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GKP Railway Station

Trains from station GORAKHPUR - GKP

UDZ (00:20)NJP (18:35) 42hr 15mins

BDTS (00:20)GKP (17:35) 41hr 15mins

SHC (03:15)ASR (14:45) 20hr 45mins

GKP (03:25)BDTS (16:15) 20hr 35mins

DBG (03:25)JUC (05:10) 20hr 35mins

SVDK (03:40)KYQ (12:30) 56hr 50mins

GKP (03:45)ASH (10:40) 6hr 55mins

ASR (04:10)SHC (11:30) 31hr 20mins

GKP (04:45)ADI (12:45) 32hr 0mins

GKP (04:45)OKHA (03:55) 47hr 10mins

BJU (05:00)JAT (11:50) 30hr 50mins

LJN (05:00)PPTA (14:50) 9hr 50mins

BDTS (05:10)GKP (17:35) 18hr 50mins

MUV (05:25)GKP (11:10) 5hr 45mins

GKP (05:30)KOP (13:05) 55hr 35mins

GKP (05:30)PNVL (16:20) 34hr 50mins

GKP (05:30)LJN (11:00) 5hr 30mins

CPR (05:30)MTJ (21:30) 16hr 0mins

GKP (05:30)LTT (16:00) 34hr 30mins

GKP (05:30)BDTS (19:10) 37hr 40mins

GKP (05:30)LTT (16:00) 34hr 30mins

KYQ (05:35)ANVT (18:15) 36hr 40mins

KIR (06:00)DLI (11:50) 29hr 50mins

MFP (06:00)BDTS (04:35) 46hr 35mins

TVC (06:05)GKP (15:20) 57hr 15mins

GKP (06:20)LTT (16:15) 33hr 55mins

LTT (06:35)GKP (19:10) 36hr 35mins

GKP (06:35)YPR (04:45) 46hr 10mins

GKP (06:35)TVC (17:20) 58hr 45mins

GKP (06:35)SC (15:10) 32hr 35mins

GKP (06:35)YPR (09:45) 51hr 10mins

ASR (06:35)BNKI (18:30) 17hr 25mins

SHC (06:45)NDLS (06:40) 23hr 55mins

DBRG (07:00)CDG (13:20) 54hr 20mins

ASR (07:10)KIR (19:55) 36hr 45mins

JYG (07:15)ASR (23:55) 40hr 40mins

SC (07:20)GKP (15:20) 32hr 0mins

GKP (07:25)HTE (08:10) 24hr 45mins

YPR (07:30)GKP (13:30) 54hr 0mins

MUV (07:30)MFP (18:10) 10hr 40mins

NTV (08:00)DURG (13:10) 29hr 10mins

GKP (08:00)KOAA (04:45) 20hr 45mins

NJP (08:15)UDZ (03:55) 43hr 40mins

NJP (08:15)NDLS (12:00) 27hr 45mins

NJP (08:15)ASR (17:35) 15hr 45mins

DBG (08:25)NDLS (05:30) 21hr 5mins

RXL (08:30)ANVT (09:00) 24hr 30mins

GKP (08:30)CSMT (12:20) 15hr 30mins

GKP (08:50)YPR (11:30) 50hr 40mins

ASR (09:30)NJP (18:35) 14hr 30mins

JUC (09:50)DBG (11:35) 14hr 10mins

DBRG (09:55)DBG (19:30) 33hr 35mins

GKP (10:10)KOAA (04:45) 18hr 35mins

ERS (10:15)BJU (23:10) 60hr 55mins

KYQ (10:45)SVDK (16:00) 53hr 15mins

GKP (10:45)ASR (06:30) 13hr 15mins

LTT (10:55)GKP (20:20) 33hr 25mins

LTT (11:10)GKP (17:00) 29hr 50mins

PUNE (11:15)GKP (20:00) 32hr 45mins

NTV (11:20)DURG (14:20) 27hr 0mins

GKP (11:30)KOAA (04:45) 17hr 15mins

SHC (11:35)ANVT (11:45) 24hr 10mins

MFP (11:35)ANVT (07:40) 20hr 5mins

ADI (11:35)GKP (19:25) 31hr 50mins

GWL (11:45)BJU (13:15) 25hr 30mins

ASR (11:55)JYG (01:00) 37hr 5mins

ASR (12:35)GKP (08:05) 11hr 25mins

GKP (13:05)LTT (23:00) 33hr 55mins

GHY (13:10)JAT (12:39) 47hr 29mins

GHY (13:10)JAT (12:35) 47hr 25mins

ASR (13:10)SHC (20:15) 10hr 50mins

GKP (13:20)BDTS (04:35) 39hr 15mins

CSMT (13:30)GKP (18:35) 10hr 30mins

GKP (13:40)SHM (10:05) 20hr 25mins

DLI (13:45)KIR (19:20) 29hr 35mins

MFP (14:00)NBD (10:32) 20hr 35mins

NDLS (14:15)DBG (11:15) 21hr 0mins

GKP (14:20)JAT (12:35) 22hr 15mins

KOAA (14:30)GKP (08:15) 17hr 45mins

SHC (14:30)ASR (21:05) 30hr 35mins

