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GDG Railway Station

Trains from station GADAG JN - GDG

SUR (00:40)DWR (11:05) 10hr 25mins

BME (00:55)YPR (03:48) 50hr 53mins

YPR (05:00)BKN (06:50) 49hr 50mins

JU (05:15)SBC (05:30) 48hr 15mins

AII (05:30)SBC (05:30) 48hr 0mins

MYS (05:30)SNSI (11:30) 30hr 0mins

UBL (06:00)TPTY (21:45) 15hr 45mins

TPTY (06:10)UBL (21:25) 15hr 15mins

VSG (07:05)KCG (05:00) 21hr 55mins

BZA (07:05)UBL (05:30) 22hr 25mins

KOP (07:35)MUGR (13:30) 29hr 55mins

VSG (09:00)TPTY (03:50) 18hr 50mins

VSG (09:00)HYB (07:40) 22hr 40mins

HYB (09:15)VSG (05:15) 20hr 0mins

YPR (10:30)BME (07:30) 45hr 0mins

TPTY (11:20)VSG (05:15) 17hr 55mins

KOP (11:30)TPTY (08:00) 20hr 30mins

CGS (12:00)VSG (00:30) 60hr 0mins

BJP (13:00)YPR (04:15) 15hr 15mins

VSG (13:00)GHY (07:00) 59hr 0mins

UBL (13:30)KCG (05:00) 15hr 30mins

GDG (13:40)CSMT (05:10) 15hr 30mins

GDG (13:40)CSMT (05:10) 10hr 20mins

UBL (14:00)SBC (02:00) 10hr 0mins

SUR (14:10)MYS (11:00) 20hr 50mins

MAS (15:00)UBL (05:15) 14hr 15mins

MUGR (15:30)KOP (22:40) 31hr 10mins

SC (15:40)UBL (07:35) 15hr 55mins

MYS (15:45)SUR (12:40) 20hr 55mins

CGS (16:00)VSG (20:30) 32hr 0mins

MAJN (16:30)BJP (11:45) 19hr 15mins

SBC (17:00)JU (16:50) 47hr 50mins

SBC (17:00)AII (17:30) 48hr 30mins

DWR (17:40)SUR (03:30) 9hr 50mins

YPR (17:45)BJP (09:45) 16hr 0mins

UBL (17:50)BSB (12:00) 42hr 10mins

BJP (18:00)MAJN (12:40) 18hr 40mins

UBL (18:20)MYS (09:20) 15hr 0mins

MYS (19:00)UBL (10:50) 15hr 50mins

BZA (19:45)UBL (11:25) 15hr 40mins

UBL (20:50)SC (11:45) 14hr 55mins

TPTY (21:00)KOP (16:35) 19hr 35mins

VSG (21:00)SEL (19:15) 27hr 0mins

KCG (21:05)VSG (15:05) 18hr 0mins

UBL (21:05)MAS (10:50) 13hr 45mins

BSB (21:05)UBL (13:00) 39hr 55mins

CSMT (21:20)GDG (12:20) 15hr 0mins

BKN (22:15)YPR (03:15) 53hr 0mins

HWH (23:30)VSG (15:45) 40hr 15mins

UBL (23:30)BZA (19:15) 19hr 45mins

SNSI (23:55)MYS (06:00) 30hr 5mins

In 1881 the Bombay Eastern Deccan Railway was under construction with William Michell the Engineer-in-Charge. This line immediately upon opening became the Bijapur Branch of the Southern Mahratta Railway.

The Southern Mahratta Railway (SMR) was founded in 1882 to construct a metre gauge(MG) railway between Hotgi and Gadag (opened to traffic in 1884), one of the "famine lines" set up with a guarantee. In the same year (1882), it was contracted by the Indian State of Mysore to work the several metre gauge lines that the Mysore State had built

was in the course of construction.

In 1888, a line was extended from Londa towards the Portuguese colony of Goa where it connected with the Marmagao line at Castle Rock. (From 1902 this line was leased as the West of India Portuguese Railway.) By 1890, this line extended from Londa eastwards via Guntakal to Bezwada, and northwards to Poona, turning the SMR from an assortment of branches to a real railway network.In 1908, the SMR merged with the Madras Railway(MR) to form the Madras and Southern Mahratta Railway(M&SMR)

In the year 2013-14, Ministry of railways had sanctioned 252 km of rail line between Gadag Jn and Wadi Jn

Physical Survey completed and Report is under preparation

Survey for Conducting Reconnaissance Engineering cum Traffic Survey for new line between Gadag to Krishnar via Kotumachagi, Naregal, Gajendragarh, Hanumapur, Ilkal and Lingasugur(216 km).

Gadag-Hotgi Section is also sanctioned for Electrification and tenders are floated for the same.

Gadag Junction will be Complete Double Electric Line Station as Hospet- Vasco Da Gama rail line getting Doubled & Electrified in phases. Hospet -Hubli-Londa-Vasco-da-gama DL (352.58 km) sanctioned in the year 2010-11. This project is being executed by RVNL.So far 67 km. has been commissioned. Further 36 km is targeted for commissioning in 2017-18.Hospet-Tinai ghat Rail Electrification Tender is floated.

Trains those run through/From Gadag Junction are:, Howrah - Vasco da Gama Amaravati Express, Gol Gumbaz Express, Haripriya Express, Hampi Express, Hubballi - Secunderabad Express, Hubballi - Varanasi Weekly Express, Hubballi - Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Express (via Bijapur), Amaravati Express, Yesvantpur - Barmer AC Express, Yesvantpur-Bikaner Express, Mumbai CSMT - Gadag Express*, Solapur - Hubballi Intercity Express, Tirupati-Vasco da Gama Express, Hyderabad-Vasco da Gama Express, Kacheguda - Hubballi Prasanti Nilayam Triweekly Express, Manuguru - CSMT Kolhapur Express, Mysore - Sainagar Shirdi Express, Kacheguda - Vasco Da Gama Quarterly Express, Ajmer - Bangalore City Garib Nawaz Express, Bhagat Ki Kothi−Bangalore City Express (via Guntakal), Tirupati/Hyderabad- Vasco Da Gama Weekly Express, Solapur - Gadag DEMU Passenger, Solapur - Dharwad Passenger, Bijapur - Hubli Passenger, Ballari - Dharwad Passenger, Tirupati - Hubli Fast Passenger, Hubballi - Vijayawada Passenger, Chikkabenakal - Hubli Fast Passenger