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HBD Railway Station

Trains from station HOSHANGABAD - HBD

BDTS (00:15)JBP (21:40) 21hr 25mins

BGKT (01:15)BSP (12:45) 35hr 30mins

RIG (03:30)NZM (07:30) 28hr 0mins

HBJ (05:10)ADTL (11:15) 6hr 5mins

LTT (05:10)MAU (09:50) 28hr 40mins

JBP (05:30)HBJ (11:00) 5hr 30mins

JBP (05:30)HBJ (11:00) 5hr 30mins

NZM (05:50)VSKP (17:30) 35hr 40mins

BSL (06:00)NZM (07:30) 25hr 30mins

JBP (06:00)ATT (11:45) 29hr 45mins

LJN (06:30)PUNE (11:05) 28hr 35mins

HBJ (07:20)PURI (10:00) 16hr 40mins

GKP (08:00)CSMT (12:20) 28hr 20mins

VSKP (08:20)NZM (17:10) 32hr 50mins

ASR (08:30)CSTM (04:05) 43hr 35mins

KYN (09:00)NZM (17:40) 15hr 0mins

SMNH (09:30)JBP (14:20) 28hr 50mins

CWA (10:15)DEE (06:15) 20hr 0mins

BSP (10:40)INDB (10:50) 24hr 10mins

MYS (10:40)JP (06:15) 43hr 35mins

GAD (11:15)ASR (08:10) 44hr 55mins

JBP (11:40)SMNH (17:45) 30hr 5mins

DEE (12:20)CWA (09:50) 21hr 30mins

LTT (12:40)BSB (19:25) 30hr 45mins

INDB (13:00)CWA (04:30) 15hr 30mins

AGTL (14:00)HBJ (17:00) 51hr 0mins

CSMT (14:10)GKP (20:00) 29hr 50mins

NZM (14:15)JBP (07:15) 17hr 0mins

JBP (14:30)BDTS (12:45) 22hr 15mins

ATT (14:45)JBP (19:50) 29hr 5mins

VSKP (14:50)NZM (04:05) 37hr 15mins

PURI (15:00)HBJ (15:25) 9hr 0mins

PUNE (15:15)HBJ (04:45) 13hr 30mins

NZM (15:20)BSL (15:50) 24hr 30mins

NZM (15:20)RIG (19:00) 27hr 40mins

BPL (15:40)DURG (07:55) 16hr 15mins

ADTL (15:50)HBJ (21:55) 6hr 5mins

BSB (15:50)LTT (22:50) 31hr 0mins

BSB (15:50)LTT (22:50) 31hr 0mins

ASR (16:10)BSP (12:15) 44hr 5mins

LTT (16:25)HBJ (05:20) 12hr 55mins

HBJ (17:00)DWR (19:30) 26hr 30mins

INDB (17:15)BSP (17:15) 24hr 0mins

PUNE (17:20)JAT (10:15) 40hr 55mins

HBJ (17:25)PUNE (09:20) 15hr 55mins

JBP (17:30)NZM (11:35) 18hr 5mins

HBJ (17:30)AGTL (21:30) 52hr 0mins

HBJ (17:40)JBP (22:55) 5hr 15mins

ET (18:10)JHS (09:10) 5hr 50mins

JHS (18:10)ET (11:20) 5hr 50mins

DURG (18:20)BPL (10:30) 16hr 10mins

HBJ (18:20)LTT (07:30) 13hr 10mins

BSP (18:25)BGKT (05:00) 34hr 35mins

NDLS (18:40)MAS (06:20) 35hr 40mins

INDB (18:40)JBP (04:40) 10hr 0mins

GKP (19:00)LTT (04:20) 33hr 20mins

MAS (19:15)NDLS (06:30) 35hr 15mins

MAU (19:25)LTT (05:00) 28hr 35mins

JP (19:35)MYS (15:45) 44hr 10mins

CSMT (19:35)FZR (05:50) 34hr 15mins

HWH (21:00)BPL (07:00) 27hr 0mins

CWA (21:05)GKP (07:05) 34hr 0mins

FZR (21:40)CSMT (07:45) 34hr 5mins

JAT (21:50)PUNE (15:15) 41hr 25mins

PUNE (22:00)LJN (02:30) 28hr 30mins

HYB (22:30)NZM (04:05) 29hr 35mins

LTT (22:45)GKP (07:05) 32hr 20mins

DWR (22:50)HBJ (04:20) 29hr 30mins

NZM (23:00)VSKP (13:30) 38hr 30mins

CSMT (23:30)DHI (07:15) 7hr 45mins

JBP (23:50)INDB (09:55) 10hr 5mins

It is located at 309 m above sea level and has two platforms. As of 2016, an electrified double Indian gauge railway line exists and at this station, 54 trains stop. Bhopal Airport is at distance of 75 kilometers.