KOAA (14:30)GKP (09:45) 19hr 15mins

KOAA (14:30)GKP (07:45) 17hr 15mins

SHC (14:30)ANVT (18:15) 9hr 30mins

ANVT (14:50)MFP (12:15) 21hr 25mins

LJN (15:00)BJU (08:00) 17hr 0mins

NDLS (15:05)NJP (18:35) 27hr 30mins

PBR (15:10)MFP (18:10) 51hr 0mins

MFP (15:15)PBR (17:20) 50hr 5mins

MFP (15:15)ANVT (12:35) 21hr 20mins

KOP (15:30)GKP (19:10) 51hr 40mins

GKP (15:30)PUNE (04:05) 36hr 35mins

CSMT (15:30)CPR (04:40) 32hr 30mins

LTT (15:50)GKP (01:30) 33hr 40mins

PPTA (15:50)LJN (02:35) 10hr 45mins

LTT (15:50)GKP (02:05) 34hr 15mins

GKP (16:00)MUV (21:45) 5hr 45mins

UDZ (16:05)KYQ (00:10) 56hr 5mins

LJN (16:05)GKP (21:35) 5hr 30mins

PUNE (16:15)GKP (01:05) 32hr 50mins

HSR (16:15)GKP (09:45) 17hr 30mins

ASN (16:15)GKP (05:50) 13hr 35mins

ASH (16:25)GKP (23:55) 7hr 30mins

ADI (16:30)MFP (04:00) 31hr 30mins

GKP (16:35)HSR (10:00) 17hr 25mins

CPA (16:40)GKP (06:55) 14hr 15mins

ANVT (16:45)NHLN (06:55) 38hr 10mins

SHC (16:45)ASR (02:55) 31hr 15mins

HTE (16:50)GKP (17:25) 24hr 35mins

BCY (17:00)LJN (05:45) 12hr 45mins

PPTA (17:00)GKP (04:30) 7hr 0mins

ANVT (17:10)GKP (07:30) 14hr 20mins

ANVT (17:10)SHC (19:00) 25hr 50mins

DBG (17:10)ASR (01:50) 30hr 50mins

YPR (17:20)GKP (15:05) 45hr 45mins

ANVT (17:25)RXL (17:40) 24hr 15mins

GKP (17:25)PUNE (03:30) 34hr 5mins

GKP (17:40)GD (00:40) 6hr 20mins

JAT (17:45)BJU (22:45) 29hr 0mins

PNVL (17:50)GKP (04:30) 34hr 40mins

LTT (17:50)GKP (04:30) 34hr 40mins

ASR (17:50)SHC (03:55) 30hr 10mins

NBD (18:18)MFP (16:30) 22hr 12mins

NBD (18:18)GKP (08:05) 13hr 47mins

LMP (18:20)GKP (07:20) 13hr 0mins

KYQ (18:30)UDZ (03:55) 57hr 25mins

BJU (18:40)GWL (21:15) 26hr 35mins

GKP (18:45)ANVT (08:50) 14hr 5mins

NKE (18:45)GKP (00:15) 5hr 15mins

CI (18:50)LJN (08:25) 13hr 35mins

GKP (19:00)LTT (04:20) 33hr 20mins

ASR (19:05)DBG (03:00) 28hr 55mins

GKP (19:15)SV (01:20) 4hr 45mins

MFP (19:35)MUV (06:00) 10hr 25mins

DURG (19:40)NTV (22:30) 26hr 50mins

DURG (19:40)NTV (22:30) 26hr 50mins

LGH (19:50)DBRG (15:55) 68hr 5mins

NDLS (19:50)SHC (20:30) 24hr 40mins

GHY (19:55)CDG (13:20) 28hr 5mins

GKP (20:00)ANVT (08:50) 12hr 50mins

ANVT (20:00)GKP (07:50) 11hr 50mins

ANVT (20:00)GKP (09:35) 13hr 35mins

SHM (20:20)GKP (16:25) 20hr 5mins

BJU (20:20)LJN (13:00) 16hr 40mins

LJN (20:25)CI (10:00) 13hr 35mins

ANVT (20:40)MFP (18:10) 21hr 30mins

GKP (20:55)ANVT (10:50) 13hr 55mins

GKP (20:55)ASN (11:30) 14hr 35mins

OKHA (21:00)GKP (19:25) 46hr 25mins

CWA (21:05)GKP (07:05) 34hr 0mins

GKP (21:05)BNY (01:30) 2hr 55mins

BMKI (21:10)ANVT (18:15) 21hr 5mins

GKP (21:15)NBD (10:32) 13hr 20mins

CPR (21:15)CSMT (06:15) 26hr 45mins

MFP (21:20)ADI (09:00) 26hr 40mins

NHLN (21:35)ANVT (11:30) 37hr 55mins

HWH (21:45)KGM (09:30) 35hr 45mins

KGM (21:45)HWH (12:40) 38hr 55mins

GKP (21:50)LTT (04:00) 30hr 10mins

GKP (22:00)LMP (11:20) 13hr 20mins

BDTS (22:40)MFP (21:50) 47hr 10mins

BDTS (22:40)GKP (13:45) 39hr 5mins

JAT (22:45)BGP (10:15) 35hr 30mins

KIR (22:45)ASR (12:45) 38hr 0mins

