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GADJ Railway Station

Trains from station GANDHINAGAR JPR - GADJ

AII (00:15)KOAA (06:30) 23hr 45mins

JSM (00:55)RMR (04:50) 27hr 55mins

DEE (01:45)AII (09:40) 7hr 55mins

GKP (04:45)ADI (12:45) 32hr 0mins

AF (05:05)AII (11:50) 6hr 45mins

JP (06:00)DEE (10:30) 4hr 30mins

AII (06:00)AF (12:20) 6hr 20mins

NDLS (06:05)DOZ (13:10) 7hr 5mins

BE (06:35)BHUJ (09:30) 26hr 55mins

BE (06:35)BHUJ (14:01) 31hr 26mins

JP (07:35)DEC (13:20) 5hr 45mins

BVC (08:15)DEE (10:15) 26hr 0mins

JU (09:10)BSB (08:45) 23hr 35mins

JU (09:10)BSB (08:50) 23hr 40mins

JU (09:10)BSB (10:30) 25hr 20mins

KURJ (09:25)UDZ (06:35) 21hr 10mins

ADI (09:55)MTC (07:05) 21hr 15mins

SVDK (10:20)ADI (23:55) 37hr 35mins

ADI (11:35)GKP (19:25) 31hr 50mins

ADI (11:35)LKO (14:25) 26hr 50mins

LJN (12:15)JP (01:45) 13hr 30mins

RJT (12:30)DEE (10:15) 21hr 45mins

BHUJ (12:45)BE (20:35) 31hr 50mins

UDZ (13:05)HW (10:30) 21hr 25mins

DEE (13:20)BVC (13:55) 24hr 35mins

AII (14:05)JAT (08:15) 18hr 10mins

ASR (14:30)AII (10:00) 19hr 30mins

AF (14:50)AII (21:10) 6hr 20mins

AII (14:55)AF (21:40) 6hr 45mins

DEC (15:00)JP (20:40) 5hr 40mins

DOZ (15:15)NDLS (22:40) 7hr 25mins

DLI (15:20)ADI (07:40) 16hr 20mins

JP (15:20)ALD (05:25) 14hr 5mins

DLI (15:20)ADI (07:40) 16hr 20mins

AII (16:00)DEE (23:45) 7hr 45mins

UDZ (16:05)KYQ (00:10) 56hr 5mins

JSM (16:45)DLI (11:15) 18hr 30mins

BHUJ (17:05)BE (20:35) 27hr 30mins

BSB (17:15)JU (18:40) 25hr 25mins

DLI (17:35)BME (09:30) 15hr 55mins

DEE (17:35)JP (22:05) 4hr 30mins

BME (17:45)DLI (11:15) 17hr 30mins

ASR (17:50)AII (10:00) 16hr 10mins

AII (17:55)ASR (14:45) 20hr 50mins

AII (17:55)ASR (10:45) 16hr 50mins

JAT (18:10)AII (12:20) 18hr 10mins

BSB (18:15)JU (18:50) 24hr 35mins

BSB (18:15)JU (18:50) 24hr 35mins

JP (18:25)HSR (04:05) 9hr 40mins

ADI (18:30)DLI (10:10) 15hr 40mins

KYQ (18:30)UDZ (03:55) 57hr 25mins

DSJ (18:30)DSJS (04:00) 149hr 30mins

ADI (18:30)DLI (10:10) 5hr 30mins

CDG (18:50)JP (06:40) 11hr 50mins

ADI (19:05)SVDK (06:50) 35hr 45mins

JP (19:30)CDG (07:10) 11hr 40mins

HW (19:40)UDZ (16:55) 21hr 15mins

MTC (19:55)ADI (17:10) 21hr 15mins

KGM (20:35)JSM (23:25) 26hr 50mins

JP (21:00)LJN (10:25) 13hr 25mins

RMR (22:00)JSM (23:25) 25hr 25mins

UDZ (22:20)KURJ (19:50) 21hr 30mins

LKO (22:55)ADI (02:40) 27hr 45mins

ALD (23:00)JP (12:40) 13hr 40mins

HSR (23:15)JP (09:15) 10hr 0mins

This is first all women operated railway station in India .This is great step toward women empowerment

The station has two platforms and entry/exit on either side of the station.

The station has current, reservation and tatkal ticket counter. Other amenities available at Gandhi Nagar railway station are one railway over-bridge, semi-covered platforms, waiting seats, toilets, wheel-chair, Digital information screen, parking, etc. However, the station doesn't have any food vending kiosk

cloak room.