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GHY Railway Station

Trains from station GUWAHATI - GHY

BKN (00:10)GHY (01:00) 48hr 50mins

GHY (01:30)NDLS (13:15) 22hr 30mins

SBC (03:10)NTSK (20:45) 65hr 35mins

DBRG (05:00)RNY (19:50) 14hr 50mins

DBRG (05:00)GHY (13:50) 8hr 50mins

DBG (05:12)NTSK (14:35) 33hr 23mins

AGTL (05:15)BNC (21:15) 64hr 0mins

AGTL (05:15)KOAA (16:30) 18hr 45mins

RNY (05:30)NTSK (20:00) 14hr 30mins

GHY (05:30)LMG (12:15) 6hr 45mins

RNY (05:30)DBRG (21:05) 15hr 35mins

DBRG (05:30)JAJ (17:50) 36hr 20mins

SC (05:40)GHY (08:45) 51hr 5mins

NTSK (05:45)RNY (19:50) 14hr 5mins

AGTL (05:55)SDAH (19:25) 37hr 30mins

DMV (06:00)GHY (11:10) 5hr 10mins

GHY (06:00)BSL (00:00) 18hr 0mins

MAS (06:05)GHY (14:00) 55hr 55mins

GHY (06:15)NDLS (13:00) 30hr 45mins

GHY (06:15)NDLS (13:00) 30hr 45mins

GHY (06:20)BNC (11:40) 53hr 20mins

GHY (06:20)SC (04:00) 45hr 40mins

GHY (06:30)JTTN (13:20) 6hr 50mins

NTSK (06:30)RJPB (14:00) 31hr 30mins

NHLN (06:30)GHY (12:10) 5hr 40mins

SDAH (06:35)AGTL (20:45) 38hr 10mins

SDAH (06:35)SCL (16:15) 33hr 40mins

DBRG (07:00)CDG (13:20) 54hr 20mins

DBRG (07:00)ASR (21:05) 62hr 5mins

SCL (07:00)GHY (20:15) 13hr 15mins

SC (07:20)GHY (06:00) 46hr 40mins

LTT (08:05)GHY (13:00) 52hr 55mins

LTT (08:05)GHY (12:00) 51hr 55mins

LTT (08:05)GHY (12:00) 51hr 55mins

SHTT (09:00)TBM (20:50) 59hr 50mins

GHY (09:00)YPR (17:45) 39hr 0mins

GHY (09:00)DBRG (00:45) 15hr 0mins

KOAA (09:05)SHTT (09:40) 24hr 35mins

NDLS (09:25)DBRT (06:15) 44hr 50mins

NDLS (09:25)DBRG (05:15) 43hr 50mins

DBRG (09:55)DBG (19:30) 33hr 35mins

SBC (10:00)GHY (10:25) 62hr 0mins

BNC (10:15)AGTL (03:45) 65hr 30mins

DBRG (10:20)KOAA (15:00) 28hr 40mins

GHY (10:45)BKN (07:40) 44hr 55mins

GHY (10:45)OKHA (03:55) 65hr 10mins

SCL (10:45)SDAH (19:25) 32hr 40mins

GHY (10:45)JP (23:10) 13hr 15mins

OKHA (11:40)GHY (07:10) 67hr 30mins

CGS (12:00)VSG (00:30) 60hr 0mins

GHY (12:10)DBRG (21:15) 9hr 5mins

GHY (12:20)HWH (05:20) 17hr 0mins

TVC (12:40)SCL (17:15) 76hr 35mins

SHTT (13:00)KOAA (12:50) 23hr 50mins

VSG (13:00)GHY (07:00) 59hr 0mins

GHY (13:10)JAT (12:39) 47hr 29mins

GHY (13:10)JAT (12:35) 47hr 25mins

SDAH (13:50)GHY (12:00) 10hr 10mins

AGTL (14:00)HBJ (17:00) 51hr 0mins

AGTL (14:00)ANVT (13:05) 47hr 5mins

GHY (14:00)JAT (14:35) 34hr 0mins

LMG (14:25)GHY (22:00) 7hr 56mins

DBRG (14:25)GHY (05:50) 15hr 26mins

JTTN (14:30)GHY (21:20) 6hr 50mins

GHY (14:30)DMV (20:00) 5hr 30mins

NDLS (14:30)GHY (02:30) 33hr 30mins

LEDO (14:55)GHY (05:50) 14hr 55mins

RJPB (15:00)NTSK (22:45) 31hr 45mins

GHY (15:00)LTT (20:00) 53hr 0mins

GHY (15:00)KZJ (16:00) 33hr 0mins

LMG (15:10)APDJ (00:55) 8hr 50mins

GHY (15:20)NHLN (21:40) 6hr 20mins

ASR (15:45)DBRG (04:55) 61hr 10mins

HWH (15:50)GHY (10:05) 18hr 15mins

NDLS (16:10)DBRT (07:00) 38hr 50mins

NDLS (16:45)DBRG (07:00) 38hr 15mins

TVC (16:55)SCL (19:00) 74hr 5mins

GHY (16:55)LTT (20:00) 51hr 5mins

GHY (16:55)LTT (20:00) 51hr 5mins

APDJ (17:00)SHTT (09:40) 16hr 40mins

SBC (17:00)DMV (07:30) 55hr 0mins

SHTT (17:25)APDJ (08:30) 15hr 5mins

HBJ (17:30)AGTL (21:30) 52hr 0mins

GHY (17:30)SCL (05:55) 12hr 25mins

GHY (17:30)SCL (05:45) 6hr 30mins

NTSK (17:55)SBC (11:30) 65hr 35mins

HWH (18:00)DBRG (05:55) 35hr 55mins

AGTL (18:00)GHY (11:00) 6hr 0mins

DBRG (18:25)HWH (06:00) 35hr 35mins

AGTL (18:30)ANVT (11:20) 40hr 50mins

SCL (18:30)NDLS (13:00) 42hr 30mins

SCL (18:30)NDLS (13:00) 42hr 30mins

HWH (18:30)GHY (14:15) 5hr 30mins

DGHR (18:45)AGTL (07:45) 37hr 0mins

NHLN (18:45)GHY (04:25) 9hr 40mins

