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AII Railway Station

Trains from station AJMER - AII

AII (00:15)KOAA (06:30) 23hr 45mins

UDZ (00:20)KOAA (15:10) 38hr 50mins

UDZ (00:20)NJP (18:35) 42hr 15mins

JSM (00:55)RMR (04:50) 27hr 55mins

GHY (01:30)JU (03:10) 46hr 30mins

DEE (01:45)AII (09:40) 7hr 55mins

INDB (04:30)JU (19:35) 15hr 5mins

GKP (04:45)ADI (12:45) 32hr 0mins

AF (05:05)AII (11:50) 6hr 45mins

AII (05:30)MYS (06:00) 48hr 30mins

AII (05:30)SBC (05:30) 48hr 0mins

JP (05:35)ADI (02:30) 20hr 55mins

AII (05:40)DEE (11:35) 5hr 55mins

CDG (05:40)BDTS (09:20) 27hr 40mins

AII (05:40)DEE (11:35) 5hr 55mins

DDN (05:50)OKHA (16:10) 34hr 20mins

AII (05:55)BGP (17:45) 35hr 50mins

UDZ (06:00)JP (13:35) 7hr 35mins

KNE (06:00)AII (22:00) 40hr 0mins

AII (06:00)AF (12:20) 6hr 20mins

ADI (06:05)SLN (12:10) 30hr 5mins

ADI (06:05)KOAA (15:15) 57hr 10mins

NDLS (06:05)DOZ (13:10) 7hr 5mins

BDTS (06:15)AII (04:10) 21hr 55mins

JP (06:15)UDZ (13:30) 7hr 15mins

BDTS (06:15)JP (03:10) 20hr 55mins

AII (06:25)SBIB (14:58) 8hr 35mins

BJU (06:30)AII (17:15) 17hr 30mins

BE (06:35)BHUJ (09:30) 26hr 55mins

AII (06:35)BDTS (04:45) 22hr 10mins

BE (06:35)BHUJ (14:01) 31hr 26mins

JU (07:20)INDB (23:00) 15hr 40mins

AII (07:30)BJU (16:00) 16hr 30mins

AII (07:35)ERS (03:50) 44hr 15mins

AII (07:35)PUNE (08:30) 16hr 25mins

JP (08:10)BDTS (04:45) 20hr 35mins

BVC (08:15)DEE (10:15) 26hr 0mins

NJP (08:15)UDZ (03:55) 43hr 40mins

DEE (08:20)PBR (12:55) 28hr 35mins

OKHA (08:30)DDN (19:40) 35hr 10mins

PURI (09:00)AII (04:00) 39hr 0mins

DEE (09:20)BDTS (08:10) 22hr 50mins

KURJ (09:25)UDZ (06:35) 21hr 10mins

SBIB (09:40)AII (18:45) 9hr 5mins

ADI (09:55)MTC (07:05) 21hr 15mins

SVDK (10:20)ADI (23:55) 37hr 35mins

NLR (11:00)AII (23:30) 13hr 0mins

KOAA (11:25)MDJN (05:35) 42hr 10mins

YPR (11:30)JP (06:35) 43hr 5mins

ADI (11:35)GKP (19:25) 31hr 50mins

ADI (11:35)LKO (14:25) 26hr 50mins

AII (11:50)KNE (03:15) 39hr 25mins

NGP (11:55)JP (14:10) 26hr 15mins

BDTS (12:15)CDG (16:20) 28hr 5mins

RJT (12:30)DEE (10:15) 21hr 45mins

BDTS (12:45)DEE (12:15) 23hr 30mins

AII (12:45)SDAH (16:00) 27hr 15mins

BHUJ (12:45)BE (20:35) 31hr 50mins

BDTS (12:55)DEE (13:15) 24hr 20mins

SRC (13:00)AII (05:30) 40hr 30mins

BGP (13:05)AII (00:08) 35hr 3mins

UDZ (13:05)HW (10:30) 21hr 25mins

BDTS (13:05)JP (12:00) 22hr 55mins

KOAA (13:10)UDZ (02:45) 37hr 35mins

KOAA (13:10)ADI (19:16) 54hr 6mins

JP (13:10)BDTS (10:35) 10hr 50mins

DEE (13:20)BVC (13:55) 24hr 35mins

BKN (13:25)INDB (09:35) 20hr 10mins

BKN (13:25)UDZ (03:55) 14hr 30mins

JP (14:00)UDZ (21:30) 7hr 30mins

KORI (14:00)VSG (22:30) 10hr 0mins

