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NK Railway Station

Trains from station NASHIK ROAD - NK

CSMT (00:10)BSB (04:40) 28hr 30mins

CSMT (00:10)BSB (04:40) 23hr 50mins

LTT (00:15)BBS (07:10) 30hr 55mins

LTT (00:15)VSKP (05:25) 29hr 10mins

LTT (00:15)HTE (04:00) 27hr 45mins

LTT (00:35)MUV (04:25) 27hr 50mins

LTT (01:10)GKP (07:45) 22hr 50mins

PBH (01:50)LTT (06:00) 28hr 10mins

J (04:45)DR (12:30) 7hr 45mins

LTT (05:10)PNBE (11:20) 30hr 10mins

LTT (05:10)MAU (09:50) 28hr 40mins

CPR (05:15)LTT (16:15) 35hr 0mins

AMH (05:20)LTT (12:05) 30hr 45mins

LTT (05:23)RBL (08:30) 27hr 7mins

LTT (05:23)BSB (07:10) 25hr 47mins

LTT (05:23)ALD (08:50) 27hr 27mins

MMR (05:25)CSMT (10:07) 4hr 42mins

GKP (05:30)KOP (13:05) 55hr 35mins

GKP (05:30)PNVL (16:20) 34hr 50mins

GKP (05:30)LTT (16:00) 34hr 30mins

CSMT (06:00)HWH (12:30) 30hr 30mins

NGP (06:00)CSMT (05:35) 23hr 35mins

MMR (06:02)CSMT (10:45) 4hr 43mins

CSMT (06:15)NED (18:00) 11hr 45mins

GKP (06:20)LTT (16:15) 33hr 55mins

LTT (06:35)GKP (19:10) 36hr 35mins

BBS (07:10)LTT (13:35) 30hr 25mins

LTT (07:50)KYQ (04:25) 44hr 35mins

LTT (07:55)HW (12:55) 29hr 0mins

GKP (08:00)CSMT (12:20) 28hr 20mins

BSB (08:00)LTT (14:00) 30hr 0mins

LTT (08:05)GHY (13:00) 52hr 55mins

LTT (08:05)GHY (12:00) 51hr 55mins

LTT (08:05)BE (15:55) 31hr 50mins

LTT (08:05)BGP (18:30) 34hr 25mins

LTT (08:05)GHY (12:00) 51hr 55mins

CSMT (08:25)LJN (08:40) 24hr 15mins

CSMT (08:25)LJN (08:40) 15hr 35mins

ASR (08:30)CSTM (04:05) 43hr 35mins

MMR (08:35)LTT (13:00) 4hr 25mins

BGP (09:00)LTT (20:00) 35hr 0mins

VSKP (09:00)LTT (13:35) 28hr 35mins

KYN (09:00)NZM (17:40) 15hr 0mins

NZM (09:15)ERS (10:40) 49hr 25mins

NZM (09:15)ERS (10:40) 49hr 25mins

SNSI (09:20)DR (15:10) 5hr 50mins

HTE (09:40)LTT (13:43) 28hr 3mins

MUV (09:50)LTT (12:25) 26hr 35mins

NED (10:05)CSMT (21:50) 11hr 45mins

PPTA (10:45)LTT (15:15) 28hr 30mins

PPTA (10:45)LTT (15:15) 13hr 15mins

LTT (10:55)CPR (21:05) 34hr 10mins

LTT (10:55)GKP (20:20) 33hr 25mins

CSMT (11:05)HWH (19:30) 32hr 25mins

BSB (11:20)CSTM (14:15) 26hr 55mins

BSB (11:20)CSTM (14:15) 26hr 55mins

BE (11:25)LTT (20:00) 32hr 35mins

LTT (11:30)KZJ (15:00) 27hr 30mins

LTT (11:30)KZJ (06:45) 19hr 15mins

LTT (12:15)DBG (01:10) 36hr 55mins

LTT (12:15)DBG (01:10) 36hr 55mins

LTT (12:40)BSB (19:25) 30hr 45mins

CNB (13:00)CSMT (15:20) 26hr 20mins

KRMI (13:00)NGP (14:30) 25hr 30mins

DBG (13:05)LTT (03:40) 38hr 35mins

GKP (13:05)LTT (23:00) 33hr 55mins

DBG (13:05)LTT (03:40) 38hr 35mins

ERS (13:15)NZM (13:15) 48hr 0mins

ERS (13:15)NZM (13:15) 34hr 45mins

SC (13:25)CSMT (07:10) 17hr 45mins

CSMT (13:30)JBP (05:45) 16hr 15mins

CSMT (13:30)ASN (02:00) 34hr 30mins

HWH (13:40)CSMT (21:20) 31hr 40mins

LTT (13:40)FD (17:50) 28hr 10mins

LTT (13:40)LKO (13:45) 24hr 5mins

PNBE (14:00)VSG (08:55) 42hr 55mins

DR (14:00)J (21:30) 7hr 30mins

CSMT (14:10)GKP (20:00) 29hr 50mins

LTT (14:30)NZM (10:40) 20hr 10mins

CSMT (14:30)NGP (05:40) 9hr 30mins

HWH (14:35)CSMT (23:25) 32hr 50mins

G (14:40)CSMT (07:00) 16hr 20mins

SUR (14:50)SRC (06:10) 33hr 10mins

CSMT (14:55)BPQ (09:45) 18hr 50mins

LTT (14:55)MMR (19:25) 4hr 30mins

SHM (15:00)LTT (04:50) 37hr 50mins

GHY (15:00)LTT (20:00) 53hr 0mins

NGP (15:30)CSMT (06:15) 14hr 45mins

CSMT (15:30)CPR (04:40) 32hr 30mins

CSMT (15:30)BSB (18:30) 8hr 30mins

FD (15:35)LTT (21:30) 29hr 55mins

RXL (15:40)LTT (06:00) 32hr 20mins

NZM (15:45)LTT (11:44) 19hr 59mins

LTT (15:50)RNC (07:25) 39hr 35mins

