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ST Railway Station

Trains from station SURAT - ST

BDTS (00:05)MTC (07:30) 32hr 15mins

DDR (00:05)BHUJ (17:55) 17hr 50mins

ADI (00:15)HWH (13:30) 37hr 15mins

BDTS (00:15)JBP (21:40) 21hr 25mins

PUNE (00:25)GWL (03:10) 26hr 45mins

TVC (00:30)NZM (01:40) 49hr 10mins

PBR (00:40)SC (10:20) 33hr 40mins

HSR (00:55)CBE (02:50) 49hr 55mins

BME (00:55)YPR (03:48) 50hr 53mins

TVC (01:00)NZM (01:40) 48hr 40mins

SGNR (02:00)TPJ (11:20) 57hr 20mins

CDG (02:05)MAO (14:45) 36hr 40mins

JAT (02:30)BDTS (10:20) 31hr 50mins

HAPA (03:15)MAO (04:15) 25hr 0mins

GKP (03:25)BDTS (16:15) 20hr 35mins

BL (04:05)ADI (10:25) 6hr 20mins

OKHA (04:05)ERS (22:35) 42hr 30mins

VRL (04:25)TVC (03:05) 46hr 40mins

BVC (04:25)COA (21:27) 41hr 2mins

TPJ (04:45)SGNR (13:25) 56hr 40mins

JAM (04:45)ST (14:50) 10hr 5mins

ADI (04:55)MMCT (12:35) 7hr 40mins

HAPA (04:55)ST (14:50) 9hr 55mins

FZR (05:00)MMCT (19:40) 38hr 40mins

COA (05:00)BVC (19:45) 38hr 45mins

YPR (05:00)BKN (06:50) 49hr 50mins

BDTS (05:10)JAT (15:30) 34hr 20mins

BDTS (05:10)CNB (08:35) 27hr 25mins

BDTS (05:10)JHS (06:45) 25hr 35mins

BDTS (05:10)JHS (06:45) 25hr 35mins

BDTS (05:10)RMR (11:00) 29hr 50mins

BDTS (05:10)GKP (17:35) 18hr 50mins

PUNE (05:15)NZM (05:35) 24hr 20mins

JU (05:15)SBC (05:30) 48hr 15mins

JU (05:15)SBC (03:00) 45hr 45mins

RJT (05:25)CBE (02:15) 44hr 50mins

BGKT (05:25)PUNE (04:35) 23hr 10mins

RJT (05:25)SC (10:20) 28hr 55mins

AII (05:30)MYS (06:00) 48hr 30mins

ST (05:30)MMCT (10:10) 4hr 40mins

AII (05:30)SBC (05:30) 48hr 0mins

ST (05:30)BVC (18:00) 12hr 30mins

CDG (05:40)BDTS (09:20) 27hr 40mins

MMCT (05:45)ADI (14:40) 8hr 55mins

DDN (05:50)KCVL (15:45) 57hr 55mins

ASR (05:55)KCVL (15:45) 57hr 50mins

ADI (06:00)MMCT (13:00) 7hr 0mins

MFP (06:00)BDTS (04:35) 46hr 35mins

ST (06:10)MFP (04:30) 46hr 20mins

BDTS (06:15)AII (04:10) 21hr 55mins

BSB (06:15)BRC (09:30) 27hr 15mins

BDTS (06:15)JP (03:10) 20hr 55mins

MMCT (06:30)ADI (12:45) 6hr 15mins

PURI (06:30)BL (19:50) 37hr 20mins

AII (06:35)BDTS (04:45) 22hr 10mins

ADI (06:40)MMCT (13:10) 6hr 30mins

BDTS (06:50)ST (11:10) 4hr 20mins

GIMB (06:50)BDTS (22:25) 15hr 35mins

ADI (07:00)MMCT (15:55) 8hr 55mins

OKHA (07:05)HWH (03:35) 44hr 30mins

BVC (07:15)KCVL (03:05) 43hr 50mins

ST (07:15)BSL (19:20) 12hr 5mins

GIMB (07:20)NCJ (05:00) 45hr 40mins

MMCT (07:25)FZR (22:15) 38hr 50mins

ADI (07:30)MAS (16:05) 32hr 35mins

OKHA (07:30)RMM (19:30) 60hr 0mins

INDB (07:30)LPI (13:45) 30hr 15mins

AII (07:35)ERS (03:50) 44hr 15mins

PIT (07:35)BDTS (21:50) 14hr 15mins

TEN (07:45)GIMB (04:30) 44hr 45mins

TEN (07:45)JAM (05:15) 45hr 30mins

PBR (07:50)HWH (03:35) 43hr 45mins

BDTS (07:55)SVDK (17:10) 33hr 15mins

