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BJU Railway Station

Trains from station BARAUNI JN - BJU

BKN (00:10)GHY (01:00) 48hr 50mins

JYG (01:35)UDN (13:00) 22hr 25mins

RXL (03:15)HYB (23:15) 44hr 0mins

SVDK (03:40)KYQ (12:30) 56hr 50mins

ASR (04:10)SHC (11:30) 31hr 20mins

BJU (05:00)JAT (11:50) 30hr 50mins

BJU (05:00)UMB (08:30) 27hr 30mins

KYQ (05:00)RJPB (05:00) 24hr 0mins

JYG (05:10)PURI (03:20) 22hr 10mins

DBG (05:12)NTSK (14:35) 33hr 23mins

SMI (05:30)SDAH (03:35) 22hr 5mins

KYQ (05:35)ANVT (18:15) 36hr 40mins

KYQ (05:35)INDB (05:15) 47hr 40mins

KNE (06:00)AII (22:00) 40hr 0mins

SDAH (06:00)SMI (03:15) 21hr 15mins

KIR (06:15)PNBE (13:15) 7hr 0mins

NTSK (06:30)RJPB (14:00) 31hr 30mins

DLI (06:35)APDJ (20:10) 37hr 35mins

ASR (06:35)BNKI (18:30) 17hr 25mins

SHC (06:45)NDLS (06:40) 23hr 55mins

ANVT (06:45)KYQ (16:35) 33hr 50mins

DBG (07:00)SC (22:10) 39hr 10mins

DBRG (07:00)CDG (13:20) 54hr 20mins

DBRG (07:00)ASR (21:05) 62hr 5mins

ASR (07:10)KIR (19:55) 36hr 45mins

BJU (07:10)SC (22:40) 39hr 30mins

RJPB (07:15)SHC (14:10) 6hr 55mins

RJPB (07:15)JYG (15:15) 8hr 0mins

HWH (07:15)JYG (12:35) 16hr 45mins

MYS (07:20)DBG (14:35) 55hr 15mins

MFP (07:25)YPR (11:50) 52hr 25mins

GKP (07:25)HTE (08:10) 24hr 45mins

AMH (08:00)KOAA (04:00) 20hr 0mins

GKP (08:00)KOAA (04:45) 20hr 45mins

LTT (08:05)GHY (12:00) 51hr 55mins

BUI (08:50)SDAH (03:50) 19hr 0mins

PPTA (09:10)SHC (15:30) 6hr 20mins

APDJ (09:25)DLI (22:40) 37hr 15mins

NDLS (09:25)DBRT (06:15) 44hr 50mins

UDN (09:45)JYG (22:40) 14hr 15mins

DBRG (09:55)DBG (19:30) 33hr 35mins

RXL (10:00)HWH (04:05) 18hr 5mins

BJU (10:00)G (18:50) 32hr 50mins

KYQ (10:02)ANVT (19:20) 33hr 18mins

GKP (10:10)KOAA (04:45) 18hr 35mins

ERS (10:15)BJU (23:10) 60hr 55mins

JYG (10:40)RJPB (20:00) 9hr 20mins

KOAA (10:40)DBG (23:05) 12hr 25mins

GHY (10:45)BKN (07:40) 44hr 55mins

KYQ (10:45)SVDK (16:00) 53hr 15mins

GHY (10:45)OKHA (03:55) 65hr 10mins

GHY (10:45)JP (23:10) 13hr 15mins

KYQ (11:00)GIMB (02:15) 63hr 15mins

HWH (11:05)DBG (23:05) 12hr 0mins

LTT (11:20)JYG (23:30) 12hr 40mins

LTT (11:20)RXL (00:45) 36hr 40mins

KOAA (11:25)AMH (06:05) 18hr 40mins

GKP (11:30)KOAA (04:45) 17hr 15mins

SHC (11:35)ANVT (11:45) 24hr 10mins

OKHA (11:40)GHY (07:10) 67hr 30mins

GWL (11:45)BJU (13:15) 25hr 30mins

AII (11:50)KNE (03:15) 39hr 25mins

JYG (12:00)ANVT (08:20) 20hr 20mins

