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BSB Railway Station

Trains from station VARANASI JN - BSB

CSMT (00:10)BSB (04:40) 28hr 30mins

PPTA (00:10)UDZ (08:10) 32hr 0mins

CSMT (00:10)BSB (04:40) 23hr 50mins

LTT (00:35)MUV (04:25) 27hr 50mins

LTT (00:45)MUV (04:45) 23hr 15mins

DSJ (01:00)SHM (06:00) 47hr 0mins

JSM (01:25)HWH (16:55) 39hr 30mins

BSB (04:00)TEN (04:00) 140hr 0mins

AGC (04:40)KOAA (09:00) 28hr 20mins

BSB (04:45)LKO (09:50) 5hr 5mins

BSB (04:45)CNB (11:35) 6hr 50mins

BJU (05:00)UMB (08:30) 27hr 30mins

BSB (05:10)LKO (11:25) 6hr 15mins

LTT (05:10)MAU (09:50) 28hr 40mins

BSB (05:15)UDN (09:00) 27hr 45mins

LTT (05:23)BSB (07:10) 25hr 47mins

MUV (05:25)GKP (11:10) 5hr 45mins

GKP (05:30)KOP (13:05) 55hr 35mins

KYQ (05:35)INDB (05:15) 47hr 40mins

PNBE (05:50)INDB (13:20) 31hr 30mins

ASR (05:55)KOAA (15:15) 33hr 20mins

ASR (05:55)KOAA (11:35) 29hr 40mins

ASR (05:55)KOAA (11:35) 29hr 40mins

NDLS (06:00)BSB (14:00) 8hr 0mins

BSB (06:00)SVDK (13:15) 31hr 15mins

CSMT (06:00)HWH (01:45) 42hr 0mins

BSB (06:15)BRC (09:30) 27hr 15mins

MUV (06:20)PNBE (11:00) 4hr 40mins

ANVT (06:30)PURI (16:50) 34hr 20mins

LTT (06:35)GKP (19:10) 36hr 35mins

NLDM (06:50)KOAA (15:15) 32hr 25mins

GD (06:55)BSB (13:40) 6hr 45mins

LKO (07:00)BSB (13:30) 6hr 30mins

DBRG (07:00)ASR (21:05) 62hr 5mins

CPR (07:10)DURG (07:30) 24hr 20mins

BSB (07:15)RMM (14:24) 136hr 45mins

MYS (07:20)BSB (12:00) 52hr 40mins

JAT (07:25)SDAH (18:05) 34hr 40mins

PNBE (07:25)JAT (10:37) 27hr 12mins

MUV (07:30)MFP (18:10) 10hr 40mins

KOAA (07:40)NLDM (16:00) 32hr 20mins

KOAA (07:40)ASR (17:20) 33hr 40mins

RGD (08:00)NDLS (04:45) 20hr 45mins

BSB (08:00)LTT (14:00) 30hr 0mins

RGD (08:00)NDLS (04:45) 16hr 0mins

HWH (08:15)JSM (23:50) 39hr 35mins

HWH (08:15)NDLS (06:05) 21hr 50mins

HWH (08:15)LKU (07:20) 23hr 5mins

HWH (08:15)NDLS (06:05) 15hr 45mins

UDN (08:20)DNR (13:35) 29hr 15mins

BSB (08:25)DDN (06:30) 22hr 5mins

BSB (08:30)ANVT (01:10) 15hr 30mins

BSB (08:35)SDAH (10:55) 26hr 20mins

CPR (09:00)ST (18:40) 33hr 40mins

CPR (09:00)ST (18:40) 33hr 40mins

MLDT (09:05)NDLS (14:35) 29hr 30mins

MLDT (09:05)ANVT (14:30) 29hr 25mins

JU (09:10)BSB (08:45) 23hr 35mins

JU (09:10)BSB (08:50) 23hr 40mins