LTT (15:50)GKP (01:30) 33hr 40mins

BSB (15:50)LTT (22:50) 31hr 0mins

LTT (15:50)GKP (02:05) 34hr 15mins

LTT (15:50)RXL (07:50) 32hr 10mins

BSB (15:50)LTT (22:50) 31hr 0mins

NGP (16:00)NK (04:00) 8hr 0mins

LKO (16:10)LTT (17:30) 25hr 20mins

CSMT (16:10)NZM (10:05) 17hr 55mins

AJNI (16:15)LTT (13:45) 21hr 30mins

RBL (16:15)LTT (21:30) 29hr 15mins

LTT (16:25)AGC (13:50) 21hr 25mins

LTT (16:25)PBH (19:05) 26hr 40mins

LTT (16:25)LJN (15:10) 22hr 45mins

CSMT (16:35)NGP (16:15) 23hr 40mins

LTT (16:40)SLN (20:00) 27hr 20mins

LTT (16:40)AMH (02:10) 33hr 30mins

LTT (16:40)AJNI (14:15) 21hr 35mins

LTT (16:40)KRMR (13:40) 21hr 0mins

CSMT (16:40)CNB (20:30) 27hr 50mins

GHY (16:55)LTT (20:00) 51hr 5mins

GHY (16:55)LTT (20:00) 51hr 5mins

SBC (17:00)DEC (02:30) 55hr 0mins

NZM (17:15)CSMT (11:50) 18hr 35mins

BPQ (17:15)CSMT (11:40) 18hr 25mins

CSMT (17:15)HWH (00:15) 30hr 45mins

KZJ (17:35)LTT (23:15) 29hr 40mins

PNVL (17:50)GKP (04:30) 34hr 40mins

CSMT (18:15)MMR (22:50) 4hr 35mins

KZJ (18:25)LTT (13:45) 19hr 20mins

ALD (18:30)LTT (21:30) 27hr 0mins

HW (18:30)LTT (23:45) 29hr 15mins

CSMT (18:45)MMR (23:25) 4hr 40mins

CSMT (18:45)NED (07:20) 12hr 35mins

KRMR (18:50)LTT (13:45) 18hr 55mins

GKP (19:00)LTT (04:20) 33hr 20mins

CSMT (19:05)G (11:20) 16hr 15mins

VSG (19:05)PNBE (12:10) 41hr 5mins

AMI (19:05)CSMT (06:45) 11hr 40mins

DHI (19:20)CSMT (04:05) 8hr 45mins

LJN (19:20)CSMT (20:15) 24hr 55mins

MAU (19:25)LTT (05:00) 28hr 35mins

CSMT (19:35)FZR (05:50) 34hr 15mins

JBP (19:45)CSMT (12:20) 16hr 35mins

LJN (19:45)CSTM (20:15) 24hr 30mins

CSMT (19:55)AMI (08:05) 12hr 10mins

HWH (20:00)CSMT (05:20) 33hr 20mins

HWH (20:00)CSMT (05:20) 28hr 0mins

BSB (20:20)LTT (21:30) 25hr 10mins

LTT (20:35)PURI (07:50) 35hr 15mins

CSMT (20:35)HWH (05:50) 33hr 15mins

LTT (20:35)HWH (08:25) 35hr 50mins

CSMT (20:35)HWH (05:50) 27hr 25mins

NGP (20:50)CSMT (11:40) 14hr 50mins

KYQ (21:00)LTT (17:30) 44hr 30mins

PNBE (21:00)LTT (04:10) 31hr 10mins

NGP (21:00)CSMT (12:10) 3hr 0mins

RNC (21:05)LTT (12:05) 39hr 0mins

CSMT (21:10)SC (14:30) 17hr 20mins

HWH (21:15)LTT (07:30) 34hr 15mins

CPR (21:15)CSMT (06:15) 26hr 45mins

PURI (21:25)LTT (07:30) 34hr 5mins

CSMT (21:30)HWH (12:00) 38hr 30mins

FZR (21:40)CSMT (07:45) 34hr 5mins

DR (21:45)SNSI (03:45) 6hr 0mins

DR (21:45)SNSI (03:45) 6hr 0mins

SHM (21:45)CSMT (09:25) 26hr 15mins

HWH (21:55)CSMT (11:25) 37hr 30mins

LTT (22:00)SHM (12:20) 38hr 20mins

NED (22:00)CSMT (10:07) 12hr 7mins

LTT (22:15)PNBE (10:00) 35hr 55mins

LTT (22:15)PNBE (10:00) 25hr 45mins

SNSI (22:25)DR (04:30) 6hr 5mins

LJN (22:45)LTT (23:00) 24hr 15mins

LTT (22:45)GKP (07:05) 32hr 20mins

LTT (23:05)BSB (06:15) 24hr 55mins

CSMT (23:30)DHI (07:15) 7hr 45mins

LTT (23:35)PPTA (04:45) 29hr 10mins

AGC (23:35)LTT (23:00) 23hr 25mins

LTT (23:35)PPTA (04:45) 29hr 10mins

SLN (23:55)LTT (04:10) 28hr 15mins

PNBE (23:55)LTT (11:30) 35hr 35mins

FD (23:55)LTT (05:00) 29hr 5mins

PNBE (23:55)LTT (11:30) 24hr 5mins

CSMT (23:55)SHM (11:35) 24hr 5mins

"Nashik Road" (sometimes referred to as "Nasik Road") is a suburb of Nashik that contains the city's Nasik Road railway station. The name 'Nashik Road' was originally used for the town surrounding the Train station (about 8 km

5 miles southwest from the heart of Nashik city) and parts of the adjoining Deolali village, but has been administratively merged with the Nashik Municipal Corporation since the year 1984. Nashik Road is one of the fastest growing suburbs of the area, with almost 575,000 residents.

