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SRC Railway Station

Trains from station SANTRAGACHI JN - SRC

ADI (00:15)HWH (13:30) 37hr 15mins

JDB (04:15)HWH (06:15) 26hr 0mins

TIG (05:15)HWH (18:52) 13hr 37mins

PRR (05:30)HWH (11:20) 5hr 50mins

SC (05:40)SHM (09:05) 27hr 25mins

SC (05:40)SHM (09:05) 27hr 25mins

CSMT (06:00)HWH (12:30) 30hr 30mins

TATA (06:15)HWH (10:25) 4hr 10mins

SRC (06:25)PRR (12:00) 5hr 35mins

HWH (06:35)DGHA (09:55) 3hr 20mins

VSG (07:05)KCG (05:00) 21hr 55mins

SC (07:20)GHY (06:00) 46hr 40mins

SHM (07:45)BJE (13:10) 5hr 25mins

MAS (08:10)SRC (10:30) 26hr 20mins

MAS (08:10)SRC (10:30) 15hr 50mins

PBR (08:15)SRC (08:05) 47hr 50mins

MAS (08:45)HWH (11:55) 27hr 10mins

VZR (08:50)SHM (15:30) 6hr 40mins

SRC (08:55)ANVT (11:55) 27hr 0mins

PURI (09:35)SRC (01:40) 14hr 25mins

HYB (09:50)HWH (16:10) 30hr 20mins

DGHA (10:25)HWH (13:50) 3hr 25mins

SRC (10:25)NJP (20:55) 10hr 30mins

PUNE (10:30)SRC (18:15) 31hr 45mins

CSMT (11:05)HWH (19:30) 32hr 25mins

PURI (11:35)HWH (20:20) 8hr 45mins

SHM (12:10)MAS (15:35) 27hr 25mins

SHM (12:10)SC (14:25) 26hr 15mins

SRC (12:40)MAS (16:40) 28hr 0mins

TVC (12:40)SCL (17:15) 76hr 35mins

SRC (12:40)MAS (15:20) 26hr 40mins

SRC (13:00)AII (05:30) 40hr 30mins

BJE (13:35)SHM (19:10) 5hr 35mins

BBN (13:40)HWH (20:55) 7hr 15mins

ANVT (13:45)SRC (16:55) 27hr 10mins

SRC (14:10)PDY (21:45) 31hr 35mins

HWH (14:15)DGHA (17:37) 3hr 22mins

BHUJ (14:30)SHM (10:05) 43hr 35mins

HBJ (14:40)SRC (16:45) 26hr 5mins

NCJ (14:45)SHM (13:50) 47hr 5mins

SRC (14:50)NED (19:10) 28hr 20mins

SHM (15:00)LTT (04:50) 37hr 50mins

MAS (15:15)SRC (19:00) 27hr 45mins

NED (15:25)SRC (19:15) 27hr 50mins

PRR (15:35)HWH (21:20) 5hr 45mins

SRC (15:45)MAQ (10:00) 42hr 15mins

SRC (15:45)TPTY (17:40) 25hr 55mins

SC (15:55)HWH (17:55) 26hr 0mins

SHM (16:05)SC (18:30) 26hr 25mins

MAS (16:25)SHM (21:30) 29hr 5mins

DGHA (16:30)NJP (09:30) 17hr 0mins

TVC (16:55)SHM (13:50) 44hr 55mins

TVC (16:55)SCL (19:00) 74hr 5mins

SHM (17:35)VZR (22:46) 5hr 11mins

VSKP (17:50)SHM (09:05) 15hr 15mins

SHM (18:10)VSKP (08:20) 14hr 10mins

MAS (18:20)SRC (23:30) 29hr 10mins

DGHA (18:20)HWH (21:40) 3hr 20mins

MAS (18:20)SRC (23:30) 29hr 10mins

SRC (18:25)PUNE (02:45) 32hr 20mins

PDY (18:45)SRC (04:30) 33hr 45mins

SRC (19:00)MAS (22:45) 27hr 45mins

SRC (19:00)MAS (22:45) 5hr 0mins

SRC (19:10)PURI (04:00) 8hr 50mins

AII (19:25)SRC (14:05) 42hr 40mins

YPR (19:35)HWH (06:25) 34hr 50mins

NJP (19:45)DGHA (12:00) 16hr 15mins

TPTY (19:50)SRC (22:20) 26hr 30mins

UDZ (20:00)SHM (10:05) 38hr 5mins

SHM (20:20)UDZ (08:55) 36hr 35mins

SHM (20:20)BHUJ (16:30) 44hr 10mins

SRC (20:25)HBJ (21:00) 24hr 35mins

SRC (20:25)PRDP (03:55) 7hr 30mins

SRC (20:25)JBP (15:55) 19hr 30mins

CSMT (20:35)HWH (05:50) 33hr 15mins

LTT (20:35)HWH (08:25) 35hr 50mins

JBP (20:55)SRC (16:45) 19hr 50mins

SHM (20:55)PURI (05:50) 8hr 55mins

MDN (20:55)HWH (00:10) 3hr 5mins

HTE (21:10)HWH (06:40) 9hr 30mins

SRC (21:25)PBR (20:30) 47hr 5mins

PURI (21:25)SRC (06:45) 9hr 20mins

HWH (21:35)KGP (00:18) 2hr 25mins

CBE (21:45)SRC (08:45) 35hr 0mins

SRC (21:50)CBE (14:25) 40hr 35mins

LTT (22:00)SHM (12:20) 38hr 20mins

PURI (22:10)SHM (07:10) 9hr 0mins

PURI (22:10)HWH (07:05) 8hr 55mins

PURI (22:10)HWH (07:05) 8hr 55mins

PURI (22:25)HWH (08:10) 9hr 45mins

HWH (22:25)PKU (00:15) 1hr 35mins

HWH (22:57)MCA (00:40) 1hr 3mins

MAQ (23:00)SRC (18:10) 43hr 10mins

SHM (23:05)TVC (21:15) 46hr 10mins

SHM (23:05)NCJ (21:55) 46hr 50mins

NJP (23:15)SRC (11:15) 12hr 0mins

BNC (23:40)GHY (06:00) 54hr 20mins

HWH (23:40)PKU (01:28) 0hr 20mins

MAS (23:45)HWH (04:00) 28hr 15mins

SRC (23:50)MAS (05:30) 29hr 40mins

YPR (23:55)MFP (04:00) 52hr 5mins

PRDP (23:55)SRC (08:45) 8hr 50mins

PURI (23:55)SRC (10:00) 10hr 5mins

SHM (23:55)PURI (10:15) 10hr 20mins

Santragachi Junction is a railway junction on the South Eastern Railway, at Santragachhi, Howrah, India. It is one of five intercity railway stations serving Howrah and Kolkata.
The South Eastern Railway serves local trains to Amta, Mecheda, Panskura, Haldia, Kharagpur and Medinipur and mail/express trains to Central, West and South India. Bengal Nagpur Railway, which is now known as South Eastern Railway, was connected to Howrah station in 1900. This time, the 3 mile long short branch from Santragachhi to Shalimar Station was also created for redirecting heavy traffic of export goods, for further carrying them to Kidderpore dock in Kolkata via large ferry steamers.