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ADI Railway Station

Trains from station AHMEDABAD JN - ADI

DDR (00:05)BHUJ (17:55) 17hr 50mins

ADI (00:15)HWH (13:30) 37hr 15mins

PBR (00:40)SC (10:20) 33hr 40mins

HSR (00:55)CBE (02:50) 49hr 55mins

BME (00:55)YPR (03:48) 50hr 53mins

SGNR (02:00)TPJ (11:20) 57hr 20mins

HAPA (03:15)MAO (04:15) 25hr 0mins

BL (04:05)ADI (10:25) 6hr 20mins

OKHA (04:05)ERS (22:35) 42hr 30mins

VRL (04:25)TVC (03:05) 46hr 40mins

BVC (04:25)COA (21:27) 41hr 2mins

DBG (04:35)ADI (03:45) 47hr 10mins

GKP (04:45)ADI (12:45) 32hr 0mins

GKP (04:45)OKHA (03:55) 47hr 10mins

TPJ (04:45)SGNR (13:25) 56hr 40mins

JAM (04:45)ST (14:50) 10hr 5mins

ADI (04:55)MMCT (12:35) 7hr 40mins

HAPA (04:55)ST (14:50) 9hr 55mins

COA (05:00)BVC (19:45) 38hr 45mins

YPR (05:00)BKN (06:50) 49hr 50mins

JU (05:15)SBC (05:30) 48hr 15mins

JU (05:15)SBC (03:00) 45hr 45mins

JAM (05:15)SVDK (17:10) 35hr 55mins

RJT (05:25)CBE (02:15) 44hr 50mins

BGKT (05:25)PUNE (04:35) 23hr 10mins

RJT (05:25)SC (10:20) 28hr 55mins

AII (05:30)MYS (06:00) 48hr 30mins

AII (05:30)SBC (05:30) 48hr 0mins

HAPA (05:30)SVDK (17:10) 35hr 40mins

ST (05:30)BVC (18:00) 12hr 30mins

GIMB (05:35)SVDK (17:10) 35hr 35mins

JP (05:35)ADI (02:30) 20hr 55mins

CDG (05:40)BDTS (09:20) 27hr 40mins

MMCT (05:45)ADI (14:40) 8hr 55mins

ADI (06:00)MMCT (13:00) 7hr 0mins

ADI (06:05)SLN (12:10) 30hr 5mins

ADI (06:05)KOAA (15:15) 57hr 10mins

SMNH (06:25)ADI (15:55) 9hr 30mins

MMCT (06:30)ADI (12:45) 6hr 15mins

BE (06:35)BHUJ (14:01) 31hr 26mins

ADI (06:40)MMCT (13:10) 6hr 30mins

GIMB (06:50)BDTS (22:25) 15hr 35mins

ADI (07:00)MMCT (15:55) 8hr 55mins

OKHA (07:05)HWH (03:35) 44hr 30mins

BVC (07:15)KCVL (03:05) 43hr 50mins

GIMB (07:20)NCJ (05:00) 45hr 40mins

ADI (07:30)MAS (16:05) 32hr 35mins

OKHA (07:30)NDT (05:50) 22hr 20mins

OKHA (07:30)RMM (19:30) 60hr 0mins

PIT (07:35)BDTS (21:50) 14hr 15mins

TEN (07:45)GIMB (04:30) 44hr 45mins

TEN (07:45)JAM (05:15) 45hr 30mins

PBR (07:50)HWH (03:35) 43hr 45mins

JAT (07:50)ADI (15:05) 31hr 15mins

BSP (08:10)HAPA (14:50) 30hr 40mins

PBR (08:15)SRC (08:05) 47hr 50mins

MMCT (08:20)PBR (05:30) 21hr 10mins

BRC (08:20)ADI (10:40) 2hr 20mins

DEE (08:20)PBR (12:55) 28hr 35mins

VRL (08:25)PUNE (04:35) 20hr 10mins

OKHA (08:30)PURI (10:20) 49hr 50mins

VRL (08:45)INDB (05:15) 20hr 30mins

BHUJ (08:55)PUNE (04:35) 19hr 40mins

NED (09:00)SGNR (23:40) 38hr 40mins

SVDK (09:10)HAPA (21:00) 35hr 50mins

