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RAIR रेलवे स्टेशन की जानकारी और RAIR से ट्रेनें


"Redhakhol" is a town and a notified area committee in Sambalpur district in the Indian States and territories of India of Odisha.It has the following banks: Canara Bank, DCB, SBI, Union Bank, UGB and Central Bank.

Redhakhol is located at . It has an average elevation of .

National Highway 55 (India) passes through Redhakhol. It is around 67 km south of Sambalpur, the district headquarters.

India census, Redhakhol had a population of 13,722. Males constitute 53% of the population and females 47%. Redhakhol has an average literacy rate of 66%, higher than the national average of 59.5%: male literacy is 76%, and female literacy is 55%. In Redhakhol, 14% of the population is under 6 years of age.

RAIKAKHOL - RAIR स्टेशन के लिए 47 ट्रेनें है

SNSI (00:45)PURI (11:00) 34hr 15mins

ROU (05:10)BBS (12:30) 7hr 20mins

ROU (05:10)BBS (12:30) 7hr 20mins

SBP (06:00)KUR (12:00) 6hr 0mins

SBP (06:00)PURI (12:50) 6hr 50mins

BBS (06:30)BLGR (13:25) 6hr 55mins

BBS (06:30)BLGR (13:25) 6hr 55mins

PURI (06:30)BKN (22:00) 39hr 30mins

ANVT (07:05)BBS (16:15) 16hr 55mins

ANVT (07:05)BBS (16:15) 33hr 10mins

PURI (09:00)AII (04:00) 39hr 0mins

PURI (12:00)SNSI (20:00) 32hr 0mins

BBS (12:45)ANVT (20:50) 32hr 5mins

BBS (12:45)ANVT (20:50) 32hr 5mins

JU (14:00)PURI (10:30) 44hr 30mins

BBS (14:10)ROU (21:40) 7hr 30mins

BBS (14:10)ROU (21:40) 7hr 30mins

JU (14:15)PURI (10:00) 43hr 45mins

BLGR (14:45)BBS (22:15) 7hr 30mins

BLGR (14:45)BBS (21:55) 7hr 10mins

GNPR (15:15)ROU (08:00) 16hr 45mins

PURI (15:50)JU (12:00) 44hr 10mins

HTE (15:55)PURI (07:35) 15hr 40mins

PURI (16:05)SBP (22:30) 6hr 25mins

PURI (16:05)JU (11:55) 43hr 50mins

DURG (16:10)PURI (09:15) 17hr 5mins

BKN (17:05)PURI (09:45) 40hr 40mins

AII (17:20)PURI (18:20) 49hr 0mins

KRPU (17:30)BBS (08:30) 15hr 0mins

PURI (18:20)ADI (07:25) 37hr 5mins

BBS (18:30)KRPU (11:00) 16hr 30mins

PURI (18:30)DURG (11:55) 17hr 25mins

ADI (18:40)PURI (08:10) 37hr 30mins

AII (18:50)PURI (14:25) 43hr 35mins

PURI (19:55)HTE (11:05) 15hr 10mins

SBP (20:05)HWH (07:05) 11hr 0mins

AII (20:05)PURI (16:15) 27hr 55mins

SBP (20:05)HWH (07:05) 11hr 0mins

MCS (20:07)NPD (07:40) 11hr 35mins

HWH (20:55)SBP (07:50) 10hr 55mins

HWH (20:55)SBP (07:50) 10hr 55mins

ROU (21:20)GNPR (13:35) 16hr 15mins

PURI (22:45)AII (21:10) 46hr 25mins

PURI (23:05)AII (18:55) 43hr 50mins

ASR (23:45)VSKP (23:50) 48hr 5mins

BONA (23:48)DDE (23:28) 23hr 42mins

VSKP (23:50)ASR (23:30) 47hr 40mins