JP (08:10)BDTS (04:45) 20hr 35mins

BSP (08:10)HAPA (14:50) 30hr 40mins

ASR (08:10)BDTS (14:45) 30hr 35mins

PBR (08:15)SRC (08:05) 47hr 50mins

MMCT (08:20)PBR (05:30) 21hr 10mins

VRL (08:25)PUNE (04:35) 20hr 10mins

OKHA (08:30)PURI (10:20) 49hr 50mins

ST (08:30)PURI (16:15) 31hr 45mins

BSL (08:45)MMCT (04:35) 19hr 50mins

KCVL (08:45)DDN (18:05) 57hr 20mins

BHUJ (08:55)PUNE (04:35) 19hr 40mins

CPR (09:00)ST (18:40) 33hr 40mins

NED (09:00)SGNR (23:40) 38hr 40mins

AMI (09:00)ST (21:00) 12hr 0mins

SVDK (09:10)BDTS (18:05) 32hr 55mins

JP (09:15)PUNE (08:05) 22hr 50mins

GIMB (09:15)SBC (03:00) 41hr 45mins

KCVL (09:15)ASR (19:45) 58hr 30mins

DEE (09:20)BDTS (08:10) 22hr 50mins

BGP (09:25)ST (18:40) 33hr 15mins

PURI (09:25)OKHA (13:50) 52hr 25mins

BKN (09:30)BDTS (09:40) 24hr 10mins

JAT (09:30)BDTS (22:25) 36hr 55mins

MAS (09:35)ADI (18:30) 32hr 55mins

ADI (09:40)MAS (17:10) 31hr 30mins

ST (09:50)CPR (18:35) 32hr 45mins

ST (09:50)BGP (19:00) 33hr 10mins

MYS (10:00)UDZ (04:55) 42hr 55mins

MAO (10:00)NZM (12:40) 26hr 40mins

HSR (10:05)SC (08:50) 46hr 45mins

NZM (10:05)TVC (14:50) 52hr 45mins

NZM (10:05)TVC (14:50) 52hr 45mins

SGNR (10:15)NED (02:45) 40hr 30mins

KLK (10:20)BDTS (14:45) 28hr 25mins

PURI (10:30)GIMB (06:40) 44hr 10mins

NGP (10:30)ADI (03:25) 16hr 55mins

YPR (10:30)BME (07:30) 45hr 0mins

MAO (10:40)HAPA (10:25) 23hr 45mins

NZM (10:55)MAO (12:50) 25hr 55mins

KCVL (11:00)PBR (08:30) 45hr 30mins

ST (11:00)AMI (22:30) 11hr 30mins

KCVL (11:00)INDB (05:15) 42hr 15mins

MAO (11:20)CDG (23:45) 36hr 25mins

YPR (11:30)JP (06:35) 43hr 5mins

BDTS (11:45)MHV (03:10) 15hr 25mins

BDTS (12:00)KLK (16:45) 28hr 45mins

BDTS (12:15)JAT (01:25) 37hr 10mins

BDTS (12:15)CDG (16:20) 28hr 5mins

MMCT (12:15)ADI (04:00) 15hr 45mins

KOP (12:20)ADI (07:45) 19hr 25mins

MLDT (12:30)ST (04:50) 40hr 20mins

ADI (12:40)MMCT (04:35) 15hr 55mins

BDTS (12:45)DEE (12:15) 23hr 30mins

VRL (12:45)BDTS (05:15) 16hr 30mins

BDTS (12:45)VRL (04:35) 15hr 50mins

JP (12:50)BDTS (07:35) 18hr 45mins

ST (12:50)MLDT (06:30) 41hr 40mins

BDTS (12:55)LJN (19:15) 30hr 20mins

BDTS (12:55)DEE (13:15) 24hr 20mins

BDTS (12:55)HSR (13:40) 24hr 45mins

MHV (13:00)BDTS (04:45) 15hr 45mins

BDTS (13:05)HW (15:50) 26hr 45mins

BDTS (13:05)JP (12:00) 22hr 55mins

BDTS (13:05)BGKT (08:20) 19hr 15mins

OKHA (13:10)MMCT (07:10) 18hr 0mins

GKP (13:20)BDTS (04:35) 39hr 15mins

VRL (13:20)MMCT (07:10) 17hr 50mins

ST (13:30)JAM (23:40) 10hr 10mins

BDTS (13:30)JU (06:30) 17hr 0mins

ST (13:30)HAPA (23:15) 9hr 45mins

RJT (13:30)REWA (16:45) 27hr 15mins

YPR (13:30)ADI (02:20) 36hr 50mins

MMCT (13:40)ADI (21:25) 7hr 45mins

BKN (13:40)DDR (12:00) 22hr 20mins

JAM (13:55)BDTS (05:40) 15hr 45mins

