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NU Railway Station

Trains from station NARSINGHPUR - NU

CSMT (00:10)BSB (04:40) 28hr 30mins

BDTS (00:15)JBP (21:40) 21hr 25mins

JYG (01:35)UDN (13:00) 22hr 25mins

MUV (04:10)PUNE (08:05) 27hr 55mins

HBJ (05:10)ADTL (11:15) 6hr 5mins

LTT (05:23)RBL (08:30) 27hr 7mins

GKP (05:30)KOP (13:05) 55hr 35mins

JBP (05:30)HBJ (11:00) 5hr 30mins

JBP (06:00)ATT (11:45) 29hr 45mins

LTT (06:35)GKP (19:10) 36hr 35mins

JBP (06:45)YPR (13:30) 30hr 45mins

JBP (07:15)TEN (04:45) 45hr 30mins

NGP (07:20)REWA (19:50) 12hr 30mins

MYS (07:20)DBG (14:35) 55hr 15mins

MYS (07:20)BSB (12:00) 52hr 40mins

HBJ (07:20)PURI (10:00) 16hr 40mins

JBP (07:45)PUNE (04:05) 20hr 20mins

PUNE (07:45)JBP (05:00) 21hr 15mins

SBC (09:00)DNR (09:05) 48hr 5mins

SMNH (09:30)JBP (14:20) 28hr 50mins

BSL (09:30)KTE (03:25) 14hr 30mins

UDN (09:45)JYG (22:40) 14hr 15mins

BSP (10:40)INDB (10:50) 24hr 10mins

JBP (11:00)CBE (02:50) 39hr 50mins

BSB (11:20)CSTM (14:15) 26hr 55mins

JBP (11:40)SMNH (17:45) 30hr 5mins

LTT (12:15)DBG (01:10) 36hr 55mins

ET (12:20)ACOI (09:40) 11hr 40mins

DBG (13:05)LTT (03:40) 38hr 35mins

GKP (13:05)LTT (23:00) 33hr 55mins

CSMT (13:30)JBP (05:45) 16hr 15mins

RJT (13:30)REWA (16:45) 27hr 15mins

AGTL (14:00)HBJ (17:00) 51hr 0mins

NZM (14:15)JBP (07:15) 17hr 0mins

JBP (14:30)BDTS (12:45) 22hr 15mins

ATT (14:45)JBP (19:50) 29hr 5mins

ADI (14:55)ALD (16:50) 25hr 55mins

PURI (15:00)HBJ (15:25) 9hr 0mins

KOP (15:30)GKP (19:10) 51hr 40mins

FD (15:35)LTT (21:30) 29hr 55mins

BPL (15:40)DURG (07:55) 16hr 15mins

DBG (15:45)MYS (23:40) 55hr 55mins

LTT (15:50)RNC (07:25) 39hr 35mins

ADTL (15:50)HBJ (21:55) 6hr 5mins

YPR (15:50)JBP (22:30) 30hr 40mins

LTT (15:50)GKP (02:05) 34hr 15mins

TEN (16:00)JBP (15:50) 47hr 50mins

PUNE (16:15)MUV (19:20) 27hr 5mins

PUNE (16:15)DBG (06:50) 38hr 35mins

RBL (16:15)LTT (21:30) 29hr 15mins

ET (16:20)BPL (09:30) 17hr 10mins

BDTS (16:35)PNBE (02:05) 33hr 30mins

DBG (16:45)PUNE (08:05) 39hr 20mins

INDB (17:15)BSP (17:15) 24hr 0mins

JBP (17:30)NZM (11:35) 18hr 5mins

HBJ (17:30)AGTL (21:30) 52hr 0mins

HBJ (17:40)JBP (22:55) 5hr 15mins

KTE (17:40)ET (00:40) 6hr 20mins

AMI (17:45)JBP (06:55) 13hr 10mins

UBL (17:50)BSB (12:00) 42hr 10mins

DURG (18:20)BPL (10:30) 16hr 10mins

LKO (18:30)YPR (13:30) 43hr 0mins

BPL (18:30)ET (12:30) 18hr 0mins

REWA (18:30)RJT (22:55) 28hr 25mins

REWA (18:30)BRC (16:10) 21hr 40mins

INDB (18:40)JBP (04:40) 10hr 0mins

CBE (19:00)JBP (10:20) 39hr 20mins

ACOI (19:20)ET (15:30) 4hr 40mins

JBP (19:45)CSMT (12:20) 16hr 35mins

BRC (20:00)REWA (16:45) 20hr 45mins

DNR (20:10)SBC (20:20) 48hr 10mins

JBP (20:50)AMI (09:50) 13hr 0mins

REWA (20:50)NGP (10:55) 14hr 5mins

ALD (21:00)ADI (00:05) 27hr 5mins

BSB (21:05)MYS (02:35) 53hr 30mins

RNC (21:05)LTT (12:05) 39hr 0mins

BSB (21:05)UBL (13:00) 39hr 55mins

CSMT (21:30)HWH (12:00) 38hr 30mins

HWH (21:55)CSMT (11:25) 37hr 30mins

LTT (22:15)PNBE (10:00) 35hr 55mins

KTE (22:20)BSL (17:00) 1hr 40mins

PNBE (23:10)BDTS (07:35) 32hr 25mins

YPR (23:40)LKO (18:40) 43hr 0mins

JBP (23:50)INDB (09:55) 10hr 5mins

PNBE (23:55)LTT (11:30) 35hr 35mins

"Narsinghpur" is a city in Madhya Pradesh in central India. It comes under Jabalpur division.

Narsinghpur has a large temple dedicated to Narasimha, constructed by Jat Sardars in the 18th century. The Khirwar clan of Jats came from Brij and founded Narsinghpur, where they ruled for many years. Khirwars of Narsinghpur were followers of Narasimha, and so constructed two temples dedicated to Narasimha Avatar.