SVDK (09:10)GIMB (20:00) 34hr 50mins

SVDK (09:10)JAM (21:00) 35hr 50mins

GIMB (09:15)SBC (03:00) 41hr 45mins

DEE (09:20)BDTS (08:10) 22hr 50mins

PURI (09:25)OKHA (13:50) 52hr 25mins

BKN (09:30)BDTS (09:40) 24hr 10mins

SMNH (09:30)JBP (17:20) 31hr 50mins

JAT (09:30)BDTS (22:25) 36hr 55mins

SMNH (09:30)JBP (14:20) 28hr 50mins

MAS (09:35)ADI (18:30) 32hr 55mins

ADI (09:40)MAS (17:10) 31hr 30mins

ADI (09:55)MTC (07:05) 21hr 15mins

JBP (10:00)SMNH (17:45) 31hr 45mins

HSR (10:05)SC (08:50) 46hr 45mins

PNBE (10:10)ADI (22:20) 36hr 10mins

SGNR (10:15)NED (02:45) 40hr 30mins

BGKT (10:15)ADI (20:00) 9hr 45mins

SVDK (10:20)ADI (23:55) 37hr 35mins

PURI (10:30)GIMB (06:40) 44hr 10mins

NGP (10:30)ADI (03:25) 16hr 55mins

YPR (10:30)BME (07:30) 45hr 0mins

MAO (10:40)HAPA (10:25) 23hr 45mins

ADI (10:40)SMNH (20:00) 9hr 20mins

GHY (10:45)OKHA (03:55) 65hr 10mins

KCVL (11:00)PBR (08:30) 45hr 30mins

KYQ (11:00)GIMB (02:15) 63hr 15mins

ADI (11:20)JAT (19:35) 32hr 15mins

ADI (11:35)GKP (19:25) 31hr 50mins

ADI (11:35)LKO (14:25) 26hr 50mins

OKHA (11:40)GHY (07:10) 67hr 30mins

JBP (11:40)SMNH (17:45) 30hr 5mins

BDTS (11:45)MHV (03:10) 15hr 25mins

ADI (12:10)OKHA (05:30) 17hr 20mins

BDTS (12:15)JAT (01:25) 37hr 10mins

BDTS (12:15)CDG (16:20) 28hr 5mins

MMCT (12:15)ADI (04:00) 15hr 45mins

KOP (12:20)ADI (07:45) 19hr 25mins

ADI (12:40)MMCT (04:35) 15hr 55mins

BDTS (12:45)DEE (12:15) 23hr 30mins

VRL (12:45)BDTS (05:15) 16hr 30mins

BHUJ (12:45)BE (20:35) 31hr 50mins

BDTS (12:45)VRL (04:35) 15hr 50mins

BDTS (12:55)DEE (13:15) 24hr 20mins

BDTS (12:55)HSR (13:40) 24hr 45mins

MHV (13:00)BDTS (04:45) 15hr 45mins

BDTS (13:05)JP (12:00) 22hr 55mins

KOAA (13:10)ADI (19:16) 54hr 6mins

OKHA (13:10)MMCT (07:10) 18hr 0mins

VRL (13:20)MMCT (07:10) 17hr 50mins

ST (13:30)JAM (23:40) 10hr 10mins

BDTS (13:30)JU (06:30) 17hr 0mins

ST (13:30)HAPA (23:15) 9hr 45mins

RJT (13:30)REWA (16:45) 27hr 15mins

YPR (13:30)ADI (02:20) 36hr 50mins

GIMB (13:40)KYQ (06:10) 64hr 30mins

MMCT (13:40)ADI (21:25) 7hr 45mins

BKN (13:40)DDR (12:00) 22hr 20mins

OKHA (13:45)BSB (02:50) 37hr 5mins

JAM (13:55)BDTS (05:40) 15hr 45mins

NZM (13:55)ADI (06:15) 16hr 20mins

GIMB (14:00)TEN (11:30) 45hr 30mins

MMCT (14:20)ADI (21:40) 7hr 20mins

BSB (14:30)ADI (03:45) 37hr 15mins

BHUJ (14:30)SHM (10:05) 43hr 35mins

DDR (14:35)BKN (13:10) 22hr 35mins

BDTS (14:35)JSM (12:40) 22hr 5mins

BDTS (14:35)BKN (12:25) 21hr 50mins