GIMB (14:00)TEN (11:30) 45hr 30mins

JP (14:00)MMCT (07:40) 17hr 40mins

TVC (14:15)NZM (14:15) 48hr 0mins

MMCT (14:20)ADI (21:40) 7hr 20mins

JBP (14:30)BDTS (12:45) 22hr 15mins

DDR (14:35)BKN (13:10) 22hr 35mins

BDTS (14:35)JSM (12:40) 22hr 5mins

BDTS (14:35)BKN (12:25) 21hr 50mins

DDR (14:35)AII (08:15) 17hr 40mins

INDB (14:35)PUNE (08:05) 17hr 30mins

NCJ (14:45)GIMB (12:50) 46hr 5mins

ADI (14:45)MMCT (21:20) 6hr 35mins

NDLS (14:50)MMCT (06:55) 16hr 5mins

ADI (14:55)ALD (16:50) 25hr 55mins

GWL (15:00)PUNE (20:05) 29hr 5mins

DDR (15:00)BHUJ (07:00) 16hr 0mins

BKN (15:00)BDTS (12:45) 21hr 45mins

BDTS (15:05)BKN (15:30) 24hr 25mins

CBE (15:10)HSR (17:45) 50hr 35mins

SC (15:15)PBR (23:50) 32hr 35mins

SC (15:15)RJT (19:00) 27hr 45mins

MS (15:15)JU (10:00) 42hr 45mins

BGKT (15:15)BDTS (11:45) 20hr 30mins

BDTS (15:25)PIT (05:30) 14hr 5mins

ADI (15:25)MAS (22:35) 31hr 10mins

BDTS (15:25)MHV (07:10) 15hr 45mins

BDTS (15:25)BVC (05:20) 13hr 55mins

BDTS (15:25)PIT (05:30) 14hr 5mins

BDTS (15:25)BKN (16:50) 8hr 35mins

SGNR (15:30)KCVL (03:05) 59hr 35mins

PUNE (15:30)INDB (08:30) 17hr 0mins

PUNE (15:30)JP (13:40) 22hr 10mins

NZM (15:35)BDTS (09:20) 17hr 45mins

NZM (15:35)BDTS (08:10) 16hr 35mins

BDTS (15:35)BKN (16:50) 8hr 25mins

BL (15:40)HW (16:15) 24hr 35mins

MMCT (15:40)ADI (21:55) 6hr 15mins

KCVL (15:45)SGNR (02:55) 59hr 10mins

HSR (15:45)BDTS (16:45) 25hr 0mins

TVC (15:45)VRL (16:45) 49hr 0mins

KCVL (15:45)BVC (13:15) 45hr 30mins

BHUJ (15:55)BDTS (05:15) 13hr 20mins

MMCT (16:00)NDLS (07:55) 15hr 55mins

ST (16:05)BDTS (20:25) 4hr 20mins

DEE (16:15)BDTS (16:45) 24hr 30mins

INDB (16:15)MMCT (06:10) 13hr 55mins

BDTS (16:15)JP (10:45) 18hr 30mins

BDTS (16:15)AII (09:50) 17hr 35mins

ADI (16:15)PUNE (04:35) 12hr 20mins

BDTS (16:15)JP (10:45) 18hr 30mins

NDLS (16:25)MMCT (08:15) 15hr 50mins

BGKT (16:30)BDTS (09:20) 16hr 50mins

RMR (16:30)BDTS (22:00) 29hr 30mins

BDTS (16:35)NZM (09:40) 17hr 5mins

BDTS (16:35)NZM (09:40) 17hr 5mins

ST (16:45)BSL (01:50) 9hr 5mins

DBG (16:45)ADI (09:00) 31hr 15mins

INDB (16:50)PUNE (12:25) 19hr 35mins

JHS (16:50)BDTS (16:45) 23hr 55mins

NZM (16:50)MMCT (09:45) 16hr 55mins

JHS (16:50)BDTS (16:45) 23hr 55mins

SBC (17:00)JU (16:50) 47hr 50mins

SBC (17:00)AII (17:30) 48hr 30mins

MMCT (17:00)NDLS (08:35) 15hr 35mins

BDTS (17:10)JAM (08:50) 15hr 40mins

JU (17:15)BL (09:05) 15hr 50mins

AII (17:20)PURI (18:20) 49hr 0mins

PUNE (17:30)INDB (11:25) 17hr 55mins

PURI (17:30)ADI (07:25) 37hr 55mins

BVC (17:30)BDTS (07:35) 14hr 5mins

VSKP (17:35)GIMB (09:00) 39hr 25mins

ADI (17:40)NGP (10:40) 17hr 0mins

MMCT (17:40)NZM (11:00) 17hr 20mins

BDTS (17:45)BHUJ (08:50) 15hr 5mins

MMCT (17:55)ST (22:35) 4hr 40mins

