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PUNE Railway Station

Trains from station PUNE JN - PUNE

LTT (00:15)MDU (09:45) 33hr 30mins

PUNE (00:25)GWL (03:10) 26hr 45mins

BSL (00:25)PUNE (12:05) 11hr 40mins

PUNE (00:30)MMR (09:50) 9hr 20mins

PBR (00:40)SC (10:20) 33hr 40mins

BME (00:55)YPR (03:48) 50hr 53mins

SGNR (02:00)TPJ (11:20) 57hr 20mins

CDG (03:25)YPR (06:20) 50hr 55mins

MUV (04:10)PUNE (08:05) 27hr 55mins

TVC (04:25)CSMT (20:50) 40hr 25mins

BVC (04:25)COA (21:27) 41hr 2mins

TPJ (04:45)SGNR (13:25) 56hr 40mins

COA (05:00)BVC (19:45) 38hr 45mins

YPR (05:00)BKN (06:50) 49hr 50mins

ERS (05:15)PUNE (05:50) 24hr 35mins

PUNE (05:15)NZM (05:35) 24hr 20mins

JU (05:15)SBC (05:30) 48hr 15mins

JU (05:15)SBC (03:00) 45hr 45mins

RJT (05:25)CBE (02:15) 44hr 50mins

BGKT (05:25)PUNE (04:35) 23hr 10mins

RJT (05:25)SC (10:20) 28hr 55mins

GKP (05:30)KOP (13:05) 55hr 35mins

AII (05:30)MYS (06:00) 48hr 30mins

AII (05:30)SBC (05:30) 48hr 0mins

CSMT (05:40)PUNE (09:05) 3hr 25mins

NZM (05:50)KOP (16:20) 34hr 30mins

PUNE (05:50)SC (14:20) 8hr 30mins

NZM (05:50)MYS (04:55) 47hr 5mins

NCJ (06:00)CSMT (20:50) 38hr 50mins

NCJ (06:00)CSMT (20:50) 38hr 50mins

PUNE (06:05)CSMT (09:55) 3hr 50mins

MYS (06:15)DR (05:40) 23hr 25mins

SUR (06:30)PUNE (10:30) 4hr 0mins

LJN (06:30)PUNE (11:05) 28hr 35mins

NED (06:30)LTT (23:45) 17hr 15mins

LJN (06:30)PUNE (08:05) 25hr 35mins

CAPE (06:40)CSMT (04:40) 46hr 0mins

CSMT (06:40)PUNE (09:57) 3hr 17mins

MS (06:45)DR (06:00) 23hr 15mins

CSMT (07:00)PUNE (11:05) 4hr 5mins

PUNE (07:15)CSMT (10:25) 3hr 10mins

INDB (07:30)LPI (13:45) 30hr 15mins

JBP (07:45)PUNE (04:05) 20hr 20mins

PUNE (07:45)JBP (05:00) 21hr 15mins

PUNE (07:50)CSMT (11:15) 3hr 25mins

KOP (08:05)PUNE (15:40) 7hr 40mins

G (08:10)SUR (09:30) 25hr 20mins

CSMT (08:10)SBC (08:50) 24hr 40mins

HWH (08:20)PUNE (11:45) 27hr 25mins

BIDR (08:20)LTT (23:55) 15hr 35mins

VRL (08:25)PUNE (04:35) 20hr 10mins

NZM (08:45)YPR (06:20) 45hr 35mins

COA (08:45)LTT (11:05) 26hr 20mins

CBE (08:55)LTT (14:30) 29hr 35mins

BHUJ (08:55)PUNE (04:35) 19hr 40mins

KOP (09:05)NZM (17:10) 32hr 5mins

JP (09:15)PUNE (08:05) 22hr 50mins

GIMB (09:15)SBC (03:00) 41hr 45mins

PUNE (09:30)SUR (13:30) 4hr 0mins

ADI (09:40)MAS (17:10) 31hr 30mins

MYS (10:00)UDZ (04:55) 42hr 55mins

PUNE (10:20)VSKP (11:15) 24hr 55mins

JHS (10:20)PUNE (09:20) 23hr 0mins

PUNE (10:30)SRC (18:15) 31hr 45mins

YPR (10:30)BME (07:30) 45hr 0mins

PUNE (10:45)HTE (17:05) 30hr 20mins

NZM (10:55)PUNE (07:10) 20hr 15mins

PUNE (11:10)NZM (06:55) 19hr 45mins

PUNE (11:15)GKP (20:00) 32hr 45mins

PUNE (11:15)BBS (17:25) 30hr 10mins

YPR (11:30)JP (06:35) 43hr 5mins

BSP (11:35)PUNE (09:45) 22hr 10mins

PUNE (11:40)BSL (22:00) 10hr 20mins

LTT (12:05)BIDR (01:30) 13hr 25mins

LTT (12:05)NED (04:45) 16hr 40mins