DDR (14:35)AII (08:15) 17hr 40mins

NCJ (14:45)GIMB (12:50) 46hr 5mins

ADI (14:45)MMCT (21:20) 6hr 35mins

ADI (14:55)ALD (16:50) 25hr 55mins

DDR (15:00)BHUJ (07:00) 16hr 0mins

BKN (15:00)BDTS (12:45) 21hr 45mins

BDTS (15:05)BKN (15:30) 24hr 25mins

CBE (15:10)HSR (17:45) 50hr 35mins

PBR (15:10)MFP (18:10) 51hr 0mins

PBR (15:10)DEE (19:35) 28hr 25mins

ADI (15:10)BRC (17:30) 2hr 20mins

SC (15:15)PBR (23:50) 32hr 35mins

SC (15:15)RJT (19:00) 27hr 45mins

MS (15:15)JU (10:00) 42hr 45mins

MFP (15:15)PBR (17:20) 50hr 5mins

DLI (15:20)ADI (07:40) 16hr 20mins

BDTS (15:25)PIT (05:30) 14hr 5mins

ADI (15:25)MAS (22:35) 31hr 10mins

BDTS (15:25)MHV (07:10) 15hr 45mins

BDTS (15:25)BVC (05:20) 13hr 55mins

BDTS (15:25)PIT (05:30) 14hr 5mins

SGNR (15:30)KCVL (03:05) 59hr 35mins

BSB (15:35)ADI (23:55) 32hr 20mins

KCVL (15:45)SGNR (02:55) 59hr 10mins

HSR (15:45)BDTS (16:45) 25hr 0mins

TVC (15:45)VRL (16:45) 49hr 0mins

KCVL (15:45)BVC (13:15) 45hr 30mins

BHUJ (15:55)BDTS (05:15) 13hr 20mins

DEE (16:15)BDTS (16:45) 24hr 30mins

ADI (16:15)PUNE (04:35) 12hr 20mins

BGKT (16:30)BDTS (09:20) 16hr 50mins

ADI (16:55)AGC (08:20) 15hr 25mins

ADI (16:55)GWL (10:15) 17hr 20mins

SBC (17:00)JU (16:50) 47hr 50mins

SBC (17:00)AII (17:30) 48hr 30mins

BDTS (17:10)JAM (08:50) 15hr 40mins

JU (17:15)BL (09:05) 15hr 50mins

ADI (17:20)NZM (10:50) 17hr 30mins

AII (17:20)PURI (18:20) 49hr 0mins

BVC (17:30)ASN (10:25) 40hr 55mins

PURI (17:30)ADI (07:25) 37hr 55mins

BVC (17:30)BDTS (07:35) 14hr 5mins

VSKP (17:35)GIMB (09:00) 39hr 25mins

ADI (17:40)NDLS (07:30) 13hr 50mins

ADI (17:40)NGP (10:40) 17hr 0mins

GIMB (17:40)HWH (13:10) 43hr 30mins

BDTS (17:45)BHUJ (08:50) 15hr 5mins

SLN (17:50)ADI (23:55) 30hr 5mins

ADI (18:10)BL (00:25) 6hr 15mins

PURI (18:20)ADI (07:25) 37hr 5mins

GNC (18:20)INDB (06:30) 12hr 10mins

PBR (18:30)KCVL (15:45) 45hr 15mins

BHUJ (18:30)DDR (12:00) 17hr 30mins

ADI (18:30)DLI (10:10) 15hr 40mins

BVC (18:30)BDTS (08:35) 14hr 5mins

REWA (18:30)RJT (22:55) 28hr 25mins

MYS (18:35)AII (17:30) 46hr 55mins

ADI (18:40)PURI (08:10) 37hr 30mins

ADI (18:40)PURI (08:55) 38hr 15mins

ADI (18:40)YPR (04:45) 34hr 5mins

BVC (18:55)ST (07:20) 12hr 25mins

JU (19:00)BDTS (11:35) 16hr 35mins

ADI (19:05)SVDK (06:50) 35hr 45mins

RJT (19:05)MMCT (06:00) 10hr 55mins

ADI (19:20)KOP (15:25) 20hr 5mins

AII (19:20)DDR (12:40) 17hr 20mins

JSM (19:20)BDTS (17:30) 22hr 10mins

BGKT (19:40)BDTS (12:45) 17hr 5mins