ADI (18:10)BL (00:25) 6hr 15mins

PURI (18:20)ADI (07:25) 37hr 5mins

CNB (18:20)BDTS (23:05) 28hr 45mins

BSL (18:25)ST (04:10) 9hr 45mins

PBR (18:30)KCVL (15:45) 45hr 15mins

BHUJ (18:30)DDR (12:00) 17hr 30mins

BVC (18:30)BDTS (08:35) 14hr 5mins

HW (18:30)BDTS (22:00) 27hr 30mins

HW (18:30)BL (18:20) 23hr 50mins

REWA (18:30)RJT (22:55) 28hr 25mins

REWA (18:30)BRC (16:10) 21hr 40mins

MYS (18:35)AII (17:30) 46hr 55mins

ADI (18:40)PURI (08:10) 37hr 30mins

ADI (18:40)PURI (08:55) 38hr 15mins

ADI (18:40)YPR (04:45) 34hr 5mins

MMCT (18:50)JP (12:45) 17hr 55mins

BVC (18:55)ST (07:20) 12hr 25mins

JU (19:00)BDTS (11:35) 16hr 35mins

MTC (19:10)BDTS (04:20) 33hr 10mins

MMCT (19:10)INDB (09:15) 14hr 5mins

ADI (19:20)KOP (15:25) 20hr 5mins

AII (19:20)DDR (12:40) 17hr 20mins

JSM (19:20)BDTS (17:30) 22hr 10mins

ADI (19:20)DBG (12:15) 28hr 40mins

GCT (19:30)BDTS (07:50) 36hr 20mins

BGKT (19:40)BDTS (12:45) 17hr 5mins

MFP (19:40)ST (17:10) 45hr 30mins

BDTS (19:40)ADI (04:20) 8hr 40mins

PURI (19:45)ST (03:20) 31hr 35mins

PURI (19:45)GIMB (12:50) 41hr 5mins

PUNE (19:50)VRL (16:45) 20hr 55mins

PUNE (19:50)BHUJ (15:20) 19hr 30mins

PUNE (19:50)BGKT (17:10) 21hr 20mins

PUNE (19:50)ADI (07:45) 11hr 55mins

NGP (19:50)RJT (16:30) 20hr 40mins

PUNE (19:50)JP (20:25) 24hr 35mins

MHV (19:55)ST (07:20) 11hr 25mins

JAM (20:00)BDTS (10:20) 14hr 20mins

BRC (20:00)BSB (22:20) 26hr 20mins

BRC (20:00)REWA (16:45) 20hr 45mins

AII (20:05)BDTS (13:30) 17hr 25mins

PIT (20:05)BDTS (10:20) 14hr 15mins

BL (20:15)PURI (09:45) 37hr 30mins

BHUJ (20:15)BDTS (11:25) 15hr 10mins

ERS (20:25)OKHA (17:05) 44hr 40mins

JP (20:25)BDTS (14:20) 17hr 55mins

ERS (20:25)AII (17:10) 44hr 45mins

MHV (20:25)BDTS (11:55) 15hr 30mins

MAS (20:30)ADI (03:15) 30hr 45mins

AII (20:30)BDTS (14:20) 17hr 50mins

MAS (20:30)ADI (05:45) 33hr 15mins

BDTS (20:55)SGNR (07:30) 34hr 35mins

JAM (21:00)TEN (22:10) 49hr 10mins

ALD (21:00)ADI (00:05) 27hr 5mins

INDB (21:00)KCVL (18:40) 45hr 40mins

UDZ (21:00)MYS (16:25) 43hr 25mins

BVC (21:00)MAJN (06:20) 27hr 0mins

PBR (21:05)MMCT (19:15) 22hr 10mins

UDZ (21:10)BDTS (14:20) 17hr 10mins

UDZ (21:10)BDTS (13:30) 16hr 20mins

ADI (21:10)BDTS (05:50) 8hr 40mins

BSL (21:15)ST (07:35) 10hr 20mins

LPI (21:20)INDB (01:35) 28hr 15mins

MMCT (21:25)ASR (05:30) 32hr 5mins

ASR (21:25)MMCT (05:05) 31hr 40mins

SRC (21:25)PBR (20:30) 47hr 5mins

BDTS (21:30)BVC (10:30) 13hr 0mins

NZM (21:35)PUNE (21:25) 23hr 50mins

MMCT (21:35)VRL (15:35) 18hr 0mins

JU (21:35)MS (16:25) 42hr 50mins

SGNR (21:40)BDTS (06:35) 32hr 55mins

BDTS (21:40)BGKT (15:00) 17hr 20mins

BDTS (21:40)ADI (05:40) 2hr 20mins

SBC (21:50)GIMB (12:30) 38hr 40mins

SBC (21:50)JU (16:50) 43hr 0mins