LTT (12:05)KIK (18:35) 30hr 30mins

CSMT (12:10)NCJ (03:40) 39hr 30mins

CSMT (12:10)NCJ (03:40) 39hr 30mins

CSMT (12:10)TVC (03:50) 39hr 40mins

MAS (12:20)CSMT (13:35) 25hr 15mins

KOP (12:20)ADI (07:45) 19hr 25mins

LTT (12:25)COA (13:30) 25hr 5mins

CSMT (12:45)HYB (05:55) 17hr 10mins

PUNE (12:45)KOP (20:25) 7hr 40mins

PUNE (13:10)NED (05:00) 15hr 50mins

LTT (13:20)MAS (12:55) 23hr 35mins

KZJ (13:30)PUNE (11:05) 21hr 35mins

GDG (13:40)CSMT (05:10) 15hr 30mins

DHN (13:50)KOP (03:35) 61hr 45mins

YPR (13:55)NZM (13:00) 47hr 5mins

YPR (13:55)CDG (18:20) 52hr 25mins

SUR (14:00)PUNE (18:05) 4hr 5mins

CSMT (14:00)MAS (16:20) 26hr 20mins

KIK (14:00)LTT (23:45) 33hr 45mins

PUNE (14:15)HYB (04:30) 14hr 15mins

CSMT (14:25)PUNE (18:40) 4hr 15mins

PUNE (14:25)NZB (10:40) 20hr 15mins

INDB (14:35)PUNE (08:05) 17hr 30mins

SC (14:45)PUNE (23:10) 8hr 25mins

BJP (14:50)CSTM (04:10) 13hr 20mins

HYB (14:50)CSMT (04:55) 14hr 5mins

GWL (15:00)PUNE (20:05) 29hr 5mins

VSG (15:00)NZM (06:20) 39hr 20mins

TEN (15:00)DR (05:40) 38hr 40mins

NZM (15:00)UBL (06:35) 39hr 35mins

CSMT (15:05)BBS (04:35) 37hr 30mins

SC (15:15)PBR (23:50) 32hr 35mins

SC (15:15)RJT (19:00) 27hr 45mins

PUNE (15:15)CSMT (19:17) 4hr 2mins

PUNE (15:15)HWH (19:50) 28hr 35mins

PUNE (15:15)JHS (09:00) 17hr 45mins

PUNE (15:15)AJNI (05:15) 14hr 0mins

PUNE (15:15)AMI (03:15) 12hr 0mins

BBS (15:25)CSMT (03:55) 36hr 30mins

ADI (15:25)MAS (22:35) 31hr 10mins

KOP (15:30)GKP (19:10) 51hr 40mins

PUNE (15:30)INDB (08:30) 17hr 0mins

GKP (15:30)PUNE (04:05) 36hr 35mins

DHI (15:30)PUNE (04:40) 13hr 10mins

UBL (15:30)PUNE (03:00) 11hr 35mins

PUNE (15:30)JP (13:40) 22hr 10mins

CSMT (15:35)CAPE (12:50) 45hr 15mins

MAS (15:50)LTT (16:00) 24hr 10mins

PUNE (16:15)LJN (17:10) 24hr 55mins

PUNE (16:15)GKP (01:05) 32hr 50mins

PUNE (16:15)MUV (19:20) 27hr 5mins

PUNE (16:15)DBG (06:50) 38hr 35mins

UBL (16:15)NZM (06:20) 38hr 5mins

ADI (16:15)PUNE (04:35) 12hr 20mins

CSMT (16:25)PUNE (19:50) 3hr 25mins

DBG (16:45)PUNE (08:05) 39hr 20mins

INDB (16:50)PUNE (12:25) 19hr 35mins

SBC (17:00)JU (16:50) 47hr 50mins

SBC (17:00)AII (17:30) 48hr 30mins

HBJ (17:00)DWR (19:30) 26hr 30mins

CSMT (17:10)PUNE (20:25) 3hr 15mins

PUNE (17:20)JAT (10:15) 40hr 55mins

PVR (17:25)CSMT (04:10) 10hr 45mins

GKP (17:25)PUNE (03:30) 34hr 5mins

HBJ (17:25)PUNE (09:20) 15hr 55mins

NED (17:30)PUNE (06:10) 12hr 45mins

PUNE (17:30)INDB (11:25) 17hr 55mins

NED (17:30)PUNE (06:15) 12hr 50mins

PUNE (17:40)NGP (09:25) 15hr 45mins

PUNE (17:40)BSP (16:50) 23hr 10mins

PUNE (17:40)NGP (09:25) 15hr 45mins

CSMT (17:50)KOP (06:05) 12hr 15mins

PUNE (17:55)CSMT (21:05) 3hr 10mins

PUNE (18:00)SUR (22:00) 4hr 0mins

MDU (18:00)LTT (05:45) 35hr 45mins

PUNE (18:25)HWH (04:15) 33hr 50mins

SRC (18:25)PUNE (02:45) 32hr 20mins

AMI (18:30)PUNE (13:15) 18hr 45mins

