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GWL Railway Station

Trains from station GWALIOR JN - GWL

PUNE (00:25)GWL (03:10) 26hr 45mins

ANDI (01:00)VZM (08:30) 23hr 0mins

SA (02:00)BTI (23:50) 22hr 0mins

RIG (03:30)NZM (07:30) 28hr 0mins

ASR (04:10)NGP (04:25) 24hr 15mins

MTJ (04:25)HWH (06:50) 26hr 25mins

GKP (04:45)OKHA (03:55) 47hr 10mins

JAT (05:00)DURG (14:20) 33hr 20mins

JAT (05:00)DURG (19:10) 38hr 10mins

BDTS (05:10)JHS (06:45) 25hr 35mins

BDTS (05:10)JHS (06:45) 25hr 35mins

MAS (05:15)SVDK (15:10) 57hr 55mins

INDB (05:30)CDG (06:45) 25hr 15mins

ASR (05:30)NED (16:00) 34hr 30mins

JAT (05:30)JHS (00:20) 18hr 50mins

ASR (05:30)NED (16:00) 18hr 30mins

NZM (05:50)KOP (16:20) 34hr 30mins

DDN (05:50)UJN (09:05) 27hr 15mins

NZM (05:50)TVC (11:35) 53hr 45mins

DDN (05:50)INDB (06:50) 25hr 0mins

NZM (05:50)MYS (04:55) 47hr 5mins

NZM (05:50)VSKP (17:30) 35hr 40mins

NZM (05:50)ERS (06:00) 48hr 10mins

BSL (06:00)NZM (07:30) 25hr 30mins

NDLS (06:00)HBJ (14:25) 8hr 25mins

JBP (06:00)ATT (11:45) 29hr 45mins

MAS (06:05)NZM (10:40) 28hr 35mins

MAS (06:05)NZM (10:40) 28hr 35mins

ST (06:10)MFP (04:30) 46hr 20mins

GWL (06:20)BPL (15:00) 8hr 40mins

HYB (06:25)NDLS (09:05) 26hr 40mins

NDLS (06:25)VSKP (17:50) 35hr 25mins

VSKP (06:25)NZM (16:45) 34hr 20mins

NZM (06:25)YPR (19:35) 37hr 10mins

HYB (06:25)NDLS (09:05) 26hr 40mins

JBP (06:30)SVDK (15:10) 32hr 40mins

MAS (06:40)NZM (10:40) 28hr 0mins

HW (06:45)PURI (06:20) 47hr 35mins

NDLS (06:45)JHS (14:10) 7hr 25mins

SVDK (06:55)DADN (13:15) 30hr 20mins

GWL (07:15)HWH (06:50) 23hr 35mins

JHS (07:15)JAT (01:25) 18hr 10mins

JAT (07:25)NED (20:35) 37hr 10mins

VZM (07:30)ANDI (14:00) 16hr 30mins

CDG (07:55)MDU (12:45) 52hr 50mins

JBP (08:00)ATT (11:45) 27hr 45mins

SA (08:00)HSR (09:00) 40hr 0mins

LTT (08:05)BE (15:55) 31hr 50mins

NZM (08:10)JHS (12:35) 4hr 25mins

VSKP (08:20)NZM (17:10) 32hr 50mins

NZM (08:25)DURG (06:30) 22hr 5mins

ASR (08:30)CSTM (04:05) 43hr 35mins

VSKP (08:35)NDLS (19:05) 34hr 30mins

NZM (08:35)VSKP (18:10) 33hr 35mins

NZM (08:35)CBE (09:15) 48hr 40mins

DURG (09:00)JAT (21:40) 36hr 40mins

KYN (09:00)NZM (17:40) 15hr 0mins

KOP (09:05)NZM (17:10) 32hr 5mins

NZM (09:15)ERS (10:40) 49hr 25mins

NZM (09:15)ERS (10:40) 49hr 25mins

KURJ (09:25)UDZ (06:35) 21hr 10mins

NED (09:30)ASR (20:25) 34hr 55mins

NED (09:30)ASR (20:25) 14hr 30mins

SNSI (10:00)KLK (12:20) 26hr 20mins

CWA (10:15)DEE (06:15) 20hr 0mins

SRE (10:45)MDU (12:45) 50hr 0mins

DURG (10:55)NZM (06:10) 19hr 15mins

NED (11:00)ASR (22:05) 35hr 5mins

NED (11:00)SGNR (22:30) 35hr 30mins

NED (11:00)AADR (21:45) 34hr 45mins

NED (11:00)JAT (23:30) 36hr 30mins

NED (11:00)SGNR (23:25) 36hr 25mins

GAD (11:15)ASR (08:10) 44hr 55mins

TVC (11:15)NDLS (13:45) 50hr 30mins

NDLS (11:25)TVC (15:15) 51hr 50mins

BE (11:25)LTT (20:00) 32hr 35mins

BE (11:25)INDB (11:05) 23hr 40mins

GWL (11:45)BJU (13:15) 25hr 30mins

DADN (11:50)SVDK (18:25) 30hr 35mins

BLP (11:55)GWL (06:10) 18hr 15mins

DURG (12:00)JAT (21:20) 33hr 20mins

DEE (12:20)CWA (09:50) 21hr 30mins

GWL (13:05)BLP (09:00) 19hr 55mins

ERS (13:15)NZM (13:15) 48hr 0mins

ERS (13:15)NZM (13:15) 34hr 45mins

SGNR (13:25)NED (23:45) 34hr 20mins

BSP (14:00)NDLS (10:55) 20hr 55mins

TVC (14:15)NZM (17:10) 50hr 55mins