AII (14:05)JAT (08:15) 18hr 10mins

INDB (14:10)BKN (09:25) 19hr 15mins

ASR (14:30)AII (10:00) 19hr 30mins

DDR (14:35)AII (08:15) 17hr 40mins

AF (14:50)AII (21:10) 6hr 20mins

AII (14:55)AF (21:40) 6hr 45mins

JP (15:00)HYB (08:10) 41hr 10mins

DEE (15:00)INDB (09:35) 18hr 35mins

JP (15:00)HYB (02:00) 35hr 0mins

UDZ (15:05)JP (22:15) 7hr 10mins

HYB (15:10)JP (06:25) 39hr 15mins

PBR (15:10)MFP (18:10) 51hr 0mins

PBR (15:10)DEE (19:35) 28hr 25mins

MFP (15:15)PBR (17:20) 50hr 5mins

DOZ (15:15)NDLS (22:40) 7hr 25mins

DLI (15:20)ADI (07:40) 16hr 20mins

JP (15:20)HYB (00:59) 33hr 39mins

DLI (15:20)ADI (07:40) 16hr 20mins

AII (15:25)JBP (08:45) 17hr 20mins

BSB (15:35)ADI (23:55) 32hr 20mins

DURG (16:00)AII (17:50) 25hr 50mins

AII (16:00)DEE (23:45) 7hr 45mins

DURG (16:00)AII (17:50) 25hr 50mins

NED (16:00)MDJN (23:38) 8hr 0mins

UDZ (16:05)KYQ (00:10) 56hr 5mins

JP (16:10)BDTS (13:30) 7hr 50mins

DEE (16:15)BDTS (16:45) 24hr 30mins

BDTS (16:15)AII (09:50) 17hr 35mins

DEE (16:15)UDZ (04:45) 12hr 30mins

DEE (16:15)AII (22:25) 6hr 10mins

DEE (16:15)AII (22:25) 6hr 10mins

JP (16:20)OKHA (13:50) 21hr 30mins

HYB (16:20)JP (06:25) 38hr 5mins

JP (16:30)NGP (19:15) 26hr 45mins

ADI (16:30)MFP (04:00) 31hr 30mins

BPL (16:35)JP (09:30) 16hr 55mins

ADI (16:55)AGC (08:20) 15hr 25mins

ADI (16:55)GWL (10:15) 17hr 20mins

SBC (17:00)AII (17:30) 48hr 30mins

UDZ (17:00)DEE (05:05) 12hr 5mins

BHUJ (17:05)BE (20:35) 27hr 30mins

AII (17:20)PURI (18:20) 49hr 0mins

ADI (17:40)NDLS (07:30) 13hr 50mins

SLN (17:50)ADI (23:55) 30hr 5mins

ASR (17:50)AII (10:00) 16hr 10mins

AII (17:55)CDG (06:45) 12hr 50mins

AII (17:55)ASR (14:45) 20hr 50mins

AII (17:55)ASR (10:45) 16hr 50mins

INDB (18:00)JP (09:30) 15hr 30mins

JAT (18:10)AII (12:20) 18hr 10mins

JP (18:10)INDB (10:20) 16hr 10mins

ADI (18:30)DLI (10:10) 15hr 40mins

KYQ (18:30)UDZ (03:55) 57hr 25mins

RJPB (18:30)AII (15:10) 20hr 40mins

ADI (18:30)DLI (10:10) 5hr 30mins

JAT (18:30)BDTS (06:30) 29hr 30mins

MYS (18:35)AII (17:30) 46hr 55mins

UDZ (18:45)BKN (09:25) 14hr 40mins

MDJN (18:55)KOAA (17:15) 46hr 20mins

ADI (19:05)SVDK (06:50) 35hr 45mins

INDB (19:20)DEE (13:15) 17hr 55mins

AII (19:20)DDR (12:40) 17hr 20mins

OKHA (19:20)JP (15:20) 20hr 0mins

AII (19:25)SRC (14:05) 42hr 40mins

AII (19:25)DURG (22:15) 26hr 50mins

AII (19:25)RNC (04:15) 32hr 50mins

AII (19:25)DURG (22:15) 26hr 50mins

AII (19:25)KCG (03:25) 28hr 35mins

DEE (19:35)UDZ (07:50) 12hr 15mins

HW (19:40)UDZ (16:55) 21hr 15mins

CDG (19:40)AII (08:40) 13hr 0mins

DDR (19:45)AII (15:00) 4hr 15mins

PUNE (19:50)JP (20:25) 24hr 35mins

HYB (19:50)AII (04:00) 28hr 10mins