JP (21:55)PUNE (21:25) 23hr 30mins

TN (22:00)OKHA (01:35) 51hr 35mins

ADI (22:00)MMCT (06:25) 8hr 25mins

RMM (22:00)OKHA (13:50) 63hr 50mins

RJT (22:00)NGP (22:15) 24hr 15mins

MMCT (22:05)ADI (06:35) 8hr 30mins

JP (22:15)YPR (18:25) 44hr 10mins

BKN (22:15)YPR (03:15) 53hr 0mins

HAPA (22:25)BSP (04:40) 30hr 15mins

BL (22:25)JU (13:40) 15hr 15mins

BHUJ (22:25)DDR (13:45) 15hr 20mins

BRC (22:30)MMCT (04:45) 6hr 15mins

BDTS (22:40)MFP (21:50) 47hr 10mins

MMCT (22:40)NDB (12:15) 13hr 35mins

BDTS (22:40)GKP (13:45) 39hr 5mins

PURI (22:45)AII (21:10) 46hr 25mins

GIMB (22:45)VSKP (14:35) 39hr 50mins

GIMB (22:45)PURI (16:15) 41hr 30mins

HWH (22:50)OKHA (20:00) 45hr 10mins

GIMB (23:00)PURI (19:00) 44hr 0mins

ADI (23:10)MMCT (15:00) 15hr 50mins

ADI (23:20)BDTS (07:50) 0hr 40mins

BDTS (23:25)AII (17:15) 17hr 50mins

BDTS (23:25)GCT (10:30) 35hr 5mins

CBE (23:30)RJT (19:00) 43hr 30mins

LJN (23:35)BDTS (08:00) 32hr 25mins

ST (23:35)BSL (09:15) 9hr 40mins

MMCT (23:40)BRC (05:55) 6hr 15mins

NZM (23:40)TVC (02:55) 51hr 15mins

BDTS (23:45)BHUJ (12:40) 12hr 55mins

HWH (23:55)ADI (13:25) 37hr 30mins

OKHA (23:55)TN (07:10) 55hr 15mins

BDTS (23:55)JAM (14:35) 14hr 40mins

BDTS (23:55)BGKT (16:50) 16hr 55mins

SC (23:55)HSR (21:30) 45hr 35mins

BDTS (23:55)GIMB (15:30) 15hr 35mins

"Surat Railway Station" (Code: ST) is a major railway station serving Surat, beside Gothangam, Kosad, , , , Niol and . It is under the administrative control of Western Railway Zone (India) of the Indian Railways. Surat is "A1" - category railway station of Western Railway zone of Indian Railways. It is on the Ahmedabad-Vadodara-Mumbai rail route. The railway station was built in 1860.

Going north, Railway Station is the nearest railhead. Railway Station is to the south of Surat.

In early 2016, the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation rated the facility the best large station in India based on cleanliness. Railway station of Surat is on first the floor from ground.

The nearest international airport is Surat Airport.

Following trains start from Surat railway station:, Bandra Terminus - Surat Intercity Express, Flying Ranee, Surat Jamnagar Intercity Express, Surat - Hapa Intercity Express, Tapti Ganga Express, Surat Bhagalpur Express, Surat muzaffarpur express , Surat - Mahuva Superfast Express , Surat-Malda Town Express, Surat - Amravati Express, Puri-Surat Express

File:Surat opening plaque.jpg|Surat opening plaqueFile:Surat Railway Station.jpg|Surat Railway StationFile:New electronic coach display indicators at Surat railway station.jpg|New electronic coach indicators at SuratFile:19132 Kutch Express at a curve outside Surat railway station.jpg|19132 Kutch Express at a curve outside Surat