PUNE (18:35)CSMT (22:00) 3hr 25mins

AMI (18:35)PUNE (07:40) 13hr 5mins

NGP (18:35)PUNE (09:45) 15hr 10mins

MYS (18:35)AII (17:30) 46hr 55mins

NGP (18:35)PUNE (09:45) 15hr 10mins

PUNE (18:45)ERS (19:20) 24hr 35mins

ADI (19:20)KOP (15:25) 20hr 5mins

BIDR (19:50)CSMT (07:55) 12hr 5mins

PUNE (19:50)VRL (16:45) 20hr 55mins

PUNE (19:50)NED (09:25) 13hr 35mins

AJNI (19:50)PUNE (11:45) 15hr 55mins

PUNE (19:50)BHUJ (15:20) 19hr 30mins

PUNE (19:50)BGKT (17:10) 21hr 20mins

AJNI (19:50)PUNE (11:45) 15hr 55mins

PUNE (19:50)ADI (07:45) 11hr 55mins

HTE (20:00)PUNE (02:45) 30hr 45mins

MYS (20:10)NZM (17:10) 45hr 0mins

CSMT (20:20)KOP (07:25) 11hr 5mins

DR (20:30)MS (19:45) 23hr 15mins

MAS (20:30)ADI (03:15) 30hr 45mins

SBC (20:30)CSMT (20:15) 23hr 45mins

KOP (20:30)CSMT (07:35) 11hr 5mins

MAS (20:30)ADI (05:45) 33hr 15mins

HYB (20:40)CSMT (13:05) 16hr 25mins

PDY (20:45)DR (05:40) 32hr 55mins

PUNE (20:55)DNR (03:45) 30hr 50mins

CSMT (21:00)LUR (06:30) 9hr 30mins

CSMT (21:00)BIDR (09:15) 12hr 15mins

UDZ (21:00)MYS (16:25) 43hr 25mins

MMR (21:15)PUNE (08:30) 11hr 15mins

LPI (21:20)INDB (01:35) 28hr 15mins

NED (21:20)PUNE (09:20) 12hr 0mins

CSMT (21:20)GDG (12:20) 15hr 0mins

DR (21:30)PDY (07:15) 33hr 45mins

DR (21:30)TEN (11:45) 38hr 15mins

DD (21:30)CSMT (04:10) 6hr 40mins

DR (21:30)MYS (21:40) 24hr 10mins

NZM (21:35)PUNE (21:25) 23hr 50mins

PUNE (21:35)ADI (06:30) 8hr 55mins

HWH (21:45)PUNE (06:50) 33hr 5mins

PUNE (21:45)KZJ (18:35) 20hr 50mins

SBC (21:50)GIMB (12:30) 38hr 40mins

JAT (21:50)PUNE (15:15) 41hr 25mins

CSMT (21:50)HYB (12:10) 14hr 20mins

SBC (21:50)JU (16:50) 43hr 0mins

PUNE (21:55)ERS (03:50) 29hr 55mins

PUNE (22:00)LJN (02:30) 28hr 30mins

PUNE (22:00)NED (10:00) 12hr 0mins

TN (22:00)OKHA (01:35) 51hr 35mins

PUNE (22:00)AMI (15:00) 17hr 0mins

PUNE (22:00)AJNI (13:15) 15hr 15mins

JP (22:15)YPR (18:25) 44hr 10mins

BKN (22:15)YPR (03:15) 53hr 0mins

BBS (22:20)PUNE (05:00) 30hr 40mins

ADI (22:25)PUNE (07:10) 8hr 45mins

LUR (22:30)CSMT (07:55) 9hr 25mins

LTT (22:35)CBE (07:00) 32hr 25mins

SUR (22:40)CSMT (06:35) 7hr 55mins

CSMT (22:45)SUR (06:50) 8hr 5mins

HYB (22:45)PUNE (13:15) 14hr 30mins

KOP (22:50)CSMT (12:05) 13hr 15mins

DWR (22:50)HBJ (04:20) 29hr 30mins

DNR (22:55)PUNE (05:30) 30hr 35mins

CSMT (22:55)PVR (10:30) 11hr 35mins

CSMT (22:55)BJP (12:30) 13hr 35mins

CSMT (22:55)DD (05:50) 7hr 10mins

LTT (23:05)SC (11:05) 12hr 0mins

SC (23:05)LTT (11:05) 12hr 0mins

PUNE (23:10)UBL (11:20) 12hr 10mins

ERS (23:25)PUNE (05:05) 29hr 40mins

VSKP (23:25)PUNE (00:55) 25hr 35mins

CBE (23:30)RJT (19:00) 43hr 30mins

NZB (23:40)PUNE (20:55) 21hr 15mins

CSMT (23:45)MAS (03:30) 27hr 45mins

KOP (23:45)DHN (12:00) 60hr 15mins

OKHA (23:55)TN (07:10) 55hr 15mins

MAS (23:55)CSMT (03:45) 27hr 50mins

