 0mins

HWH (14:55)SSPN (22:20) 31hr 25mins

TPTY (15:10)SC (04:05) 12hr 55mins

MYS (15:15)KCG (05:40) 14hr 25mins

MYS (15:15)KCG (05:40) 14hr 25mins

CGL (15:20)KCG (07:55) 16hr 35mins

YPR (15:20)KCG (05:00) 13hr 40mins

CSMT (15:35)CAPE (12:00) 44hr 25mins

MTM (15:35)YPR (09:45) 18hr 10mins

HWH (15:35)SSPN (22:25) 30hr 50mins

CGL (15:35)KCG (07:55) 16hr 20mins

TPTY (15:40)SC (04:10) 12hr 30mins

MAS (15:50)LTT (16:00) 24hr 10mins

MDU (15:50)LTT (20:30) 28hr 40mins

MAS (15:55)ADI (20:55) 29hr 0mins

CGL (16:00)CSMT (16:20) 24hr 20mins
General: 3ए एसएल
Tatkal: 3ए एसएल

KCG (16:00)NCJ (21:00) 29hr 0mins

DMM (16:10)BZA (06:50) 14hr 40mins

SC (16:15)TPTY (06:25) 14hr 10mins

SC (16:15)TPTY (06:40) 14hr 25mins

YNK (16:20)KCG (05:00) 12hr 40mins

TPTY (16:25)NZB (08:38) 7hr 35mins

TPTY (16:25)NZB (08:38) 16hr 13mins

KCG (16:30)CGL (08:20) 15hr 50mins

KCG (16:30)CGL (09:00) 16hr 30mins

HYB (16:35)QLN (23:55) 31hr 20mins

HYB (16:35)QLN (23:55) 31hr 20mins

TPTY (16:40)SC (07:05) 14hr 25mins

TPTY (17:00)SC (07:25) 14hr 25mins

CTO (17:30)KCG (06:20) 12hr 50mins

CTO (17:30)KCG (06:20) 6hr 30mins

DMM (17:30)BZA (06:50) 13hr 20mins

SC (17:40)TPTY (06:35) 12hr 55mins

SC (17:40)TPTY (06:25) 12hr 45mins

MDU (18:00)RGDA (21:40) 30hr 0mins

MAS (18:15)LTT (16:00) 21hr 45mins

LKO (18:30)YPR (13:30) 43hr 0mins

LKO (18:30)YPR (13:30) 43hr 0mins

ADI (18:40)YPR (04:45) 34hr 5mins

LTT (18:45)MAS (16:20) 21hr 35mins

LTT (18:45)MAS (16:20) 21hr 35mins

SBC (19:00)NDLS (10:30) 39hr 30mins

SBC (19:00)NDLS (10:30) 39hr 30mins

KCG (19:05)MYS (09:30) 4hr 55mins

KCG (19:05)MYS (09:30) 14hr 25mins

SNSI (19:10)TPTY (23:15) 28hr 5mins

SNSI (19:35)TPTY (22:10) 26hr 35mins

KCG (20:05)CTO (08:55) 12hr 50mins

KCG (20:05)CTO (08:55) 12hr 50mins

MAQ (20:05)KCG (23:40) 27hr 35mins

MAQ (20:15)KCG (23:50) 27hr 35mins

DADN (20:20)YPR (11:15) 38hr 55mins

SBC (20:30)CSMT (20:15) 3hr 30mins

MAS (20:30)ADI (04:10) 27hr 30mins

SBC (20:30)CSMT (20:15) 23hr 45mins

MAS (20:30)ADI (05:45) 33hr 15mins

BZA (20:35)BNC (16:45) 20hr 10mins
General: एसएल
Tatkal: एसएल

AWB (20:50)RU (20:05) 23hr 15mins
General: 3ए एसएल
Tatkal: 3ए एसएल

AWB (20:50)RU (19:00) 22hr 10mins

TPTY (21:00)KOP (16:35) 19hr 35mins

TPTY (21:00)KOP (16:35) 19hr 35mins

KCG (21:05)VSG (15:05) 18hr 0mins

KCG (21:05)YNK (09:35) 12hr 30mins

NDLS (21:15)SBC (14:00) 40hr 45mins

RU (21:25)AWB (22:15) 24hr 50mins

RU (21:45)SMET (11:45) 14hr 0mins

BZA (21:45)DMM (10:55) 13hr 10mins

RU (21:45)AWB (22:45) 25hr 0mins
General: 3ए एसएल
Tatkal: 3ए एसएल

SBC (22:25)NED (23:30) 25hr 5mins

LTT (22:35)CBE (06:50) 32hr 15mins
General: 3ए एसएल
Tatkal: 3ए एसएल

LTT (22:35)CBE (07:00) 32hr 25mins

SBC (22:50)NED (22:50) 24hr 0mins

CSMT (22:55)MS (21:45) 22hr 50mins

BZA (23:10)DMM (13:00) 13hr 50mins

CBE (23:30)RJT (19:00) 43hr 30mins

YPR (23:40)LKO (18:40) 43hr 0mins

YPR (23:40)LKO (18:40) 43hr 0mins

CSMT (23:45)MAS (03:30) 27hr 45mins

MAS (23:55)CSMT (03:45) 27hr 50mins