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BTH Railway Station

Trains from station BETTIAH - BTH

UMB (03:10)SHC (09:00) 20hr 50mins

DBG (03:25)JUC (05:10) 20hr 35mins

SVDK (03:40)KYQ (12:30) 56hr 50mins

KIR (06:00)DLI (11:50) 29hr 50mins

MFP (06:00)BDTS (04:35) 46hr 35mins

MFP (06:00)BDTS (04:35) 42hr 0mins

BGP (06:30)GIMB (08:00) 41hr 30mins

MUV (07:30)MFP (18:10) 10hr 40mins

RXL (08:30)ANVT (09:00) 24hr 30mins

RXL (08:30)ANVT (09:00) 15hr 30mins

JUC (09:50)DBG (11:35) 14hr 10mins

GKP (10:10)KOAA (04:45) 18hr 35mins

KYQ (10:45)SVDK (16:00) 53hr 15mins

MFP (11:35)ANVT (07:40) 20hr 5mins

MFP (11:35)ANVT (07:40) 12hr 25mins

GHY (13:10)JAT (12:35) 47hr 25mins

DLI (13:45)KIR (19:20) 29hr 35mins

MFP (14:00)NBD (10:32) 20hr 35mins

KOAA (14:30)GKP (08:15) 17hr 45mins

SHC (14:30)ANVT (18:15) 9hr 30mins

ANVT (14:50)MFP (12:15) 21hr 25mins

ANVT (14:50)MFP (12:15) 9hr 10mins

PBR (15:10)MFP (18:10) 51hr 0mins

MFP (15:15)PBR (17:20) 50hr 5mins

MFP (15:15)ANVT (12:35) 21hr 20mins

DBG (17:10)ASR (01:50) 30hr 50mins

ANVT (17:25)RXL (17:40) 24hr 15mins

ANVT (17:25)RXL (17:40) 24hr 15mins

GIMB (17:40)BGP (20:15) 30hr 20mins

NBD (18:18)MFP (16:30) 22hr 12mins

SHC (19:00)UMB (00:15) 29hr 0mins

ASR (19:05)DBG (03:00) 28hr 55mins

MFP (19:35)MUV (06:00) 10hr 25mins

ANVT (20:40)MFP (18:10) 21hr 30mins

BMKI (21:10)ANVT (18:15) 21hr 5mins

BMKI (21:10)ANVT (18:15) 2hr 50mins

SGL (22:00)NKE (00:45) 2hr 0mins

BDTS (22:40)MFP (21:50) 47hr 10mins

BDTS (22:40)MFP (21:50) 25hr 20mins

JAT (22:45)GHY (23:40) 48hr 55mins

ANVT (23:45)BMKI (20:00) 20hr 15mins

ANVT (23:45)SHC (03:05) 24hr 15mins

ANVT (23:45)BMKI (20:00) 20hr 15mins

- (Tirhut), near Indo-Nepal border, 225 kilometres north-west of Patna, in Bihar state of India.

In 1244 A.D., Gangeshwar Dev, a Brahmin of "Jaitharia" clan, settled at Jaithar in Champaran. One of his descendants, Agar Sen, acquired large territory in the reign of Emperor Jehangir and was bestowed the title of 'Raja' by Emperor Shah Jahan. In 1659, he was succeeded by his son Raja Guj Singh, who built the palace of the family at Bettiah. He died in 1694 A.D. The palace stands today but serves as marketplace.

In 1765, when the East India Company acquired the ''Diwani'', Bettiah Raj held the largest territory under its jurisdiction. It consisted of all of Champaran except for a small portion held by the Ram Nagar Raj (also held by Bhumihar family). Madhuban was part of the erstwhile 'Bettiah Raj'. Internal disputes and family quarrels divided the Bettiah Raj in course of time. Madhuban Raj was created as a consequence.

A section of Dhrupad singers of dilli gharana (Delhi Gharana) from Mughal Empire emperor Shah Jahan’s court had migrated to Bettiah under the patronage of Bettiah Raj and thus was sown the seed of Bettiah Gharana.

Bettiah Urban Agglomeration includes Bettiah (Nagar Panchayat), Tola Mansaraut (Census Town), Kargahia Purab (Census Town) and Hat Saraiya (Census Town).Tola San Saraiyan new town aided village. The new Gopalganj-Bettiah Road passed through this new town aided village. Through this new road a distance of 60 km become shorten for Gopalganj-Bettiah.

The climate of Bettiah is characterised by high temperatures and high precipitation especially during the monsoon season. The Köppen Climate Classification sub-type for this climate is "Humid subtropical climate" (Humid Subtropical Climate).