"Pune Junction railway station" (Station code: "PUNE") is the main railway station of Pune. It is a railway junction on the Mumbai-Chennai line. The Pune-Bengaluru line starts from here.

The Pune railway station opened in 1858. The Khandala - Pune railway line was opened in 1858. The Pune - Solapur line was opened in 1860. The Pune - Miraj line was completed in 1886. Initially the Pune - Miraj line was a meter-gauge track. Later it was converted to broad-gauge in 1971. The present Pune railway station building was built in 1925.

This station has three footbridges with a skywalk. Elevator service is available on footbridge. Plans are being made to upgrade this station to a world-class standard.

Maldhakka is the freight depot of the Pune Railway Station and consists of 2 railway sheds. All freight trains are loaded and unloaded at this depot. The entrance to the goods yard is situated in Maldhakka Chowk.

The station is powered by a solar power plant and emergency diesel generators. The 160 kWp solar power plant generates around 2.4 lakh units (kWh) annually. Funded by Persistent CSR, Sunshot built the plant in June 2016. This project was replicated for the Hyderabad Deccan railway station and was inaugurated by Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu.

There is a diesel locomotive shed located near the Ghorpuri railway station, 2 km away from Pune station. It is one of three diesel sheds that belong to Central railway and the largest of the three.

Pune Railway Station serves as a stop for southbound trains from Mumbai, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, and Rajasthan. It also serves as a stop for northbound trains from Goa and Karnataka. The station is a major hub for freight transportation.

Below are some statistics:Number of Terminating Trains: 81

Number of Originating Trains: 81

Number of Halting Trains: 134

Number of Platforms: 6

The Pune Suburban Railway operates on single route, Pune Junction to Lonavala and its part, Shivajinagar, Pune to Talegaon. There are 15 trains that operate on the Pune - Lonavala route and 3 trains that operate on the Shivajinagar, Pune - Talegaon route.

There are eight DEMU trains that operate between the Pune Junction and Daund station. Major stops on this route are Loni Kalbhor and Urali Kanchan. This section is electrified and is planned to be included in suburban rail.

This luxury train takes a tour of Maharashtra and Goa. Its route includes Pune Junction as a stop.

There are plans to increase service in the Mumbai-Pune section, lay additional track between Pune and Lonavla, increase the budget for track surveys, and construct separate terminals for suburban trains. There are also proposals to construct a new EMU terminal. It would be situated to the west of the existing station and have three lines and three platforms.