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JTI Railway Station

Trains from station JAITHARI - JTI

HW (06:45)PURI (06:20) 47hr 35mins

BPL (08:00)CHRM (07:30) 23hr 30mins

BSP (10:40)INDB (10:50) 24hr 10mins

INDB (17:15)BSP (17:15) 24hr 0mins

BSP (18:40)REWA (05:55) 11hr 15mins

BSP (20:35)BPL (18:15) 21hr 40mins

PURI (20:50)HW (21:15) 48hr 25mins

CHRM (20:50)BPL (18:15) 21hr 25mins

CHRM (20:50)DURG (09:10) 12hr 20mins

DURG (21:00)CHRM (07:30) 10hr 30mins

ABKP (21:30)DURG (09:10) 11hr 40mins

REWA (22:05)BSP (09:45) 11hr 40mins

BSP (23:00)CHRM (07:30) 8hr 30mins

"Jaithari" is a town and a tehsil in Anuppur district in the Indian States and territories of India of Madhya Pradesh.

Jaithari is located at . second largest tahsil of Anuppur district total villages 108 village '

, the total population of Jaithari was 8,9000, with 4,1480 male and 3,7520 female residents.

Jaithari can be accessed by Jaithari Railway Station, which is part of the South East Central Railway zone.

Guwari, Murra Tola, Dhangwan, Chandpur are four main villages of Jaithari tehsil. The Son River river flows through the tehsil and it is well known for the Jaithari Thermal Power Project (Moserbaer power plant) which opened in 2014.

The market of Jaithari town is famous for mangoes and tomatoes. Guwari is the main village of Jaithari town.