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NNGE रेलवे स्टेशन की जानकारी और NNGE से ट्रेनें


Narangi is located at . It has an average elevation of 11 metres (36 feet). The climate of the village is Tropical climate. During Summer, the humidity level is very high and in winter the climate is almost always dry. Narangi falls in a region of high to very high rainfall often experiencing devastating rainfall in the monsoon period of June to September, every year.

Narangi falls under the jurisdiction of Vasai-Virar Municipal Corporation, a recently formed civic body in the region. Narangi comes under Ward 5 of the corporation. The corporator of the region is Dr. Vasant Mangela, a candidate of the Bahujan Vikas Aaghadi, who is also a social worker and Chairman of the Jai Bhavani Reti Utpadak Cooperative Society, which is an organisation of traditional sand-lifters fighting against the use of suction pumps used in Sand mining.

The people living in Narangi, are mostly the Mangela Kolis community. The etymology of the word 'Mangela' comes from the words ''Mang'', meaning fishing nets in the Marathi language and ''Ela'' meaning people. Literally, the word means a fisherman, and the Mangela Koli People are a community of Koli fishermen.

Narangi has a huge cricket ground in its west end. It is named as 'Jai Bhavani Reti Bandar Cricket Ground'

NARANGI - NNGE स्टेशन के लिए 4 ट्रेनें है

GHY (05:30)LMG (12:15) 6hr 45mins

LMG (14:25)GHY (22:00) 7hr 56mins

LEDO (14:55)GHY (05:50) 14hr 55mins

GHY (20:40)LEDO (10:55) 14hr 15mins