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BINA Railway Station

Trains from station BINA JN - BINA

BPL (00:10)LJN (09:50) 9hr 40mins

RIG (03:30)NZM (07:30) 28hr 0mins

DBG (04:35)ADI (03:45) 47hr 10mins

GKP (04:45)OKHA (03:55) 47hr 10mins

DMO (05:05)BPL (10:05) 5hr 0mins

MAS (05:15)SVDK (15:10) 57hr 55mins

MAS (05:15)LJN (20:40) 39hr 25mins

LTT (05:23)ALD (08:50) 27hr 27mins

ASR (05:30)NED (16:00) 34hr 30mins

KYQ (05:35)INDB (05:15) 47hr 40mins

NZM (05:50)KOP (16:20) 34hr 30mins

DDN (05:50)UJN (09:05) 27hr 15mins

PNBE (05:50)INDB (13:20) 31hr 30mins

NZM (05:50)TVC (11:35) 53hr 45mins

NZM (05:50)MYS (04:55) 47hr 5mins

NZM (05:50)VSKP (17:30) 35hr 40mins

NZM (05:50)ERS (06:00) 48hr 10mins

NZM (05:50)NED (07:00) 25hr 10mins

BSL (06:00)NZM (07:30) 25hr 30mins

JBP (06:00)ATT (11:45) 29hr 45mins

ADI (06:05)KOAA (15:15) 57hr 10mins

ST (06:10)MFP (04:30) 46hr 20mins

GWL (06:20)BPL (15:00) 8hr 40mins

VSKP (06:25)NZM (16:45) 34hr 20mins

LJN (06:30)PUNE (11:05) 28hr 35mins

LJN (06:30)PUNE (08:05) 25hr 35mins

GKP (06:35)YPR (09:45) 51hr 10mins

BPL (06:50)KURJ (13:30) 6hr 40mins

SVDK (06:55)DADN (13:15) 30hr 20mins

JAT (07:25)NED (20:35) 37hr 10mins

YPR (07:30)GKP (13:30) 54hr 0mins

BPL (07:30)HWH (15:05) 31hr 35mins

JU (08:00)BPL (09:10) 25hr 10mins

CNB (08:00)BL (06:35) 22hr 35mins

BPL (08:00)CHRM (07:30) 23hr 30mins

LTT (08:05)BE (15:55) 31hr 50mins

VSKP (08:20)NZM (17:10) 32hr 50mins

ASR (08:30)CSTM (04:05) 43hr 35mins

NZM (08:35)VSKP (18:10) 33hr 35mins

NZM (08:35)CBE (09:15) 48hr 40mins

GKP (08:50)YPR (11:30) 50hr 40mins

KOP (09:05)NZM (17:10) 32hr 5mins

NZM (09:15)ERS (10:40) 49hr 25mins

SMNH (09:30)JBP (17:20) 31hr 50mins

NED (09:30)ASR (20:25) 34hr 55mins

JBP (10:00)SMNH (17:45) 31hr 45mins

PNBE (10:10)ADI (22:20) 36hr 10mins

ALD (10:10)DADN (07:30) 21hr 20mins

CWA (10:15)DEE (06:15) 20hr 0mins

JHS (10:20)PUNE (09:20) 23hr 0mins

RJPB (10:45)INDB (15:20) 28hr 35mins

RJPB (10:45)INDB (15:20) 28hr 35mins

NED (11:00)ASR (22:05) 35hr 5mins

NED (11:00)SGNR (22:30) 35hr 30mins

NED (11:00)AADR (21:45) 34hr 45mins

NED (11:00)JAT (23:30) 36hr 30mins

NED (11:00)SGNR (23:25) 36hr 25mins

DADN (11:00)ALD (05:30) 18hr 30mins

GAD (11:15)ASR (08:10) 44hr 55mins

PUNE (11:15)GKP (20:00) 32hr 45mins

TVC (11:15)NDLS (13:45) 50hr 30mins

NDLS (11:25)TVC (15:15) 51hr 50mins

BE (11:25)LTT (20:00) 32hr 35mins

BE (11:25)INDB (11:05) 23hr 40mins

DADN (11:50)SVDK (18:25) 30hr 35mins

DEE (12:20)CWA (09:50) 21hr 30mins

HWH (12:30)BPL (18:45) 30hr 15mins

LTT (12:40)BSB (19:25) 30hr 45mins

KOAA (13:10)ADI (19:16) 54hr 6mins

ERS (13:15)NZM (13:15) 48hr 0mins

SGNR (13:25)NED (23:45) 34hr 20mins

REWA (13:45)BPL (23:00) 9hr 15mins

INDB (13:55)RJPB (17:20) 27hr 25mins

INDB (13:55)KYQ (13:45) 47hr 55mins

INDB (13:55)RJPB (17:20) 27hr 25mins

TVC (14:15)NZM (17:10) 50hr 55mins

NZM (14:15)JBP (07:15) 17hr 0mins

ASR (14:30)NED (23:45) 33hr 15mins

BSB (14:30)ADI (03:45) 37hr 15mins

BHUJ (14:30)SHM (10:05) 43hr 35mins

HBJ (14:40)SRC (16:45) 26hr 5mins

SGNR (14:45)NED (23:45) 33hr 0mins

ATT (14:45)JBP (19:50) 29hr 5mins

VSKP (14:50)NZM (04:05) 37hr 15mins

CBE (14:55)NZM (14:15) 47hr 20mins

UJN (15:00)DDN (19:40) 28hr 40mins

AADR (15:00)NED (23:45) 32hr 45mins

PUNE (15:15)JHS (09:00) 17hr 45mins

NZM (15:20)BSL (15:50) 24hr 30mins

NZM (15:20)RIG (19:00) 27hr 40mins

BPL (15:30)GWL (00:15) 8hr 45mins

BSB (15:50)LTT (22:50) 31hr 0mins

BGKT (16:10)TBM (10:40) 42hr 30mins

ASR (16:10)BSP (12:15) 44hr 5mins

PUNE (16:15)LJN (17:10) 24hr 55mins

KURJ (16:15)BPL (22:55) 6hr 40mins

LJN (16:20)MAS (10:10) 41hr 50mins

ET (16:20)BPL (09:30) 17hr 10mins

LTT (16:25)AGC (13:50) 21hr 25mins

LTT (16:40)SLN (20:00) 27hr 20mins

INDB (16:45)BE (15:55) 23hr 10mins

PUNE (17:20)JAT (10:15) 40hr 55mins

