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TJ Railway Station

Trains from station THANJAVUR - TJ

CBE (00:30)MQ (07:40) 7hr 10mins

RMM (05:00)HYB (11:00) 30hr 0mins

TPJ (06:30)CGL (12:40) 6hr 10mins

CBE (07:10)MV (13:40) 6hr 30mins

CBE (07:10)MV (13:40) 6hr 30mins

MS (08:00)TPJ (16:00) 8hr 0mins

RMM (08:40)BBS (18:55) 34hr 15mins

VSG (09:00)VLNK (12:25) 27hr 25mins

TPJ (10:00)MS (17:50) 7hr 50mins

ERS (11:00)VLNK (07:00) 20hr 0mins

PDY (11:45)CAPE (03:15) 15hr 30mins

BBS (12:00)RMM (23:00) 35hr 0mins

TPTY (13:00)RMM (07:35) 18hr 35mins

CAPE (13:50)PDY (05:25) 15hr 35mins

CGL (14:00)TPJ (20:10) 6hr 10mins

HYB (14:30)RMM (00:15) 33hr 45mins

MV (14:50)CBE (21:15) 6hr 25mins

MV (14:50)CBE (21:15) 6hr 25mins

NCJ (15:50)TBM (07:35) 8hr 10mins

RMM (16:00)TPTY (10:15) 18hr 15mins

MS (16:00)TCN (08:10) 16hr 10mins

KIK (16:15)ERS (07:00) 14hr 45mins

MYS (16:30)MV (07:00) 14hr 30mins

RMM (17:00)MS (06:35) 13hr 35mins

MV (17:50)MYS (08:30) 14hr 40mins

VLNK (18:15)ERS (14:00) 19hr 45mins

TCN (19:00)MS (11:25) 16hr 25mins

MS (19:15)RMM (08:35) 13hr 20mins

MQ (20:20)CBE (04:45) 8hr 25mins

MUV (21:00)RMM (00:45) 51hr 45mins

MDU (21:05)MS (07:15) 10hr 10mins

TJ (21:35)MS (04:25) 6hr 50mins

ERS (21:45)KIK (11:50) 14hr 5mins

MS (22:55)TJ (06:15) 7hr 20mins

RMM (23:00)MUV (04:45) 53hr 45mins

RMM (23:00)FD (08:30) 57hr 30mins

TBM (23:00)NCJ (14:20) 1hr 0mins

VLNK (23:45)VSG (05:15) 29hr 30mins

MS (23:50)MDU (10:00) 10hr 10mins

FD (23:55)RMM (07:10) 55hr 15mins

Chennai Egmore-Thanjavur main line

Thanjavur is located on the "main line" of the railway system in the Coromandel coast connecting Chennai with Tiruchchirappalli via Villupuram, Cuddalore, Mayiladuthurai (Mayavaram) and Thanjavur junctions.In 1861 the Great Southern Railway of India built the long wide Indian gauge line between Nagapatnam and Tiruchirapalli (then known as Trichinopoly) and the line was opened to traffic next year. It was a new development south of Chennai. After taking over of GSIR by South Indian Railway Company in 1874, the Nagapatnam-Tiruchirapalli line was converted to wide metre gauge in 1875.

The South India Railway Company laid a long metre gauge trunk line from Chennai to Tuticorin via Mayiladuthurai Kumbakonam and Thanjavur in 1880. The long Tindivanam -Cuddalore Port (then known as Cuddalore Junction) sector, long Cuddalore Port-Porto Novo sector, long Shyali-Mayiladuturai sector and long Mayiladuturai-Thanjavur sector were opened in 1877, thereby connecting Tindivanam to the already opened Tiruchirappalli-Nagapattinam line.

Three rail lines branch for Thanjavur Junction:# Towards north for .# Towards east for .# Towards west for .

The Cuddalore Port-Vadalur sector was converted in 2003. After conversion work of the Thanjavur-Tiruvarur broad gauge section was opened to traffic in 2006 and Tiruvarur-Nagore section in 2010.

New electrification survey in 2012-13 had been sanctioned in the Railway budget for the Karaikkal/Karaikkal port-Thiruvarur-Thanjavur-Tiruchchirappalli and Nagapattinam-Velankanni sectors.