NDLS (19:55)ADI (09:40) 13hr 45mins

MTC (19:55)ADI (17:10) 21hr 15mins

BDTS (20:00)LDH (03:00) 28hr 0mins

AII (20:05)BDTS (13:30) 17hr 25mins

GWL (20:05)ADI (13:40) 17hr 35mins

AII (20:05)PURI (16:15) 27hr 55mins

RNC (20:10)AII (05:20) 33hr 10mins

JBP (20:25)AII (14:20) 17hr 55mins

ERS (20:25)AII (17:10) 44hr 45mins

AII (20:30)BDTS (14:20) 17hr 50mins

CPR (20:30)AII (23:30) 3hr 30mins

KGM (20:35)JSM (23:25) 26hr 50mins

HYB (20:35)JP (06:05) 33hr 30mins

BDTS (20:55)SGNR (07:30) 34hr 35mins

ADI (21:00)BSB (05:40) 32hr 40mins

MFP (21:20)ADI (09:00) 26hr 40mins

MDJN (21:25)NED (07:00) 26hr 35mins

AII (21:35)RMM (03:15) 53hr 40mins

SGNR (21:40)BDTS (06:35) 32hr 55mins

JP (21:55)PUNE (21:25) 23hr 30mins

RMR (22:00)JSM (23:25) 25hr 25mins

RMM (22:00)AII (23:25) 49hr 25mins

DWK (22:00)DSJ (03:00) 50hr 0mins

AGC (22:10)ADI (13:40) 15hr 30mins

JP (22:15)YPR (18:25) 44hr 10mins

UDZ (22:20)KURJ (19:50) 21hr 30mins

PURI (22:45)AII (21:10) 46hr 25mins

SDAH (22:55)AII (02:45) 27hr 50mins

LKO (22:55)ADI (02:40) 27hr 45mins

KCG (23:00)AII (12:00) 25hr 0mins

PNU (23:00)SGTY (08:35) 25hr 0mins

VSG (23:00)KORI (07:55) 25hr 0mins

AII (23:15)DDR (17:25) 0hr 45mins

BDTS (23:25)AII (17:15) 17hr 50mins

UDZ (23:30)DEE (12:15) 12hr 45mins

ADI (23:30)JP (22:50) 23hr 20mins

AII (23:35)HYB (10:00) 24hr 25mins

AII (23:45)NLR (18:00) 24hr 15mins

BDTS (23:45)AII (18:10) 0hr 15mins

AII (23:55)RJPB (23:15) 23hr 20mins

AII (23:55)CPR (23:45) 0hr 5mins

Ajmer Junction is an important railway junction having five platforms and situated in the heart of the city. It is at an elevation of and was assigned the code - AII. Other Suburban Station of Ajmer are Khwaja Gareeb Nawaz Madar Junction (MDJN), Daurai (DOZ), and Adarsh Nagar (AHO). It has a railway complex, which includes a major workshop.

Initially it was built as a metre gauge (MG) station with lines from Chittaurgarh Junction railway station, Ahmedabad Junction railway station, Phulera Junction railway station. In the 1990s, the Delhi-Jaipur line and Jaipur-Ahmedabad line were converted to broad gauge (BG). Then the station had a parallel BG - MG lines coming from north from Phulera Junction railway station, and after the station the MG line to Chittaurgarh crossed over to the Southeast side while the BG continued Southwest to Beawar railway station and Ahmedabad Junction railway station. Finally, somewhere in 2007, the line going toward Ratlam Junction railway station to Chittaurgarh was converted to BG.

It has four branchings of broad gauge lines to Beawar in South-west, Chittorgarh Junction in South, Phulera Junction in North and in West.