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TMV Railway Station

Trains from station TINDIVANAM - TMV

PDY (05:35)MS (09:30) 3hr 55mins

NCJ (06:00)CSMT (20:50) 38hr 50mins

MAQ (06:45)MS (04:10) 21hr 25mins

TN (07:50)MS (20:45) 12hr 55mins

MS (08:00)TPJ (16:00) 8hr 0mins

MS (08:25)TN (20:30) 12hr 5mins

MS (08:25)GUV (06:40) 22hr 15mins

TPJ (10:00)MS (17:50) 7hr 50mins

CSMT (12:10)NCJ (03:40) 39hr 30mins

QLN (15:00)MS (08:20) 17hr 20mins

MS (16:00)TCN (08:10) 16hr 10mins

MS (17:15)CAPE (06:20) 13hr 5mins

CAPE (17:20)MS (06:25) 13hr 5mins

MS (17:50)RMM (04:35) 10hr 45mins

MS (18:10)PDY (22:25) 4hr 15mins

TCN (19:00)MS (11:25) 16hr 25mins

MS (19:30)TN (06:40) 11hr 10mins

TEN (19:45)MS (06:55) 11hr 10mins

MS (19:50)TEN (06:45) 10hr 55mins

TN (20:00)MS (07:40) 11hr 40mins

MS (20:10)QLN (13:30) 17hr 20mins

RMM (20:15)MS (07:05) 10hr 50mins

VLNK (20:45)MS (05:15) 8hr 30mins

KIK (21:00)MS (05:15) 8hr 15mins

TPJ (21:00)MS (03:00) 6hr 0mins

SA (21:20)MS (03:40) 6hr 20mins

GUV (21:35)MS (20:45) 23hr 10mins

TJ (21:35)MS (04:25) 6hr 50mins

MS (22:00)KIK (06:25) 8hr 25mins

MS (22:00)VLNK (06:30) 8hr 30mins

TPJ (22:35)MS (04:40) 6hr 5mins

MS (22:45)SA (05:05) 6hr 20mins

MS (22:55)TJ (06:15) 7hr 20mins

MS (23:15)MAQ (22:15) 23hr 0mins

MS (23:30)TPJ (05:15) 5hr 45mins

YPR (23:30)VM (09:00) 0hr 30mins

MS (23:50)TPJ (05:50) 6hr 0mins

Tindivanam was earlier known as (திந்திரிவனம்) due to the shivan (Eswaran) temple located at Tindivanam.The name of Shiva(Suyambu linga) located there is திந்திரிஈஸ்வர். (Thinthrineeswarar) with Maragadhambigai Amman is a Thevara Vaipu Sthalam.Tindivanam is a Selection grade Municipal Town. Tindivanam was constituted as a Municipality in 01.04.1949 then it was upgraded as 2nd grade Municipality from 03.04.1970, 1st grade Municipality in 22.05.98 and Selection Grade in 02.12.2008.

Ennairam, located near Tindivanam, has inscriptions about the Hindu shastras that date back to the 11th century. The Chola temple of Narasimma swamy koil built by Rajaraja Chola 1 (985 -1010) and has reached 1000 years. 8,000 samanaras lived in this village. As of 2011, the town had a population of 72,796.

It was initially known as "Tinthrivanam"(Jungle of Tamarind-புளியங்காடு) where "Tinthiri" means 'tamarind' and "vanam" means 'Jungle' in Tamil.

Tindivanam is located at . It has an average elevation of 58 metres (190 feet). Tindivanam is 120 km southwest from Chennai and 35 km northwest from Pondicherry (city). Tindivanam is one among the three sub-divisions of Viluppuram District, Tamil Nadu. This small town lies about 65 km northwest of Cuddalore. Tindivanam is divided into 234 Revenue Villages under Tindivanam Taluk.

It lies in the stretch of NH-45, about 123 km from Chennai, capital city of Tamil Nadu. Tindivanam is at the junction of roads going to Tiruchirapalli, Pondicherry, Thiruvannamalai, Kanchipuram, Viluppuram, Thellar, Marakkanam and Chennai. Tindivanam is about 69 km from Chengalpet; it takes about 1.30 hours to reach by roadways.

did not indicate any religious preference.

Tindivanam is connected by roads to major cities and to the rest of the state. The major National Highways in the town are, National Highway 32 (India) which connects Chennai and Thoothukudi via Tindivanam, Puducherry and Nagapattinam., National Highway 77 (India) which connects Tindivanam and Uthangarai via Tiruvannamalai and joins National Highway 48 (India) at Krishnagiri., National Highway 132 (India) which connects Tindivanam and Viluppuram.

''Main article'': Tindivanam railway station

"Tindivanam railway station" is a railway station serving Tindivanam, a city and taluk headquarters in Viluppuram district, Tamil Nadu. It is a station on the South Line, Chennai Suburban of the Chennai Suburban Railway and comes under the Chennai railway division of the Southern Railway Zone. The station code is "TMV".

The nearest airport is Pondicherry Airport at Pondicherry (city), in Puducherry, approximately 40 km from Tindivanam. Pondicherry Airport is connected to Bangalore and Hyderabad by commercial airlines.

The nearest major airport is Chennai International Airport (MAA), approximately 107 km from the town; the next closest major airport is Tiruchirapalli Airport, approximately 200 km from the town.

, Tindivanam assembly constituency is part of Villupuram (Lok Sabha constituency) (up to 2009 Tindivanam was a Lok Sabha constituency).,Tindivanam legislative assembly:#Member of legislative assembly : Seethapathy P, Tindivanam Municipal Council:# Chairman: nil ref># Vice chairman# Commissioner: S.Annadurai, B.A.

"Oilseeds Research Station"  is located at a distance of 3 km from Tindivanam town. Started as Agricultural Research Station in 1935, later inducted with Tamilnadu Agricultural University in the year 1981. Oilseeds Research Station has been established by Govt of Tamilnadu to evolve ''Peanut'', ''sesame'' and ''Ricinus'' varieties with desirable attributes viz., short duration, high yield, high oil content, drought tolerance, fresh seed dormancy, resistance to major insect pests and diseases etc. Groundnut (Has separate Kolmudal Nilayalam (Tamil)) & Oil seeds research station - affiliated to the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Pioneer research station in Tamil Nadu exclusively for oilseeds., Started as Agricultural Research Station in 1935, Upgraded as Regional Research Station in 1962, Renamed as Oilseeds Research Station and brought under Tamil Nadu, Agricultural University in 1981

Main Article: Tindivanam flyover

"Tindivanam flyover" is states Second Railways Flyover. It has roundana and four lanes. The flyover is located in heart of the Tindivanam, between NH 66 (Bangalore - Pondicherry) and National Highway 45 (India) (Chennai - Dindukkal). This flyover was inaugurated by Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Mr. M. Karunanithi in the year 2000. This flyover was constructed at a cost of Rs.22 Crores.

Main Article: National Fossil Wood Park, Tiruvakkarai