Nashik Road is a developing suburb of Nashik. The district has hotels and restaurants.

Among the district's major residential areas are Dattamandir, Andhashala, Gandharvanagari, Shikhrewadi, Jailroad, Gaykhe Mala, Jai Bhavani Road, and Upanagar. Shirdi, known as the home of Sai Baba of Shirdi, is near Nashik Road.

The area is also known for its plethora of hospitals and financial institutions such as Business co-op Bank, The Nashik Road Deolali Vyapari Sahakari Bank Ltd., State Bank of India and the ICICI Bank.

Nashik Road railway station was built by Bhagwant Singh Kapoor's local construction company. This railway station is an important stop on the Mumbai-Bhusawal-Delhi and Mumbai-Bhusawal-Nagpur-Kolkata Central Railway routes. Heavy passenger traffic is a daily feature of the sector. In 2017, the government of Maharashtra and the Ministry of Railways unveiled a joint venture to construct a 248-km track to enable train service between Nashik Road and Pune. Similarly, the Rajya Rani Express train started running from Nashik to Mumbai in 2011.

Nashik Road hosts Nashik Nashik Airport (operated in conjunction with the Indian Air Force), offering a 50 minute flight to Mumbai.

Muktidham and Bhaktidham is a marble temple complex honouring various Hindu deities. Mhasoba Mandir at Andha sala, also known as Temple of Bell, is a Shri Icchamani Ganesh Temple at the Upnagar area of Nashik Road. The city railway station is located in Nashik Road. The Shrine of the Infant Jesus is located there. This shrine houses an idol of Infant Jesus, which is only found elsewhere in Yugoslavia.

A fair is held each February to honor the religious idol. Trimbakeshwar Shiva Temple, one of the most notable holy sites of India, is near Nashik. Triambakeshwar is one of the twelve Jyotirlinga in India. It is sacred for multiple reasons. Godavari River originates from this place. It is a place of Tri-Sandhya Gayatri. It is the birthplace of Lord Ganesha. It is a place of the first Nath of Nath consisting of Gorakhnath and others. Nivruttinath was made to imbibe the holy knowledge by his Guru Gahininath there. Nivrittinath made his brothers and sister attain the self by his preaching there.

Educational institutions include St. Xaviers High School, St. Philomena's Convent High School, Ashoka Universal School, Purushottam English School, K.N. Kela Progressive, R.J.C. Bytco Girls School, Kothari Kanya Shala, Jairambhai, and K. J. Mehta, Bytco College of Commerce, Science and Arts, S. V. K. T. College (popularly known as Bhatia College & Bytco Campus), Matoshree College of Engineering, and the research center Eklahare Nashik.

The India Security Press (the National treasury press) was the biggest employer in Nashik Road for many decades, until the late eighties, when the service-based economy started to thrive. The existence of the India Security Press provided employment to thousands of residents and spawned the surrounding economy. It also kept the green canopy in the city protected. It has an adjoining Gymkhana and a large playground, which is a favorite games/exercise spot for children and adults.

The government began creating IT parks in Nashik Road. Industries include Mahindra & Mahindra, an automobile industry based out of the region. MICO Bosch is located at Satpur. Hindustan Aeronautics Limited is a fighter aircraft manufacturing company in the Ozar, Nashik District, a mere 20 km from Nashik at east side.

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