AGTL (19:00)NDLS (11:20) 29hr 0mins

GHY (19:15)SCL (06:30) 4hr 45mins

DBRT (19:20)NDLS (13:55) 42hr 35mins

GHY (19:35)HWH (13:15) 4hr 25mins

LGH (19:50)DBRG (15:55) 68hr 5mins

ANVT (19:50)AGTL (13:30) 41hr 40mins

DBRG (19:50)NDLS (13:55) 42hr 5mins

NDLS (19:50)AGTL (13:30) 41hr 40mins

GHY (19:55)CDG (13:20) 28hr 5mins

GHY (19:55)KOAA (13:15) 4hr 5mins

SCL (20:05)TVC (22:40) 74hr 35mins

SCL (20:05)TVC (22:40) 74hr 35mins

SCL (20:05)GHY (07:45) 11hr 40mins

SCL (20:05)GHY (07:45) 3hr 55mins

DBRT (20:35)NDLS (10:15) 37hr 40mins

GHY (20:40)LEDO (10:55) 14hr 15mins

GHY (20:40)DBRG (11:45) 15hr 5mins

GHY (21:00)KOAA (15:00) 18hr 0mins

DMV (21:00)GHY (04:00) 7hr 0mins

DMV (21:00)SBC (14:00) 51hr 0mins

DBRG (21:10)NDLS (10:15) 26hr 50mins

GHY (21:20)NHLN (04:55) 7hr 35mins

KOAA (21:40)DBRG (02:25) 28hr 45mins

KOAA (21:40)GHY (15:55) 18hr 15mins

TBM (21:45)DBRG (18:00) 68hr 15mins

TBM (21:45)SHTT (09:40) 59hr 55mins

JAJ (22:05)DBRG (12:45) 38hr 40mins

AGTL (22:25)DGHR (13:00) 38hr 35mins

BME (22:25)GHY (00:50) 50hr 25mins

JAT (22:45)GHY (23:40) 48hr 55mins

JAT (22:45)GHY (23:40) 48hr 55mins

CAPE (23:00)DBRG (06:40) 79hr 40mins

DBRG (23:05)CAPE (09:55) 82hr 50mins

CDG (23:20)DBRG (08:15) 56hr 55mins

DBRG (23:25)DLI (06:05) 54hr 40mins

GHY (23:25)MAS (04:30) 53hr 5mins

DBRG (23:25)DLI (06:05) 54hr 40mins

DBRG (23:25)DLI (06:05) 48hr 35mins

GHY (23:30)DMV (05:00) 5hr 30mins

BNC (23:40)GHY (06:00) 54hr 20mins

DLI (23:40)DBRG (04:25) 52hr 45mins

DLI (23:40)DBRG (04:25) 52hr 45mins

DLI (23:40)DBRG (04:25) 52hr 45mins

DBRG (23:45)TBM (20:50) 69hr 5mins

NDLS (23:45)GHY (09:15) 33hr 30mins

NDLS (23:45)GHY (09:15) 33hr 30mins

NDLS (23:45)SCL (20:45) 45hr 0mins

NDLS (23:45)SCL (20:45) 45hr 0mins

JAT (23:45)GHY (22:00) 24hr 15mins

GHY (23:55)SCL (14:00) 14hr 5mins

ANVT (23:55)AGTL (00:30) 48hr 35mins

GHY (23:55)SC (04:00) 52hr 5mins

"Guwahati railway station" (Station code: GHY) is located in the heart of Guwahati, Assam. It is the first fully solar operated railway station in India. It is rated as A1 category station. Just behind the Guwahati Railway Station is the Assam State Transport Corporation Bus Station. This is in the Paltan Bazaar area of Guwahati from where most of the private bus companies operate connecting Guwahati with the rest of the state and the Northeast.

An ISO CERTIFIED STATION [ISO 14001:2015], for its clean and green environment throughout the station premises.

To reduce the traffic on the Guwahati junction, there is another railway station in the city at Maligaon is called the Kamakhya railway station. Almost all newly introduced trains run from Kamakhya station only.There were plans to make a new railway station at Beltola (in the southern part of Guwahati) to introduce trains towards Shillong. Plans have not been finalized and still in process.

Guwahati railway station became the first railway station to run entirely on solar power. The solar panel installation project were commissioned in April 2017.

The station has a diesel locomotive shed with room for 80 locomotives. The sheds accommodate WDM-3D, WDG-4D, WDG-4 AND Locomotives of India#Diesel class locomotives.The shed now also accommodates WDP-4D locos. The station has a coach maintenance complex.

The station is the divisional headquarters for the Northeast Frontier Railway.

The station has seven platforms.It serves the long distance trains of NFR.Google provides RailWire Free high speed wifi. In addition, there is a transit passenger facility with dormitory, single room and double room accommodation.