BDTS (19:40)ADI (04:20) 8hr 40mins

ASN (19:45)BVC (11:10) 39hr 25mins

PURI (19:45)GIMB (12:50) 41hr 5mins

PUNE (19:50)VRL (16:45) 20hr 55mins

PUNE (19:50)BHUJ (15:20) 19hr 30mins

PUNE (19:50)BGKT (17:10) 21hr 20mins

PUNE (19:50)ADI (07:45) 11hr 55mins

NGP (19:50)RJT (16:30) 20hr 40mins

NDLS (19:55)ADI (09:40) 13hr 45mins

MTC (19:55)ADI (17:10) 21hr 15mins

MHV (19:55)ST (07:20) 11hr 25mins

JAM (20:00)BDTS (10:20) 14hr 20mins

PIT (20:05)BDTS (10:20) 14hr 15mins

GWL (20:05)ADI (13:40) 17hr 35mins

BHUJ (20:15)BDTS (11:25) 15hr 10mins

SHM (20:20)BHUJ (16:30) 44hr 10mins

ERS (20:25)OKHA (17:05) 44hr 40mins

MHV (20:25)BDTS (11:55) 15hr 30mins

MAS (20:30)ADI (03:15) 30hr 45mins

MAS (20:30)ADI (05:45) 33hr 15mins

ADI (20:45)BSB (09:35) 36hr 50mins

ADI (20:45)DBG (19:15) 46hr 30mins

BDTS (20:55)SGNR (07:30) 34hr 35mins

OKHA (21:00)GKP (19:25) 46hr 25mins

JAM (21:00)TEN (22:10) 49hr 10mins

ALD (21:00)ADI (00:05) 27hr 5mins

ADI (21:00)BSB (05:40) 32hr 40mins

ADI (21:00)BGKT (06:55) 9hr 55mins

PBR (21:05)MMCT (19:15) 22hr 10mins

ADI (21:10)BDTS (05:50) 8hr 40mins

SRC (21:25)PBR (20:30) 47hr 5mins

BDTS (21:30)BVC (10:30) 13hr 0mins

MMCT (21:35)VRL (15:35) 18hr 0mins

PUNE (21:35)ADI (06:30) 8hr 55mins

JU (21:35)MS (16:25) 42hr 50mins

VRL (21:35)ADI (05:25) 7hr 50mins

ADI (21:40)PNBE (04:30) 30hr 50mins

ADI (21:40)PNBE (07:50) 34hr 10mins

SGNR (21:40)BDTS (06:35) 32hr 55mins

NDT (21:40)OKHA (20:50) 23hr 10mins

BDTS (21:40)BGKT (15:00) 17hr 20mins

SBC (21:50)GIMB (12:30) 38hr 40mins

SBC (21:50)JU (16:50) 43hr 0mins

BSB (21:55)OKHA (08:50) 34hr 55mins

TN (22:00)OKHA (01:35) 51hr 35mins

ADI (22:00)MMCT (06:25) 8hr 25mins

RMM (22:00)OKHA (13:50) 63hr 50mins

RJT (22:00)NGP (22:15) 24hr 15mins

MMCT (22:05)ADI (06:35) 8hr 30mins

AGC (22:10)ADI (13:40) 15hr 30mins

OKHA (22:10)ADI (14:10) 16hr 0mins

ADI (22:10)VRL (06:00) 7hr 50mins

BKN (22:15)YPR (03:15) 53hr 0mins

HAPA (22:25)BSP (04:40) 30hr 15mins

BL (22:25)JU (13:40) 15hr 15mins

ADI (22:25)PUNE (07:10) 8hr 45mins

INDB (22:25)VRL (18:05) 19hr 40mins

BHUJ (22:25)DDR (13:45) 15hr 20mins

INDB (22:25)GIMB (14:10) 15hr 45mins

MMCT (22:40)NDB (12:15) 13hr 35mins

INDB (22:40)GNC (09:55) 11hr 15mins

PURI (22:45)AII (21:10) 46hr 25mins

GIMB (22:45)VSKP (14:35) 39hr 50mins

GIMB (22:45)PURI (16:15) 41hr 30mins

HWH (22:50)OKHA (20:00) 45hr 10mins

LKO (22:55)ADI (02:40) 27hr 45mins

HWH (23:00)GIMB (16:30) 41hr 30mins

GIMB (23:00)PURI (19:00) 44hr 0mins

