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KCG रेलवे स्टेशन की जानकारी और KCG से ट्रेनें


"Kachiguda" is a locality in the city of Hyderabad and one of the old suburbs in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. The third largest railway station in Hyderabad, Kacheguda railway station, built during the Nizam of Hyderabad rule, is a major landmark of Kachiguda.

The name was derived from the Kachi community, which still has a good population near the Kacheguda railway station.

Kachiguda business includes textiles, ready-made garments, and footwear for economical buyers.

This locality also has a cinema hub with cinema theaters like INOX Leisure Limited (Multiplex), Venkatramana 70mm, Padmavati 35mm, Tarakrama 70mm and Kumar 70mm.

Reliance Industries and Reliance Digital outlets are also located in Kachiguda.

There is also a hotel, Tourist Plaza Hotel, which was recently rebuilt. The locality also has various other hotels and restaurants as well.

There is a Shri Khatu Shyam Baba temple where khatu shyam(barbarika) is worshipped as lord krishna and this Temple is popularly known as veeranna gutta as self arisen idol of lord veerabadra was found first in that temple and this temple is located in front of the Railway station, providing services such as free physiotherapy, free food to poor people at lunch time, and daily prasad offered to all devotees who come for darshan of Shri Shyam Baba.

Kachiguda is the hub of the Marwadi, Jain, Gujarati and Telugu communities. There is a Jain temple (Shri Acchalgach Jain Mandir) adjacent lane to the Bank of India for Jains and Gujaratis.

Kachiguda Mahakali Mandir is famous for Ugadi, Bonalu, Vijayadashami and Diwali festivals.Kachiguda also has the second biggest Lord Shri Ganesh Idol in Chappal Bazar during Ganesh Festival and also for Bonalu Festival in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad.

There is a lord Ganesha Temple where people from different places come to take the blessings.

Kachiguda also has a mosque, Masjid Shah Miyan.

Kacheguda railway station is a very important Railway Station. Its importance is growing, as trains from northern India to southern India pass through Kachiguda Railway Station.

Kachiguda is connected by buses run by Telangana State Road Transport Corporation. Since a Bus Depot is located here, it is well connected to other cities. Buses that run are 89. Hyderabad Multi-Modal Transport System train facility is present at the Kacheguda railway station which connects to major parts of the city.

There are several educational institutions located here:, Nrupatunga educational Institutions,Badruka College educational Institutions, RG Kedia College of Commerce, St. Francis Junior College, Haindavi Degree College, Deeksha model school

R. G. Kedia College was established in the year 1972 by Marwadi Siksha Samithi, Eminent philanthropists and industrialists of the Marwadi community have sponsored this premier institution. MSS has been serving the cause of education since 1924. Several institutions and courses have been started from time to time. All Under Graduation courses are affiliated to Osmania University and accredited by NAAC. The college has distinguished teachers on its roles. Leading industrialists, philanthropists and educationists with several decades of experience are running this college.