CAPE (14:15)SVDK (15:10) 72hr 55mins

NZM (14:15)JBP (07:15) 17hr 0mins

ASR (14:30)NED (23:45) 33hr 15mins

LTT (14:30)NZM (10:40) 20hr 10mins

ATT (14:45)JBP (17:20) 26hr 35mins

SGNR (14:45)NED (23:45) 33hr 0mins

ATT (14:45)JBP (19:50) 29hr 5mins

VSKP (14:50)NZM (04:05) 37hr 15mins

CBE (14:55)NZM (14:15) 47hr 20mins

KKDE (14:55)KURJ (08:00) 17hr 5mins

GWL (15:00)PUNE (20:05) 29hr 5mins

JBP (15:00)NZM (05:15) 14hr 15mins

INDB (15:00)DDN (19:40) 28hr 40mins

VSG (15:00)NZM (06:20) 39hr 20mins

UJN (15:00)DDN (19:40) 28hr 40mins

AADR (15:00)NED (23:45) 32hr 45mins

NZM (15:00)UBL (06:35) 39hr 35mins

HBJ (15:00)NDLS (23:30) 8hr 30mins

NZM (15:00)VSG (06:45) 33hr 0mins

JHS (15:05)NZM (19:30) 4hr 25mins

JBP (15:10)NZM (05:15) 14hr 5mins

NZM (15:20)BSL (15:50) 24hr 30mins

JHS (15:20)NDLS (22:25) 7hr 5mins

NZM (15:20)RIG (19:00) 27hr 40mins

BPL (15:30)GWL (00:15) 8hr 45mins

NZM (15:45)LTT (11:44) 19hr 59mins

NDLS (15:45)BSP (12:00) 20hr 15mins

NZM (15:45)MAS (20:40) 28hr 55mins

NZM (15:55)MAS (20:40) 28hr 45mins

INDB (15:55)ASR (21:05) 29hr 10mins

NZM (15:55)MAS (20:40) 28hr 45mins

TEN (16:00)SVDK (15:10) 71hr 10mins

NZM (16:05)JBP (09:35) 17hr 30mins

ASR (16:10)BSP (12:15) 44hr 5mins

UBL (16:15)NZM (06:20) 38hr 5mins

UBL (16:15)NZM (06:20) 38hr 5mins

LTT (16:25)AGC (13:50) 21hr 25mins

BSB (16:40)GWL (09:05) 16hr 25mins

INDB (16:45)BE (15:55) 23hr 10mins

JHS (16:50)BDTS (18:05) 25hr 15mins

JHS (16:50)BDTS (16:45) 23hr 55mins

JHS (16:50)BDTS (16:45) 23hr 55mins

ADI (16:55)GWL (10:15) 17hr 20mins

BIX (17:00)RTM (10:45) 17hr 45mins

ETW (17:00)KOTA (07:15) 14hr 15mins

MAQ (17:05)SVDK (15:10) 70hr 5mins

RTM (17:10)GWL (07:47) 14hr 37mins

RTM (17:10)BIX (09:50) 16hr 40mins

RTM (17:10)JHS (10:05) 16hr 55mins

PUNE (17:20)JAT (10:15) 40hr 55mins

NZM (17:25)JBP (07:45) 14hr 20mins

NDLS (17:25)HYB (19:35) 26hr 10mins

JHS (17:25)RTM (10:45) 17hr 20mins

NDLS (17:25)HYB (19:35) 26hr 10mins

JBP (17:30)NZM (11:35) 18hr 5mins

YG (17:40)NDLS (04:30) 30hr 20mins

HWH (17:45)GWL (17:15) 23hr 30mins

HWH (17:45)MTJ (20:20) 26hr 35mins

NZM (17:50)JBP (08:20) 14hr 30mins

NGP (17:50)ASR (21:05) 27hr 15mins

NDLS (18:00)MAS (05:00) 30hr 0mins

BIX (18:10)KOTA (09:45) 15hr 35mins

JBP (18:10)NZM (11:40) 17hr 30mins

ALD (18:30)MTJ (06:30) 12hr 0mins

NDLS (18:40)MAS (06:20) 35hr 40mins

BJU (18:40)GWL (21:15) 26hr 35mins

KLK (19:00)SNSI (22:15) 27hr 15mins

ERS (19:00)NZM (17:10) 46hr 10mins

SBC (19:00)NDLS (10:30) 39hr 30mins

JBP (19:10)NZM (09:05) 13hr 55mins

CDG (19:15)INDB (17:35) 22hr 20mins

MAS (19:15)NDLS (06:30) 35hr 15mins

GWL (19:30)RTM (10:45) 15hr 15mins

CSMT (19:35)FZR (05:50) 34hr 15mins

MFP (19:40)ST (17:10) 45hr 30mins

SBC (20:00)NZM (05:55) 33hr 55mins

MTJ (20:00)ALD (08:00) 12hr 0mins

GWL (20:05)ADI (13:40) 17hr 35mins

MYS (20:10)NZM (17:10) 45hr 0mins

NDLS (20:15)VSKP (05:05) 32hr 50mins

NDLS (20:15)VSKP (05:05) 32hr 50mins

GWL (20:45)BSB (10:50) 14hr 5mins

NZM (20:45)SBC (06:40) 33hr 55mins

PURI (20:50)HW (21:15) 48hr 25mins

NZM (20:55)HBJ (07:05) 10hr 10mins

NZM (20:55)HBJ (07:05) 3hr 5mins

OKHA (21:00)GKP (19:25) 46hr 25mins

HBJ (21:05)NZM (08:00) 10hr 55mins

CWA (21:05)GKP (07:05) 34hr 0mins

HBJ (21:05)NZM (08:00) 10hr 55mins

NDLS (21:15)SBC (14:00) 40hr 45mins