ADI (23:10)MMCT (15:00) 15hr 50mins

MMCT (23:25)RJT (10:55) 11hr 30mins

CBE (23:30)RJT (19:00) 43hr 30mins

ADI (23:30)JP (22:50) 23hr 20mins

PNBE (23:35)ADI (05:20) 29hr 45mins

BDTS (23:45)BHUJ (12:40) 12hr 55mins

HWH (23:55)ADI (13:25) 37hr 30mins

OKHA (23:55)TN (07:10) 55hr 15mins

BDTS (23:55)JAM (14:35) 14hr 40mins

BDTS (23:55)BGKT (16:50) 16hr 55mins

SC (23:55)HSR (21:30) 45hr 35mins

BDTS (23:55)GIMB (15:30) 15hr 35mins

"Ahmedabad Junction" (station code: "ADI") is the main railway station of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. It is also the biggest railway station within Gujarat. It is the second-highest income generating division in Western Railways after the Mumbai Division.

Before the partition of India, the ''Sindh Mail'' used to travel to Hyderabad, Sindh via the Hyderabad, Sindh - Mirpur Khas - Khokhrapar - Munabao - Barmer, Rajasthan - Luni River - Jodhpur - Pali - Marwar - Palanpur - Ahmedabad route. It was constructed by Gokuldas Contractor and Associates.

On the north side of the station are the two tallest minarets in Ahmedabad, the only remnant of Sidi Bashir Mosque.

"Ahmedabad Junction" is the primary station of rail transport for the city of Ahmedabad in the state of Gujarat, India and an important center of the Western Railways zone of the Indian Railways. Locally, people refer to it as "Kalupur Station" (as it is situated in the Kalupur area of the walled city) to distinguish it from other stations in the city like Gandhigram, Asarva, Sarkhej, Vastrapur, Chandlodia,, Maninagar railway station and Sabarmati Junction. It serves trains that connect Ahmedabad to different parts of Gujarat, as well as major Indian cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, Visakhapatnam, Trivandrum, Ajmer, Dhanbad, Daltonganj, Gwalior, Jaipur, Indore and Howrah

The station has 12 platforms. There are an ample numbers of tea stalls, snack bars, medical shops, and enquiry desks. The station also has one cybercafe which is run by Tata Indicom and is currently equipped with Wi-Fi by Google Station and RailTel Corporation of India. The station is undergoing large-scale automation to make it a technologically advanced station, and new ATM outlets from ICICI Bank, Canara Bank, Union Bank of India, Dena Bank, Bank of Baroda, State Bank of India, and other major banks have been installed. Railtel Corporation of India plans to open a cyber cafe in Ahmedabad Station.