BPL (17:25)JU (19:50) 26hr 25mins

GKP (17:25)PUNE (03:30) 34hr 5mins

JBP (17:30)NZM (11:35) 18hr 5mins

HWH (17:45)INDB (01:35) 31hr 50mins

BPL (17:55)DMO (22:45) 4hr 50mins

BPL (18:30)ET (12:30) 18hr 0mins

ALD (18:30)LTT (21:30) 27hr 0mins

NDLS (18:40)MAS (06:20) 35hr 40mins

GKP (19:00)LTT (04:20) 33hr 20mins

ERS (19:00)NZM (17:10) 46hr 10mins

SBC (19:00)NDLS (10:30) 39hr 30mins

PBH (19:10)BPL (08:50) 13hr 40mins

BPL (19:15)PBH (09:00) 13hr 45mins

TBM (19:15)BGKT (19:10) 47hr 55mins

MAS (19:15)NDLS (06:30) 35hr 15mins

CSMT (19:35)FZR (05:50) 34hr 15mins

MFP (19:40)ST (17:10) 45hr 30mins

REWA (20:05)HBJ (06:05) 10hr 0mins

MYS (20:10)NZM (17:10) 45hr 0mins

BL (20:15)CNB (19:30) 23hr 15mins

DADN (20:20)REWA (12:15) 15hr 55mins

SHM (20:20)BHUJ (16:30) 44hr 10mins

SRC (20:25)HBJ (21:00) 24hr 35mins

SGRL (20:30)BPL (08:25) 11hr 55mins

BSP (20:35)BPL (18:15) 21hr 40mins

ADI (20:45)BSB (09:35) 36hr 50mins

ADI (20:45)DBG (19:15) 46hr 30mins

CHRM (20:50)BPL (18:15) 21hr 25mins

NZM (20:55)HBJ (07:05) 10hr 10mins

OKHA (21:00)GKP (19:25) 46hr 25mins

BPL (21:00)SGRL (08:45) 11hr 45mins

HBJ (21:05)NZM (08:00) 10hr 55mins

CWA (21:05)GKP (07:05) 34hr 0mins

NDLS (21:15)SBC (14:00) 40hr 45mins

FZR (21:40)CSMT (07:45) 34hr 5mins

ADI (21:40)PNBE (07:50) 34hr 10mins

JAT (21:50)PUNE (15:15) 41hr 25mins

SVDK (21:55)MAS (10:10) 60hr 15mins

PUNE (22:00)LJN (02:30) 28hr 30mins

HBJ (22:00)REWA (08:00) 10hr 0mins

HYB (22:30)NZM (04:05) 29hr 35mins

LTT (22:45)GKP (07:05) 32hr 20mins

LJN (22:45)BPL (09:35) 10hr 50mins

NZM (23:00)VSKP (13:30) 38hr 30mins

NED (23:00)NZM (02:10) 27hr 10mins

REWA (23:10)DADN (16:00) 16hr 50mins

INDB (23:30)PNBE (02:50) 27hr 20mins

CSMT (23:30)DHI (07:15) 7hr 45mins

INDB (23:30)HWH (06:50) 31hr 20mins

KURJ (23:30)INDB (12:00) 12hr 30mins

AGC (23:35)LTT (23:00) 23hr 25mins

YPR (23:40)GKP (19:45) 44hr 5mins

BPL (23:45)REWA (09:45) 10hr 0mins

SLN (23:55)LTT (04:10) 28hr 15mins

"Bina" is a town and a municipality in the Sagar district in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. Bina is the district headquarters of Sagar District. The city is an important center of economic and industrial activities for the state. It is situated near important places and historical sites such as Bhopal (the capital of Madhya Pradesh),Vidisha, Sanchi and Chanderi. B.O.R.L (Bharat Oman Refinery Ltd.), the only oil refinery of central India is located in Bina, a thermal power plant, and a high voltage power station. This region is famous for its high quality wheat, and Bina is an important agricultural processing center. Bina also contains an important railway junction. The route from Delhi-Mumbai and from Katni-Kota passes through the Bina Railway Junction. Furthermore, Malkheri Railway Junction is also located in Bina.

Historically, Bina Etawa is famous for the city Eran which is located near the city along the bank of the Bina River. Eran was the capital of Airikina Pradesha

Airkina Vishaya, an administrative division of the Gupta empire. It is among the oldest cities found in the region.

Bina city was earlier known as Etawa. Etawa is the name of the village earlier present in the area. Later in 1923, Bina Railway Junction was founded in the area with its name derived from the Bina River flowing nearby. The new name was chosen to dismiss any ambiguity between the Itawa located in Uttar Pradesh. Later all administrative documents started using the name Bina-Etawa, and therefore, the municipal corporation was also named as Bina-Etawa Municipal Corporation.

Also the Khimlasa Fort located near the city is an important destination to understand the history of the region. Khimlasa is said to have been founded by a Mohammedan noble and was the mahal in the sarkar of Raisen of the subah of Malwa. The town of Khimlasa is enclosed within a fortified wall built of stone rubble more