KACHEGUDA - KCG स्टेशन के लिए 125 ट्रेनें है

QLN (03:00)NZB (15:40) 36hr 40mins

QLN (03:00)KCG (10:15) 31hr 15mins

NRKR (04:30)KCG (20:15) 15hr 45mins

NZM (05:20)TPTY (20:35) 39hr 15mins

KRNT (05:30)SC (10:50) 5hr 20mins
General: 2एस
Tatkal: 2एस

TPTY (05:40)NZM (18:00) 36hr 20mins

TPTY (05:40)NZM (18:35) 36hr 55mins

KCG (06:00)VSG (02:00) 18hr 0mins

KCG (06:00)MAQ (10:30) 28hr 30mins

KCG (06:00)MDU (06:15) 24hr 15mins

KCG (06:05)MAQ (09:30) 27hr 25mins

KCG (06:05)MDU (05:15) 23hr 10mins

NZM (06:25)YPR (19:35) 37hr 10mins

AMI (06:45)TPTY (06:40) 23hr 55mins

JBP (06:45)YPR (13:30) 30hr 45mins

AMI (06:45)TPTY (06:35) 23hr 50mins

VSG (07:00)KCG (03:30) 17hr 0mins

NZM (07:00)CBE (06:30) 41hr 0mins

VSG (07:05)KCG (05:00) 21hr 55mins

NZM (07:10)TPTY (21:50) 38hr 40mins

KCG (07:10)AK (18:30) 11hr 20mins

KCG (07:10)NRKR (23:10) 16hr 0mins

OKHA (07:30)RMM (19:30) 60hr 0mins

SC (07:30)KRNT (12:30) 5hr 0mins

SC (07:40)KRNT (12:30) 4hr 50mins

RU (08:00)NZM (17:20) 16hr 0mins

KCG (08:00)NGC (08:00) 40hr 0mins

KRBA (08:00)YPR (13:30) 29hr 30mins

KRBA (08:00)YPR (13:30) 29hr 30mins

NZM (08:20)YPR (05:40) 45hr 20mins

NCJ (08:25)KCG (14:00) 29hr 35mins

NZM (08:35)CBE (09:15) 48hr 40mins

OKHA (08:40)RMM (19:15) 39hr 20mins

GKP (08:50)YPR (11:30) 50hr 40mins

GKP (08:55)YPR (11:30) 39hr 5mins

MAS (08:55)NSL (11:55) 27hr 0mins

VSG (09:00)HYB (07:40) 22hr 40mins

HYB (09:15)VSG (05:15) 20hr 0mins

AK (09:30)KCG (20:15) 10hr 45mins

AK (09:30)KCG (20:15) 10hr 45mins

NZM (10:15)RU (20:50) 13hr 45mins

MYS (10:40)JP (06:15) 43hr 35mins

MYS (10:40)JP (06:15) 43hr 35mins

TPTY (11:00)ADB (11:00) 13hr 0mins

YPR (11:20)DADN (06:30) 43hr 10mins

AK (11:50)QLN (03:00) 39hr 10mins

NZB (12:10)QLN (23:55) 35hr 45mins

YPR (12:45)NZM (08:11) 43hr 26mins

MDU (12:50)KCG (14:00) 25hr 10mins

KCG (13:00)TATA (19:45) 30hr 45mins

MDU (13:10)KCG (13:25) 24hr 15mins

NSL (13:30)MAS (16:45) 27hr 15mins

UBL (13:30)KCG (05:00) 15hr 30mins

ADB (13:35)QLN (03:00) 37hr 25mins

KCG (14:00)YPR (03:00) 13hr 0mins

YPR (14:20)KCG (03:30) 13hr 10mins

KCG (14:40)GNT (08:45) 18hr 5mins
General: एसएल
Tatkal: एसएल

VSKP (14:50)KCG (03:45) 12hr 55mins

CBE (14:55)NZM (14:15) 47hr 20mins

KRNT (15:00)SC (19:55) 4hr 55mins

KRNT (15:00)SC (19:55) 4hr 55mins

TPTY (15:10)AMI (14:50) 23hr 40mins

TPTY (15:10)AMI (14:50) 23hr 40mins

TPTY (15:10)SC (04:05) 12hr 55mins

KCG (15:10)GNT (06:45) 15hr 35mins
General: 3ए एसएल
Tatkal: 3ए एसएल

MYS (15:15)KCG (05:40) 14hr 25mins

MYS (15:15)KCG (05:40) 14hr 25mins

YPR (15:20)KCG (05:00) 13hr 40mins

CGL (15:20)KCG (07:55) 16hr 35mins

CGL (15:35)KCG (07:55) 16hr 20mins

KCG (15:40)QLN (23:55) 8hr 20mins

TPTY (15:40)SC (04:10) 12hr 30mins

YPR (15:50)JBP (22:30) 30hr 40mins

KCG (16:00)SHC (23:15) 8hr 0mins

KCG (16:00)NCJ (21:00) 29hr 0mins

CBE (16:15)NZM (14:15) 46hr 0mins

YNK (16:20)KCG (05:00) 12hr 40mins

KCG (16:30)CGL (08:20) 15hr 50mins

KCG (16:30)CGL (09:00) 16hr 30mins

TPTY (17:00)KCG (06:30) 13hr 30mins

CHE (17:15)KCG (06:30) 13hr 15mins

CTO (17:30)KCG (06:20) 12hr 50mins

GNT (17:30)KCG (09:45) 16hr 15mins
General: एसएल
Tatkal: एसएल

CTO (17:30)KCG (06:20) 6hr 30mins

SC (17:40)TPTY (06:35) 12hr 55mins

SC (17:40)TPTY (06:25) 12hr 45mins

NGC (18:00)KCG (17:45) 30hr 0mins

CCT (18:10)KCG (05:10) 11hr 0mins

CCT (18:10)KCG (05:10) 5hr 50mins

KCG (18:25)VSKP (06:50) 12hr 25mins

LKO (18:30)YPR (13:30) 43hr 0mins

LKO (18:30)YPR (13:30) 43hr 0mins

VSKP (18:40)KCG (07:25) 12hr 45mins

KCG (18:45)CHE (08:55) 14hr 10mins

KCG (18:45)CCT (05:45) 11hr 0mins

KCG (18:45)CCT (05:45) 5hr 15mins

GNT (19:00)KCG (09:45) 14hr 45mins
General: 3ए एसएल
Tatkal: 3ए एसएल

GNT (19:00)KCG (09:45) 14hr 45mins

KCG (19:05)MYS (09:30) 4hr 55mins

KCG (19:05)MYS (09:30) 14hr 25mins

AII (19:25)KCG (03:25) 28hr 35mins

JP (19:35)MYS (15:45) 44hr 10mins

JP (19:35)MYS (15:45) 44hr 10mins

KCG (20:05)CTO (08:55) 12hr 50mins

KCG (20:05)CTO (08:55) 12hr 50mins

MAQ (20:05)KCG (23:40) 27hr 35mins

MAQ (20:15)KCG (23:50) 27hr 35mins

DADN (20:20)YPR (11:15) 38hr 55mins

KCG (21:05)VSG (15:05) 18hr 0mins

KCG (21:05)YNK (09:35) 12hr 30mins

UBL (21:30)KIR (21:30) 26hr 30mins

YPR (22:00)NZM (09:15) 35hr 15mins

RMM (22:00)OKHA (13:50) 63hr 50mins

KCG (22:10)RAL (06:10) 8hr 0mins
General: 3ए एसएल
Tatkal: 3ए एसएल

RMM (22:10)OKHA (10:20) 60hr 10mins

TATA (22:50)KCG (05:00) 30hr 10mins

KCG (23:00)AII (12:00) 25hr 0mins

UR (23:08)SC (00:10) 0hr 52mins

YPR (23:40)KRBA (04:30) 28hr 50mins

YPR (23:40)LKO (18:40) 43hr 0mins

YPR (23:40)GKP (19:35) 24hr 20mins

YPR (23:40)KRBA (04:30) 28hr 50mins

YPR (23:40)GKP (19:45) 44hr 5mins

YPR (23:40)LKO (18:40) 43hr 0mins

KCG (23:50)VSKP (13:30) 13hr 40mins