SHC (12:20)RJPB (20:00) 7hr 40mins

SMI (12:35)KOAA (04:00) 15hr 25mins

CPR (12:35)TATA (06:35) 18hr 0mins

JYG (12:40)KOAA (04:00) 15hr 20mins

RXL (12:45)SC (06:55) 42hr 10mins

GHY (13:10)JAT (12:39) 47hr 29mins

GHY (13:10)JAT (12:35) 47hr 25mins

SDAH (13:20)BUI (06:10) 16hr 50mins

GIMB (13:40)KYQ (06:10) 64hr 30mins

INDB (13:55)KYQ (13:45) 47hr 55mins

AGTL (14:00)HBJ (17:00) 51hr 0mins

KIR (14:00)TATA (06:35) 16hr 35mins

AGTL (14:00)ANVT (13:05) 47hr 5mins

BGP (14:05)MFP (20:40) 6hr 35mins

PNBE (14:15)KIR (21:30) 7hr 15mins

PURI (14:25)JYG (13:35) 23hr 10mins

KOAA (14:30)GKP (08:15) 17hr 45mins

SHC (14:30)ASR (21:05) 30hr 35mins

KOAA (14:30)GKP (09:45) 19hr 15mins

KOAA (14:30)GKP (07:45) 17hr 15mins

SHC (14:30)ANVT (18:15) 9hr 30mins

MFP (14:40)KOAA (04:00) 13hr 20mins

LJN (15:00)BJU (08:00) 17hr 0mins

NJP (15:00)RJPB (05:00) 14hr 0mins

RJPB (15:00)NTSK (22:45) 31hr 45mins

GD (15:00)ASN (11:30) 20hr 30mins

MFP (15:15)HWH (03:10) 8hr 45mins

ASR (15:45)DBRG (04:55) 61hr 10mins

HWH (15:45)RXL (09:30) 17hr 45mins

DBG (15:45)HWH (03:10) 11hr 25mins

DBG (15:45)KOAA (03:20) 11hr 35mins

DBG (15:45)MYS (23:40) 55hr 55mins

SEE (15:57)KIR (01:30) 8hr 3mins

JYG (16:00)SDAH (07:00) 15hr 0mins

UDZ (16:05)KYQ (00:10) 56hr 5mins

NDLS (16:10)DBRT (07:00) 38hr 50mins

BGKT (16:10)KYQ (23:05) 54hr 55mins

ASN (16:15)GD (13:00) 20hr 45mins

ASN (16:15)GKP (05:50) 13hr 35mins

ANVT (16:45)NHLN (06:55) 38hr 10mins

RXL (16:45)LTT (06:00) 31hr 15mins

HTE (16:50)GKP (17:25) 24hr 35mins

GHY (16:55)LTT (20:00) 51hr 5mins

ANVT (16:55)JYG (13:35) 20hr 40mins

PNBE (17:00)JYG (02:45) 7hr 0mins

ANVT (17:10)SHC (19:00) 25hr 50mins

SMI (17:15)NJP (05:15) 12hr 0mins

KYQ (17:15)BGKT (22:15) 53hr 0mins

HBJ (17:30)AGTL (21:30) 52hr 0mins

SDAH (17:45)JYG (08:50) 15hr 5mins

JAT (17:45)BJU (22:45) 29hr 0mins

JYG (18:10)LTT (07:30) 29hr 50mins

AGTL (18:30)ANVT (11:20) 40hr 50mins

KYQ (18:30)UDZ (03:55) 57hr 25mins

BJU (18:40)GWL (21:15) 26hr 35mins

DBRT (19:20)NDLS (13:55) 42hr 35mins

JYG (19:30)RNC (11:35) 16hr 5mins

JYG (19:45)HWH (23:00) 4hr 15mins

LGH (19:50)DBRG (15:55) 68hr 5mins

NDLS (19:50)SHC (20:30) 24hr 40mins

ANVT (19:50)AGTL (13:30) 41hr 40mins

GHY (19:55)CDG (13:20) 28hr 5mins

PNBE (20:05)BJU (03:05) 3hr 55mins

BJU (20:20)LJN (13:00) 16hr 40mins

RNC (20:30)JYG (11:55) 15hr 25mins

RXL (20:30)HWH (12:20) 15hr 50mins