less coursed.

Bharat Oman Refineries Limited (BORL), a company promoted by Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) with equity participation from Oman Oil Company S.A.O.C (OOC) had set up a 6 MMTPA grass root refinery at Bina. Bina Refinery has adopted state-of-the-art technologies designed to process Arab Mix crude (65% Arab Light and 35% Arab Heavy). It also had the flexibility to process other types of Middle East crude. The project also includes a Pet Coke-based Captive Cogeneration Power Plant (CPP) of 99 MW (33 x 3).

A 1200 MW Bina Thermal Power Plant by JAYPEE Group is also under construction. A part of the plant, with capacity of 500 MW has already started working. Also a Cement Manufacturing Plant was also proposed by the JAYPEE group in Bina.

A 1200kV National Test Station at Bina under PPP model by Powergrid corporation in collaboration with 35 Indian manufacturers along with National High Power Test Laboratory Pvt. Ltd. (NHPTL), Joint Venture Company is state-of-the-art "On Line High Power Short Circuit Test Facility" is also located in Bina.

Apart from this, the government of Madhya Pradesh is planning to build an investment corridor between Bina-Bhopal and termed it as Bina-Bhopal Investment Corridor. Under this project, investments of around US$1 bn is expected around the verticals of Chemicals, Electrical Equipments, Fabricated metal Production, machinery and equipments. Along with it, Integrated township projects were also proposed near the city.

The region is also home for some agricultural produce processing units and agricultural machinery manufacturing units. The wheat produced in the region one is of the finest produced in the world and is considered the best wheat produce.

Bina-Etawa is situated at 24°10’ N latitude and 78°10’ E longitude at the about 412 m above the mean sea level. The Bina (river) and Betwa Rivers are the major sources of water in the area. The agricultural land is primarily Vertisol.

Winter season starts from November to the end

middle of February and Summer season starts from March to the middle of June.Minimum temperature recorded in the city is 1 °C in January. Whereas the Maximum temperature in May is 48.0 °C. Average rainfall is around 1235/mm annually. In monsoon the wind-direction is from south-west and in winter the wind direction is normally from the northeast of the city.

Bina Etawa has an average literacy rate of 73%, higher than the national average. Government College for post-graduation and graduation courses and Government Girls College providing graduation courses for girls are two important centers for higher education. Besides this Kendriya Vidyalaya Bina is the major centre for school education. Three State Government Schools provide education for the city's students. Some private schools also operate in the city.

The city is home to a number of temples and other historical sites. Jains and Hindus are the majority population in the area. Nisai Ji located near the bank of river Betwa is a notable religious site. The shrine of Shri Taaran Taran founder of Taaran Taran Panth of Jainism is located at this place. In the city, Anekant Gyan Mandir, a Jain organisation, is preserving some of the oldest manuscripts related to Jainism, apart from preserving, electronic copies for these manuscripts were also created by the organisation.Maa Jageshwari Shaktipeeth is famous for the temple of Goddess Durga. A Saibaba Mandir is also located in the campus of Maa Jageshwari Shaktipeeth.Some important religious events includes the Annual Palki Yatra of Maa Jageshwari, organised on the first day of Navratri. Also the Sai Baba Palki Yatra is organised on 14 February of every year.

, Bina Junction railway station