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TDL Railway Station

Trains from station TUNDLA JN - TDL

BKN (00:10)GHY (01:00) 48hr 50mins

UDZ (00:20)KOAA (15:10) 38hr 50mins

GKP (04:45)OKHA (03:55) 47hr 10mins

BKN (05:20)KOAA (13:15) 31hr 55mins

AF (05:45)LJN (11:40) 5hr 55mins

LKO (06:00)NDLS (15:05) 9hr 5mins

MFP (06:00)BDTS (04:35) 46hr 35mins

ST (06:10)MFP (04:30) 46hr 20mins

NDLS (06:10)LJN (12:45) 6hr 35mins

DLI (06:35)APDJ (20:10) 37hr 35mins

DLI (06:35)APDJ (20:10) 17hr 25mins

SHC (06:45)NDLS (06:40) 23hr 55mins

ANVT (06:45)KYQ (16:35) 33hr 50mins

ASR (07:10)KIR (19:55) 36hr 45mins

ANVT (07:30)RDP (08:20) 24hr 50mins

CNB (07:50)ANVT (18:20) 10hr 30mins

SBP (07:55)JAT (14:10) 54hr 15mins

HWH (08:00)NDLS (06:05) 22hr 5mins

HWH (08:15)NDLS (06:05) 21hr 50mins

JU (09:10)BSB (08:45) 23hr 35mins

JU (09:10)BSB (08:50) 23hr 40mins

JU (09:10)BSB (10:30) 25hr 20mins

APDJ (09:25)DLI (22:40) 37hr 15mins

KYQ (10:02)ANVT (19:20) 33hr 18mins

GHY (10:45)BKN (07:40) 44hr 55mins

GHY (10:45)OKHA (03:55) 65hr 10mins

KYQ (11:00)GIMB (02:15) 63hr 15mins

OKHA (11:40)GHY (07:10) 67hr 30mins

NDLS (12:25)LKO (21:30) 9hr 5mins

AII (12:45)SDAH (16:00) 27hr 15mins

KOAA (13:10)UDZ (02:45) 37hr 35mins

GKP (13:20)BDTS (04:35) 39hr 15mins

PYG (13:30)CDG (09:50) 20hr 20mins

BGP (13:30)ANVT (08:20) 18hr 50mins

GIMB (13:40)KYQ (06:10) 64hr 30mins

OKHA (13:45)BSB (02:50) 37hr 5mins

JAT (14:20)TATA (10:20) 44hr 0mins

JAT (14:20)TATA (10:20) 33hr 40mins

TATA (14:50)JAT (14:10) 47hr 20mins

BKI (14:50)BE (06:20) 9hr 10mins

ALD (14:55)UHP (13:45) 22hr 50mins

DLI (15:05)ALD (02:45) 8hr 55mins

ANVT (15:10)SMI (21:00) 29hr 50mins

JP (15:20)ALD (05:25) 14hr 5mins

IPR (15:30)NDLS (11:50) 20hr 20mins

LJN (15:35)NDLS (22:15) 6hr 40mins

LJN (15:55)AF (21:55) 6hr 0mins

UHP (16:05)ALD (15:10) 23hr 5mins

ADI (16:30)MFP (04:00) 31hr 30mins

CDG (16:40)PYG (11:25) 18hr 45mins

ANVT (16:55)BGP (11:00) 18hr 5mins

BSB (17:15)JU (18:40) 25hr 25mins

CNB (17:25)BNW (09:25) 16hr 0mins

BVC (17:30)ASN (10:25) 40hr 55mins

NDLS (17:35)HWH (17:15) 23hr 40mins

NDLS (17:35)HWH (17:15) 23hr 40mins

GIMB (17:40)HWH (13:10) 43hr 30mins

ALD (17:45)ALJN (02:46) 9hr 45mins

BSB (18:15)JU (18:50) 24hr 35mins

BSB (18:15)JU (18:50) 24hr 35mins

RJPB (18:30)AII (15:10) 20hr 40mins

BNW (18:35)CNB (11:35) 17hr 0mins

BKN (18:45)HWH (04:15) 33hr 30mins

MTC (19:00)ALD (08:35) 13hr 35mins

MLDT (19:10)DLI (04:50) 33hr 40mins

MLDT (19:10)DLI (04:50) 33hr 40mins

AII (19:25)RNC (04:15) 32hr 50mins

HWH (19:40)KLK (04:35) 32hr 55mins

ANVT (19:40)CNB (07:30) 11hr 50mins

MFP (19:40)ST (17:10) 45hr 30mins

ASN (19:45)BVC (11:10) 39hr 25mins

NDLS (19:50)SHC (20:30) 24hr 40mins

RDP (20:00)ANVT (21:00) 25hr 0mins

JBN (20:00)ANVT (21:00) 25hr 0mins

JU (20:00)HWH (04:15) 32hr 15mins

NDLS (20:00)IPR (14:45) 18hr 45mins

RNC (20:10)AII (05:20) 33hr 10mins

OKHA (21:00)GKP (19:25) 46hr 25mins

BE (21:05)BKI (12:01) 2hr 55mins

MFP (21:20)ADI (09:00) 26hr 40mins

DLI (21:40)MLDT (07:05) 33hr 25mins

DLI (21:40)MLDT (07:05) 33hr 25mins

ADI (21:40)PNBE (04:30) 30hr 50mins

BSB (21:55)OKHA (08:50) 34hr 55mins

BME (22:25)GHY (00:50) 50hr 25mins

BDTS (22:40)MFP (21:50) 47hr 10mins

BDTS (22:40)GKP (13:45) 39hr 5mins

KIR (22:45)ASR (12:45) 38hr 0mins

KOAA (22:45)BKN (05:50) 31hr 5mins

SDAH (22:55)AII (02:45) 27hr 50mins

HWH (23:00)GIMB (16:30) 41hr 30mins

ALD (23:00)JP (12:40) 13hr 40mins

ALJN (23:05)ALD (08:35) 9hr 30mins

DBRG (23:25)DLI (06:05) 54hr 40mins

DBRG (23:25)DLI (06:05) 54hr 40mins

PNBE (23:35)ADI (05:20) 29hr 45mins

DLI (23:40)DBRG (04:25) 52hr 45mins

HWH (23:40)BKN (08:35) 32hr 55mins

DLI (23:40)DBRG (04:25) 52hr 45mins

KLK (23:55)HWH (08:05) 32hr 10mins

AII (23:55)RJPB (23:15) 23hr 20mins

Tundla Junction is important for the people of Agra and for tourists providing connections to the east of the country, i.e. Kolkata, Guwahati, Patna etc., and especially to the northern state of Uttar Pradesh.It has connections to Agra Cantonment railway station, Etawah Junction railway station, Aligarh Junction railway station, Phaphund railway station, Kanpur Central railway station etc.