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ALLP Railway Station

Trains from station ALAPPUZHA - ALLP

TVC (01:00)NZM (01:40) 48hr 40mins

TEN (01:15)BSP (21:35) 44hr 20mins

NCJ (02:00)MAQ (17:35) 15hr 35mins

GUV (03:15)TVC (10:15) 7hr 0mins

TVC (04:25)CSMT (20:50) 40hr 25mins

CAN (05:00)ALLP (13:15) 8hr 15mins

NZM (05:50)TVC (11:35) 53hr 45mins

ASR (05:55)KCVL (15:45) 57hr 50mins

TVC (05:55)CLT (13:15) 7hr 20mins

TVC (05:55)CLT (13:15) 7hr 20mins

ALLP (06:00)TATA (09:10) 51hr 10mins

TVC (06:05)GKP (15:20) 57hr 15mins

TVC (06:05)INDB (05:15) 47hr 10mins

GKP (06:35)TVC (17:20) 58hr 45mins

MAQ (07:25)NCJ (23:45) 16hr 20mins

TEN (07:45)JAM (05:15) 45hr 30mins

BSP (08:10)TEN (05:20) 45hr 10mins

MS (08:25)GUV (06:40) 22hr 15mins

KCVL (09:15)CDG (15:45) 54hr 30mins

KCVL (09:15)ASR (19:45) 58hr 30mins

CDG (09:20)KCVL (15:15) 53hr 55mins

TVC (09:30)LTT (16:40) 31hr 10mins

TVC (09:30)LTT (16:40) 14hr 30mins

NZM (10:05)TVC (14:50) 52hr 45mins

DHN (10:45)ALLP (20:30) 57hr 45mins

NZM (10:55)TVC (05:25) 42hr 30mins

KCVL (11:00)PBR (08:30) 45hr 30mins

KCVL (11:00)INDB (05:15) 42hr 15mins

LTT (11:40)TVC (18:25) 30hr 45mins

LTT (11:40)TVC (18:25) 12hr 20mins

CSMT (12:10)TVC (03:50) 39hr 40mins

MYS (12:50)KCVL (09:35) 20hr 45mins

CLT (13:45)TVC (21:35) 7hr 50mins

TVC (14:15)NZM (17:10) 50hr 55mins

TVC (14:15)NZM (14:15) 48hr 0mins

ALLP (14:35)CAN (23:15) 8hr 40mins

TATA (15:30)ALLP (20:30) 53hr 0mins

ALLP (16:05)MAS (05:50) 13hr 45mins

MAS (16:25)TVC (07:15) 14hr 50mins

KCVL (16:45)MYS (11:20) 18hr 35mins

INDB (16:50)TVC (17:20) 48hr 30mins

TVC (16:55)SHM (13:50) 44hr 55mins

TVC (17:30)GUV (00:30) 7hr 0mins

MAQ (17:45)TVC (07:45) 14hr 0mins

PBR (18:30)KCVL (15:45) 45hr 15mins

TVC (18:45)MAQ (08:20) 13hr 35mins

TVC (19:15)MAS (10:15) 15hr 0mins

TVC (19:15)NZM (12:40) 41hr 25mins

MAJN (20:00)KCVL (08:15) 4hr 0mins

JAM (21:00)TEN (22:10) 49hr 10mins

INDB (21:00)KCVL (18:40) 45hr 40mins

QLN (21:00)ERS (00:25) 3hr 0mins

MAS (21:05)ALLP (10:40) 13hr 35mins

KCVL (21:20)MAJN (09:20) 2hr 40mins

GUV (21:35)MS (20:45) 23hr 10mins

SHM (23:05)TVC (21:15) 46hr 10mins

NZM (23:40)TVC (02:55) 51hr 15mins

The Ernakulam Junction railway station -Alappuzha coastal railway line was opened on 16 October 1989. The railway line was later extended to Kayamkulam Junction railway station in 1992.

Alappuzha railway station has 3 platforms to handle long distance and passenger trains. Escalators inaugurated at PF#1 of Alappuzha Railway station

Alappuzha is an important tourist destination in Kerala. The Kerala Backwaters of Alappuzha are one among the most popular tourist attractions in Kerala. Alappuzha is also the access point for the annual Nehru Trophy Boat Race. Alappuzha railway station thus acts as a gateway for visiting the tourist attractions in and around Alappuzha.

, Ernakulam-Kayamkulam coastal railway line, Thiruvananthapuram Railway division, Ernakulam Junction railway station