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GZB Railway Station

Trains from station GHAZIABAD - GZB

BDTS (00:05)MTC (07:30) 32hr 15mins

JSM (00:55)RMR (04:50) 27hr 55mins

JSM (01:25)HWH (16:55) 39hr 30mins

SMI (02:15)ANVT (04:35) 26hr 20mins

JUC (04:10)NDLS (12:55) 8hr 45mins

LKU (04:30)ANVT (10:50) 6hr 20mins

LJN (04:55)ANVT (12:55) 8hr 0mins

BE (04:55)NDLS (10:25) 5hr 30mins

DDN (05:00)NDLS (11:15) 6hr 15mins

KYQ (05:35)ANVT (18:15) 36hr 40mins

UMB (05:40)DLI (11:30) 5hr 50mins

DDN (05:50)UJN (09:05) 27hr 15mins

DDN (05:50)KCVL (15:45) 57hr 55mins

DDN (05:50)OKHA (16:10) 34hr 20mins

DDN (05:50)INDB (06:50) 25hr 0mins

CNB (06:00)NDLS (11:20) 5hr 20mins

LKO (06:00)NDLS (15:05) 9hr 5mins

BSB (06:00)SVDK (13:15) 31hr 15mins

DLI (06:10)TPU (17:00) 10hr 50mins

NDLS (06:10)LJN (12:45) 6hr 35mins

LJN (06:10)NDLS (12:25) 6hr 15mins

NDLS (06:20)KGM (11:40) 5hr 20mins

BE (06:35)BHUJ (09:30) 26hr 55mins

BE (06:35)BHUJ (14:01) 31hr 26mins

DLI (06:35)APDJ (20:10) 37hr 35mins

DLI (06:35)APDJ (20:10) 17hr 25mins

SHC (06:45)NDLS (06:40) 23hr 55mins

HW (06:45)PURI (06:20) 47hr 35mins

NDLS (06:45)HRW (12:33) 5hr 50mins

JYG (07:15)ASR (23:55) 40hr 40mins

JYG (07:15)ASR (23:55) 40hr 40mins

ANVT (07:30)RDP (08:20) 24hr 50mins

DLI (07:30)KTW (14:25) 6hr 55mins

SBP (07:55)JAT (14:10) 54hr 15mins

CDG (07:55)MDU (12:45) 52hr 50mins

RGD (08:00)NDLS (04:45) 20hr 45mins

HWH (08:15)JSM (23:50) 39hr 35mins

NJP (08:15)NDLS (12:00) 27hr 45mins

OKHA (08:30)DDN (19:40) 35hr 10mins

RXL (08:30)ANVT (09:00) 24hr 30mins

HLZ (08:30)ANVT (11:55) 27hr 25mins

KGM (08:45)DLI (15:25) 6hr 40mins

KCVL (08:45)DDN (18:05) 57hr 20mins

MLDT (09:05)NDLS (14:35) 29hr 30mins

MLDT (09:05)ANVT (14:30) 29hr 25mins

APDJ (09:25)DLI (22:40) 37hr 15mins

DBRG (09:55)DBG (19:30) 33hr 35mins

ADI (09:55)MTC (07:05) 21hr 15mins

RMR (10:00)DLI (15:25) 5hr 25mins

KYQ (10:02)ANVT (19:20) 33hr 18mins

TPU (10:30)DLI (21:45) 11hr 15mins

SRE (10:45)MDU (12:45) 50hr 0mins

MAU (10:45)ANVT (03:45) 17hr 0mins

PURI (10:55)ANVT (21:35) 34hr 40mins

CPR (11:15)DLI (11:20) 24hr 5mins

GAD (11:15)ASR (08:10) 44hr 55mins

SHC (11:35)ANVT (11:45) 24hr 10mins

NDLS (11:35)BSB (04:35) 17hr 0mins

ASR (11:55)JYG (01:00) 37hr 5mins

BLP (11:55)GWL (06:10) 18hr 15mins

ASR (11:55)JYG (01:00) 37hr 5mins

NDLS (12:25)LKO (21:30) 9hr 5mins

BHUJ (12:45)BE (20:35) 31hr 50mins

ANVT (12:55)MAU (06:40) 17hr 45mins

BDTS (13:05)HW (15:50) 26hr 45mins

GWL (13:05)BLP (09:00) 19hr 55mins

DLI (13:10)UMB (18:45) 5hr 35mins

NDLS (13:10)RGD (10:30) 21hr 20mins

PYG (13:30)CDG (09:50) 20hr 20mins

BSB (13:45)NDLS (05:40) 15hr 55mins

DLI (14:00)CPR (13:20) 23hr 20mins

JYG (14:00)NDLS (12:30) 22hr 30mins

MDS (14:05)MTC (07:30) 17hr 25mins

ANVT (14:05)LJN (22:25) 8hr 20mins

ANVT (14:15)LKU (20:30) 6hr 15mins

JAT (14:20)TATA (10:20) 44hr 0mins

JAT (14:20)TATA (10:20) 33hr 40mins