DBRT (20:35)NDLS (10:15) 37hr 40mins

GKP (20:55)ASN (11:30) 14hr 35mins

KOAA (20:55)SMI (11:00) 14hr 5mins

KOAA (20:55)JYG (10:55) 14hr 0mins

KOAA (20:55)MFP (09:15) 12hr 20mins

G (21:00)BJU (08:30) 35hr 30mins

NJP (21:10)SMI (10:15) 13hr 5mins

TATA (21:25)KIR (14:55) 17hr 30mins

NHLN (21:35)ANVT (11:30) 37hr 55mins

SC (21:40)RXL (18:15) 44hr 35mins

HYB (21:40)RXL (17:25) 43hr 45mins

HWH (21:45)KGM (09:30) 35hr 45mins

KGM (21:45)HWH (12:40) 38hr 55mins

SC (22:15)DBG (13:40) 39hr 25mins

SC (22:15)BJU (11:40) 37hr 25mins

UMB (22:20)BJU (02:30) 28hr 10mins

BME (22:25)GHY (00:50) 50hr 25mins

SMI (22:25)KOAA (12:30) 14hr 5mins

BJU (22:30)HJP (03:35) 1hr 30mins

JAT (22:45)BGP (10:15) 35hr 30mins

KIR (22:45)ASR (12:45) 38hr 0mins

JAT (22:45)GHY (23:40) 48hr 55mins

JAT (22:45)GHY (23:40) 48hr 55mins

KOAA (22:45)SMI (13:10) 14hr 25mins

BJU (22:50)ERS (13:00) 62hr 10mins

HWH (22:50)RXL (15:55) 17hr 5mins

SHC (23:00)PPTA (05:55) 6hr 55mins

RJPB (23:00)KYQ (22:05) 23hr 15mins

RJPB (23:00)NJP (12:15) 13hr 15mins

MFP (23:05)BGP (06:15) 7hr 10mins

CDG (23:20)DBRG (08:15) 56hr 55mins

NDLS (23:45)GHY (09:15) 33hr 30mins

ANVT (23:45)KYQ (15:25) 39hr 40mins

NDLS (23:45)SCL (20:45) 45hr 0mins

ANVT (23:45)SHC (03:05) 24hr 15mins

BGP (23:50)JAT (12:35) 36hr 45mins

YPR (23:55)MFP (04:00) 52hr 5mins

ANVT (23:55)AGTL (00:30) 48hr 35mins

Barauni Junction is one of the important stations in Bihar. It is a Junction (rail) and is connected to India's main cities of New Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai via broad gauge routes. Barauni has two railway stations - I.) Barauni Junction (old) where trains from Patna side enter and reverse to proceed towards North East (exception is for trains coming from Samastipur side where reversal is not needed) and II.) Barauni Junction (new) at some distance in order to avoid reversal at the former.List of train that start/terminate at Barauni Junction are:-, 1. Vaishali Express, 2. Raptisagar Express, 3. Gwalior Mail, 4. Barauni Lucknow Express, 5. 15276 Barauni Saharsa Express, 6. Barauni Gondia Express

National Highway 28 (India) starts at Barauni and National Highway 31 (India) passes through the town. Both national highways have junctions here.

The nearest airport to Barauni is Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Airport in Patna, approximately away.