As of 2001, Narsinghpur is the most literate district of the state.

In 18 century the ruler of Narsinghpur Thakur ji was killed by British rulers and the fort of narsinghpur was totally destroyed. There are a number of sites of interest to archaeologists in the area, as the area has been inhabited since the second century AD, according to historical documents from that time. Narsinghpur has a number of sacred sites, including a nearby cave associated with Adi Guru Shankracharya's place of meditations and studies.

This area was under the rule of Satvahans from the second to fourth centuries AD, after which time it was under the Gupts when Samudra Gupt extended the borders of his kingdom. There is some historical evidence for Padi rule. There is no record of this area until the 9th century, when the Kalchuri kingdom was established. The Kalchuri capital was near the Narmada river, later established at Tripuri. It has an average elevation of . which is produced in large quantity and a major source of income. Narsinghpur is the largest producer of soybeans in the Madhya Pradesh. Soybean is used for oil extraction, and sugarcane for sugar and Jaggery. Narsinghpur alone contributes about 80% of sugarcane production of MP.

Apparently Kareli, Madhya Pradesh(tehsil) is biggest gud mandi of India. Sugar industry has seen a significant progress in the last decade. Narsimhapur had a population of 46,120. Males constituted 52% of the population and females 48%. Narsimhapur has had an average literacy rate of 77%, higher than the national average of 59.5%: male literacy is 82%, and female literacy is 72%. In Narsimhapur, 12% of the population is under 6 years of age.

The climate is generally pleasant except in summer. Waves move slowly except during the south-west monsoon. The district's usual minimum temperature rests around , and the maximum temperature rises up to . May is the hottest month of the year. It is very excessively hot during summer, and in the end of this season dust storms come. When the monsoon arrives, the hygrometer mercury goes very low. The district's 90% rainfall is observed during monsoon months only; i.e., June to September. The average rainfall is of 60 days per year, and measures approximately . During December-January it is cold, and the average temperature during day time is around and at night. Sometimes cold waves also occur, and heavy fog is also observed.

"Narsimha Mandir "

During the 18th century this temple was constructed by Jat Sardars and plane statue of Lord Narsimha, as a human avatar of Lord Vishnu having a lion's head. This is situated at District H.Q. This temple got its importance as the district's nomenclature hails from here only. There is a lake behind the Temple. But that lake is not clean, Government is working on it. Few years later from now it will be a Tourism point.

"Bramhan Ghat"

01. 487771 Salichoka

02. 487441 Sihora (Narsinghpur)

03. 487770 Chichli

04. 487221 Kareli

05. 487001 Narsinghpur

06. 487330 Barman

07.487118 Gotegaon

08. 487225 Amgaon Bada

09. 487661 Sainkheda (Narsinghpur)

10. 487555 Kaudia

11. 487881 Sali Choka Road

12. 487110 Singhpur (Narsinghpur)

13. 487337 Sagoni Tendukheda

14. 487551 Jawaharganj Gadarwara

15. 487114 Karakbel

16. 487334 Dobhi