SHC (14:30)ANVT (18:15) 9hr 30mins

NDLS (14:45)JUC (23:50) 9hr 5mins

TATA (14:50)JAT (14:10) 47hr 20mins

INDB (15:00)DDN (19:40) 28hr 40mins

UJN (15:00)DDN (19:40) 28hr 40mins

NDLS (15:05)NJP (18:35) 27hr 30mins

ANVT (15:10)SMI (21:00) 29hr 50mins

UMB (15:10)NZM (01:00) 8hr 50mins

NDLS (15:20)DDN (21:10) 5hr 50mins

SLN (15:30)ANVT (04:50) 13hr 20mins

KTW (15:30)DLI (22:20) 6hr 50mins

LJN (15:35)NDLS (22:15) 6hr 40mins

KGM (15:35)NDLS (20:50) 5hr 15mins

NDLS (15:35)LJN (22:05) 6hr 30mins

BL (15:40)HW (16:15) 24hr 35mins

NDLS (15:50)CNB (20:45) 4hr 55mins

INDB (15:55)ASR (21:05) 29hr 10mins

REWA (16:00)ANVT (06:40) 14hr 40mins

DLI (16:00)RMR (20:55) 4hr 55mins

GCT (16:00)ANVT (07:15) 15hr 15mins

ASR (16:10)BSP (12:15) 44hr 5mins

DLI (16:10)JAT (05:25) 13hr 15mins

BGKT (16:10)KYQ (23:05) 54hr 55mins

ANVT (16:25)RXL (22:00) 29hr 35mins

ANVT (16:25)RXL (22:10) 29hr 45mins

ANVT (16:25)RXL (22:10) 29hr 45mins

AMH (16:25)DLI (07:10) 14hr 45mins

ANVT (16:25)SLN (06:10) 13hr 45mins

NDLS (16:35)BE (21:50) 5hr 15mins

CDG (16:40)PYG (11:25) 18hr 45mins

PBH (17:00)DLI (06:30) 13hr 30mins

BHUJ (17:05)BE (20:35) 27hr 30mins

ANVT (17:10)GKP (07:30) 14hr 20mins

ANVT (17:10)MLDT (23:50) 30hr 40mins

ANVT (17:10)SHC (19:00) 25hr 50mins

HRW (17:11)NDLS (22:50) 5hr 39mins

BE (17:15)DLI (03:30) 10hr 15mins

KYQ (17:15)BGKT (22:15) 53hr 0mins

GCT (17:20)ANVT (08:00) 14hr 40mins

FD (17:25)DLI (04:30) 11hr 5mins

ANVT (17:25)RXL (17:40) 24hr 15mins

CNB (17:25)BNW (09:25) 16hr 0mins

DLI (17:35)RKSH (04:45) 6hr 25mins

KOTA (17:55)HRW (05:07) 11hr 13mins

NDLS (18:00)MLDT (23:50) 29hr 50mins

ANVT (18:15)SDAH (10:55) 40hr 40mins

DLI (18:25)FD (07:20) 12hr 55mins

HW (18:30)BDTS (22:00) 27hr 30mins

HW (18:30)BL (18:20) 23hr 50mins

BNW (18:35)CNB (11:35) 17hr 0mins

NDLS (18:35)BSB (08:25) 13hr 50mins

ANVT (18:45)GCT (09:30) 14hr 45mins

BSB (18:55)NDLS (08:20) 13hr 25mins

LKO (19:05)ANVT (05:15) 10hr 10mins

MTC (19:10)BDTS (04:20) 33hr 10mins

ANVT (19:10)GCT (09:35) 14hr 25mins

ANVT (19:10)HLZ (20:30) 25hr 20mins

MTC (19:10)MDS (13:40) 18hr 30mins

DLI (19:10)AMH (09:30) 14hr 20mins

MLDT (19:10)DLI (04:50) 33hr 40mins

MLDT (19:10)DLI (04:50) 33hr 40mins

ANVT (19:10)GAYA (10:00) 14hr 50mins

GAYA (19:30)ANVT (11:55) 16hr 25mins

HWH (19:40)KLK (04:35) 32hr 55mins

LGH (19:50)DBRG (15:55) 68hr 5mins

DLI (19:50)PBH (08:20) 12hr 30mins

NDLS (19:50)SHC (20:30) 24hr 40mins

MTC (19:55)ADI (17:10) 21hr 15mins

RDP (20:00)ANVT (21:00) 25hr 0mins

JBN (20:00)ANVT (21:00) 25hr 0mins

KGM (20:35)JSM (23:25) 26hr 50mins

PURI (20:50)HW (21:15) 48hr 25mins

GKP (20:55)ANVT (10:50) 13hr 55mins

ANVT (21:05)LKO (08:10) 11hr 5mins

CWA (21:05)GKP (07:05) 34hr 0mins

BMKI (21:10)ANVT (18:15) 21hr 5mins

JAT (21:10)DLI (10:55) 13hr 45mins

SDAH (21:15)ANVT (11:05) 37hr 50mins

ANVT (21:15)REWA (11:10) 13hr 55mins