BDTS (21:15)JHS (01:40) 28hr 25mins

NDLS (21:30)YG (12:45) 26hr 30mins

FZR (21:40)CSMT (07:45) 34hr 5mins

JAT (21:50)PUNE (15:15) 41hr 25mins

SVDK (21:55)MAS (10:10) 60hr 15mins

SVDK (21:55)JBP (07:25) 33hr 30mins

SVDK (21:55)TEN (18:00) 68hr 5mins

SVDK (21:55)TEN (00:45) 74hr 50mins

YPR (22:00)NZM (09:15) 35hr 15mins

MAS (22:00)NDLS (07:05) 33hr 5mins

VSKP (22:00)NDLS (06:35) 26hr 0mins

VSKP (22:00)NDLS (06:35) 26hr 0mins

UDZ (22:20)KURJ (19:50) 21hr 30mins

KOTA (22:25)BIX (14:40) 16hr 15mins

HYB (22:30)NZM (04:05) 29hr 35mins

NDLS (22:30)MAS (07:10) 32hr 40mins

NZM (23:00)VSKP (13:30) 38hr 30mins

ASR (23:15)INDB (02:35) 27hr 20mins

CSMT (23:30)DHI (07:15) 7hr 45mins

AGC (23:35)LTT (23:00) 23hr 25mins

MDU (23:35)CDG (03:50) 52hr 15mins

KOTA (23:40)ETW (13:30) 13hr 50mins

ASR (23:45)VSKP (23:50) 48hr 5mins

VSKP (23:50)ASR (23:30) 47hr 40mins

The Gwalior Junction GWL is part of the Jhansi Division of the North Central Railways.

Gwalior is one of the major commercial railway stations of the North Central Railway of Indian Railways, which zonal Headquarters is centered in Allahabad. The station has won awards from Indian Railways for clean infrastructure in 1987, 1988, 1989 and 1992. Express trains such as the Gatimaan express, fastest in India, Bhopal Express, Taj Express, Rajdhani Express, Garib Rath Express, Bhopal Shatabdi, H.Nizamuddin Jabalpur MP Sampark kranti Express and about 165 trains (considering both up and down tracks) stop at Gwalior and 12 trains originating from Gwalior.

Gwalior junction is, perhaps, one of the few places where both narrow-gauge and broad-gauge railway tracks are still operational. The Gwalior narrow-gauge track is the narrowest in India.

Gwalior junction is well connected via train services to all parts of the country including 4 metros. There are direct trains to Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Kolkata (Howrah), Chennai, Ujjain, Hyderabad, Thiruvananthapuram, Ernakulam (Kochi), Indore, Ahmedabad, Pune, Jammu, Lucknow, Bhopal, Bangalore, Jaipur, Udaipur, Dehradun, Jamshedpur, Sheopur and other major towns. Gwalior is the main station serving most of the important and long distance trains. There are two other stations within the city limits, named Birla nagar,Sithouli,Rairu located in Gwalior West, Bhadroli,Naugaon,Sandalpur. These stations interconnect to other stations and also serve the short distance trains connecting Gwalior to nearby towns and villages.The world's longest narrow gauge route also originates from Gwalior .

There are other narrow-gauge stations within the city, named Ghosipura, Motijheel, Milwali. Gwalior junction lies on the longest functional broad-gauge line in India between Delhi and Mumbai.

Gwalior Junction is linked with many industrial and important cities of India by direct trains like New Delhi, Vijayawada, Bhopal, Lucknow, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Jammu, Agra, Puri, Bhubaneswar, Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Dehradun, and Thiruvananthpuram.

Gwalior Junction is served by four broad-gauge routes:# To Agra-New Delhi# To Jhansi-Bhopal# To Guna, India-Ujjain# To Gwalior Birlanagar-Bhind- etawah

Gwalior Junction is served by a narrow-gauge route called Gwalior Light Railway. # To Sabalgarh-Sheopur