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DDR Railway Station

Trains from station MUMBAI DADAR - DDR

DDR (00:05)BHUJ (17:55) 17hr 50mins

FZR (05:00)MMCT (19:40) 38hr 40mins

MMCT (05:45)ADI (14:40) 8hr 55mins

ADI (07:00)MMCT (15:55) 8hr 55mins

MMCT (07:25)FZR (22:15) 38hr 50mins

MMCT (08:20)PBR (05:30) 21hr 10mins

BSL (08:45)MMCT (04:35) 19hr 50mins

MMCT (12:15)ADI (04:00) 15hr 45mins

ADI (12:40)MMCT (04:35) 15hr 55mins

OKHA (13:10)MMCT (07:10) 18hr 0mins

VRL (13:20)MMCT (07:10) 17hr 50mins

BKN (13:40)DDR (12:00) 22hr 20mins

DDR (14:35)BKN (13:10) 22hr 35mins

DDR (14:35)AII (08:15) 17hr 40mins

DDR (15:00)BHUJ (07:00) 16hr 0mins

BHUJ (18:30)DDR (12:00) 17hr 30mins

AII (19:20)DDR (12:40) 17hr 20mins

PBR (21:05)MMCT (19:15) 22hr 10mins

ASR (21:25)MMCT (05:05) 31hr 40mins

MMCT (21:35)VRL (15:35) 18hr 0mins

ADI (22:00)MMCT (06:25) 8hr 25mins

MMCT (22:05)ADI (06:35) 8hr 30mins

BHUJ (22:25)DDR (13:45) 15hr 20mins

BRC (22:30)MMCT (04:45) 6hr 15mins

MMCT (22:40)NDB (12:15) 13hr 35mins

"Dadar railway station" (station code: "D" (Western)/"DR" (Central), "DDR" (Indian Railways)) is one of the major railway stations in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It serves the Dadar area of Mumbai city. The station consists of eight platforms. It is one of the most important and busiest railway stations in Mumbai.

Dadar station lies on both the Western line (Mumbai Suburban Railway), and the Central line (Mumbai Suburban Railway) as "Dadar (Central)", connected by multiple walkways and bridges. Dadar is also a terminal for Indian Railways, as well as the Mumbai Suburban Railway.

The Dadar Western railway station and Central Line terminals are connected by a walkway and foot over bridge.

The station's location on two rail lines viz., Western Railway Zone (India) and Central Railway zone makes it a transit point for passengers.

On the Central Railway side, Dadar station caters to both Central Railway Suburban trains and outstation trains. There is a separate terminus for outstation trains which terminate at Dadar on the Central side called Dadar Terminus.

In October 2012, CR announced plans to cease long distance train services terminating at Dadar within 5-6 years. The load would be transferred to Lokmanya Tilak Terminus (LTT) by upgrading the number of platforms at LTT from five to 12. As of now, Dadar station receives more than 500,000 visitors daily.