DDN (21:20)DLI (07:25) 10hr 5mins

NDLS (21:20)ALD (07:15) 9hr 55mins

MMCT (21:25)ASR (05:30) 32hr 5mins

ASR (21:25)MMCT (05:05) 31hr 40mins

ALD (21:30)NDLS (07:00) 9hr 30mins

DLI (21:40)MLDT (07:05) 33hr 25mins

DLI (21:40)MLDT (07:05) 33hr 25mins

PURI (21:45)NDLS (04:20) 30hr 35mins

LJN (22:00)NDLS (06:50) 8hr 50mins

RMR (22:00)JSM (23:25) 25hr 25mins

NDLS (22:05)LJN (06:55) 8hr 50mins

DLI (22:25)KTW (06:25) 8hr 0mins

MB (22:25)DLI (03:30) 5hr 5mins

MUV (22:30)NDLS (12:15) 13hr 45mins

KTW (22:30)DLI (07:25) 8hr 55mins

NDLS (22:35)MUV (11:10) 12hr 35mins

KIR (22:45)ASR (12:45) 38hr 0mins

RXL (22:50)ANVT (04:50) 30hr 0mins

SSB (22:50)GZB (00:15) 1hr 10mins

ANVT (23:00)SVDK (14:00) 15hr 0mins

HRW (23:04)KOTA (10:35) 11hr 31mins

ASR (23:15)INDB (02:35) 27hr 20mins

PWL (23:15)GZB (01:55) 0hr 45mins

DBRG (23:25)DLI (06:05) 54hr 40mins

NDLS (23:25)LKO (07:30) 8hr 5mins

DBRG (23:25)DLI (06:05) 54hr 40mins

LKO (23:30)NDLS (07:30) 8hr 0mins

SVDK (23:30)BSB (03:05) 27hr 35mins

SVDK (23:30)ANVT (14:20) 14hr 50mins

MDU (23:35)CDG (03:50) 52hr 15mins

RXL (23:40)ANVT (04:50) 29hr 10mins

RXL (23:40)ANVT (04:50) 29hr 10mins

ANVT (23:45)BMKI (20:00) 20hr 15mins

ANVT (23:45)KYQ (15:25) 39hr 40mins

ANVT (23:45)SHC (03:05) 24hr 15mins

DLI (23:50)BE (09:40) 9hr 50mins

DLI (23:50)MB (04:35) 6hr 0mins

KLK (23:55)HWH (08:05) 32hr 10mins

Through trains started running on the East Indian Railway Company’s Howrah-Delhi line in 1866.

The railway line between Meerut and Delhi was constructed in 1864.

The Sind, Punjab and Delhi railway completed the Amritsar-Ambala-Saharanpur-Ghaziabad line in 1870 connecting Multan Cantonment railway station (now in Pakistan) with Delhi.

The Ghaziabad-Moradabad link was established by Oudh and Rohilkhand Railway in 1900.

The Tundla-Aligarh-Ghaziabad sector was electrified in 1975-76, and the Ghaziabad-Nizamuddin-New Delhi-Delhi sector in 1976-77,

The Ghaziabad-Moradabad line was completely electrified in January 2016. The Ghaziabad-Meerut-Muzaffarnagar-Saharanpur-Roorkee-Haridwar line is also open to electric trains with effect from March 2016.

Local electric trains are available regularly from Ghaziabad for stations in the National Capital Region (India). Distance: New Delhi railway station (26 km), Old Delhi railway station (20 km), Hazrat Nizamuddin railway station (23 km), Anand Vihar (13 km).

Local trains which run on a reguler interwell are EMUs, MEMUs, Passengers. Local trains start in the early morning and run till midnight.

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The Ghaziabad electric locomotive shed serves the Delhi area. It houses and maintains India's fastest locomotives which are mostly used in the Rajdhani Express, the Shatabdi Express and the Duronto Express Expresses. It stores Indian locomotive class WAP-5 & Indian locomotive class WAP-7 locomotives.