Ahmedabad Railway station has launched hand-push luggage trolley services at Ahmedabad railway station. Such trolleys are always available at airports, but for railway stations, it is a new initiative. The Railways will initially charge Rs 5 per luggage trolley from commuters. As of 2010, the service was available only for Platform no.1, but after new elevators and escalators become functional by the end of 2010, the trolley service would be introduced at all platforms of Ahmedabad railway station.

According to the Divisional Railway Manager of Ahmedabad, Shri Ashok Garud, the initiative has been taken following a guideline from the Western Railway Headquarters. The facility would be launched in Rajkot, Surat and Vadodara railway stations too in the future.

Also launched in May 2010 was a golf car service for senior citizens and physically challenged persons.

Recent days , IRCTC has launched its VIP class executive lounge on platform 1 for passengers to spend their waiting time on economy rates which offers free wifi , urinals , AC , news paper , recliners and foods.

The following major trains start from Ahmedabad Junction Railway Station:, 12833/34 Howrah Ahmedabad Superfast Express, 12933/34 Karnavati Express, 12931/32 Mumbai Central-Ahmedabad Double Decker Express, 19403/04 Ahmedabad - Sultanpur Weekly Express, 19413/14 Ahmedabad Kolkata Express, 22953/54 Gujarat Express, 12655/56 Navjeevan Express, 19419/20 Chennai Central−Ahmedabad Express, 19031/32 Yoga Express, 19119/20 Ahmedabad - Somnath Intercity Express, 19223/24 Ahmedabad Jammu Tawi Express, 19409/10 Ahmedabad - Gorakhpur Express, 19401/02 Ahmedabad - Lucknow Weekly Express, 19035/36 Vadodara Ahmedabad Intercity Express, 12009/10 Mumbai Central-Ahmedabad Shatabdi Express, 22967/68 Ahmedabad - Allahabad Weekly Superfast Express, 22919/20 Chennai - Ahmedabad Humsafar Express, 11095/96 Ahimsa Express, 15269/70 Muzaffarpur Ahmedabad Jan Sadharan Express, 12547/48 Agra Cantt - Ahmedabad Superfast Express, 22547/48 Gwalior - Ahmedabad Superfast Express, 12917/18 Gujarat Sampark Kranti Express, 22137/38 Prerana Express, 12957/58 Swarna Jayanti Rajdhani Express, 19033/34 Gujarat Queen, 12915/16 Ashram Express, 16501/02 Yesvantpur Ahmedabad Weekly Express, 12843/44 Puri Ahmedabad Express, 18405/06 Puri - Ahmedabad Weekly Express, 19415/16 Ahmedabad-Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra Express, 11049/50 Ahmedabad - CSMT Kolhapur Express, 15559/60 Darbhanga - Ahmedabad Jan Sadharan Weekly Express, 19167/68 Sabarmati Express, 19165/66 Ahmedabad - Darbhanga Sabarmati Express, 19407/08 Ahmedabad - Varanasi Weekly Express, 14803/04 Bhagat Ki Kothi - Ahmedabad Weekly Express, 22927/28 Lok Shakti Express, 12947/48 Azimabad Express, 19421/22 Ahmedabad - Patna Weekly Express, 12901/02 Gujarat Mail, 22957/58 Somnath Superfast Express, 12297/98 Ahmedabad - Pune Duronto Express