JAT (22:45)GHY (23:40) 48hr 55mins

GKP (22:45)CPA (13:20) 14hr 35mins

JAT (22:45)GKP (20:30) 21hr 45mins

LTT (22:45)GKP (07:05) 32hr 20mins

JAT (22:45)GHY (23:40) 48hr 55mins

NTV (22:45)GKP (01:45) 1hr 15mins

BJU (22:50)ERS (13:00) 62hr 10mins

GKP (23:00)NKE (03:45) 1hr 0mins

LJN (23:10)BCY (12:35) 13hr 25mins

CDG (23:20)DBRG (08:15) 56hr 55mins

GKP (23:20)BCY (06:25) 0hr 40mins

NKE (23:35)GKP (05:10) 0hr 25mins

YPR (23:40)GKP (19:45) 44hr 5mins

ANVT (23:45)BMKI (20:00) 20hr 15mins

ANVT (23:45)KYQ (15:25) 39hr 40mins

ANVT (23:45)SHC (03:05) 24hr 15mins

MTJ (23:50)CPR (15:55) 16hr 5mins

BGP (23:50)JAT (12:35) 36hr 45mins

BCY (23:55)GKP (07:25) 0hr 5mins

Gorakhpur Junction railway station is a major railway station in the state of Uttar Pradesh especially in the Purvanchal region (Eastern Uttar Pradesh) and it connects Eastern Uttar Pradesh to Bihar, Nepal and Northern India to Bihar. Gorakhpur junction has many facilities like retiring rooms, waiting halls, (A/c) book stalls, Auro water machine, food stalls, restaurant, ATM, lift and cabway facilities. The cabway of Gorakhpur is longest in India it is located at both side of railway station.

Gorakhpur junction railway station is directly connected by all regions of India and has many long route trains originating and ending at the station such as Humsafar/Antyoday Express. The station is directly connected to all major railway stations of India and nearby districts of Nepal, New Delhi, Mumbai, Howrah(Kolkata) Chennai, Hyderabad, Visakhapatanam, Lucknow, Asansol, Agra, Bhopal, Ayodhya, Amritsar, Darbhanga, Kamakhya, Jammu, Bareilly, Jhansi, Bangalore

Gorakhpur railway station is located at 89km from Nepal border namely (Sonauli) and 55km from Kushinagar international airport and 09 km from Gorakhpur airport.

The city of Gorakhpur serves 10 local railway stations known as Gorakhpur Junction, Gorakhpur cantt, Domingarh, Sahjanwa, Sihapar, Maniram, Nakaha jungle, Kushmi, Jagatbela, and Unaula.

The metre-gauge Gonda loop, running between Gorakhpur and Gonda, Uttar Pradesh, was constructed by the Bengal and North Western Railway between 1886 and 1905. The Kaptanganj, India-Siwan, Bihar metre-gauge line was opened in 1913. The metre-gauge Nautanwa branch line was opened in 1925.

Conversion to Indian gauge started with the Gorakhpur-Siwan section in 1981. The Gorakhpur-Paniyahwa section was converted in 1991. The Gorakhpur-Gonda loop was converted around 1985, and the Nautanwa branch line at about the same time. The Kaptanganj-Siwan line was converted around 2011. At present, Gorakhpur has the world's longest railway platform, measuring 1,366m.

Gorakhpur is amongst the top hundred booking stations of Indian Railways. It handles over 189 trains daily. Some of the other railway stations in Uttar Pradesh handling large numbers of passengers are Kanpur Central railway station, Varanasi Junction railway station, Mathura Junction railway station and Mughalsarai Junction railway station.