JU (09:10)BSB (10:30) 25hr 20mins

NDLS (09:25)DBRT (06:15) 44hr 50mins

NDLS (09:25)DBRG (05:15) 43hr 50mins

SC (09:35)DNR (18:55) 33hr 20mins

SC (09:35)DNR (18:51) 14hr 25mins

ST (09:50)CPR (18:35) 32hr 45mins

MUV (09:50)LTT (12:25) 26hr 35mins

BSB (09:50)NDLS (01:45) 14hr 10mins

ST (09:55)CPR (18:35) 32hr 40mins

BJU (10:00)G (18:50) 32hr 50mins

PNBE (10:10)ADI (22:20) 36hr 10mins

RJPB (10:45)INDB (15:20) 28hr 35mins

RJPB (10:45)INDB (15:20) 28hr 35mins

GHY (10:45)OKHA (03:55) 65hr 10mins

PURI (10:55)ANVT (21:35) 34hr 40mins

INDB (10:55)BSB (05:00) 18hr 5mins

INDB (10:55)BSB (06:00) 19hr 5mins

KYQ (11:00)GIMB (02:15) 63hr 15mins

BSB (11:20)CSTM (14:15) 26hr 55mins

NTV (11:20)DURG (14:20) 27hr 0mins

BSB (11:20)CSTM (14:15) 26hr 55mins

PNBE (11:30)KOTA (12:55) 25hr 25mins

PNBE (11:30)KOTA (12:55) 25hr 25mins

NDLS (11:35)BSB (04:35) 17hr 0mins

OKHA (11:40)GHY (07:10) 67hr 30mins

KOAA (11:45)JAT (09:55) 46hr 10mins

KOAA (12:10)AGC (16:50) 28hr 40mins

KOAA (12:10)ASR (17:20) 29hr 10mins

KOAA (12:10)ASR (17:20) 29hr 10mins

LTT (12:15)DBG (01:10) 36hr 55mins

DNR (12:15)SC (21:30) 11hr 45mins

LTT (12:15)DBG (01:10) 36hr 55mins

CLKA (12:30)DSJ (14:30) 35hr 30mins

ASR (12:35)TATA (21:45) 33hr 10mins

LTT (12:40)BSB (19:25) 30hr 45mins

BSB (12:40)JAT (11:05) 22hr 25mins

UDZ (12:45)PPTA (21:15) 32hr 30mins

LKO (12:55)BSB (20:25) 7hr 30mins

HWH (13:00)HW (15:50) 27hr 5mins

HWH (13:00)HW (16:15) 27hr 15mins

DBG (13:05)LTT (03:40) 38hr 35mins

GKP (13:05)LTT (23:00) 33hr 55mins

DBG (13:05)LTT (03:40) 38hr 35mins

SBP (13:10)MUV (09:25) 20hr 15mins

NDLS (13:10)RGD (10:30) 21hr 20mins

SDAH (13:10)JAT (23:30) 34hr 20mins

NDLS (13:10)RGD (10:30) 10hr 50mins

ANVT (13:30)DNR (07:30) 10hr 30mins

GKP (13:40)SHM (10:05) 20hr 25mins

GIMB (13:40)KYQ (06:10) 64hr 30mins

BSB (13:40)PNBE (00:05) 10hr 20mins

BSB (13:45)NDLS (05:40) 15hr 55mins

OKHA (13:45)BSB (02:50) 37hr 5mins

HWH (13:50)ASR (10:20) 44hr 30mins

DHN (13:50)KOP (03:35) 61hr 45mins

INDB (13:55)RJPB (17:20) 27hr 25mins

INDB (13:55)KYQ (13:45) 47hr 55mins

INDB (13:55)RJPB (17:20) 27hr 25mins

JYG (14:00)NDLS (12:30) 22hr 30mins

JAT (14:00)BSB (12:30) 22hr 30mins

BSB (14:10)GD (20:15) 6hr 5mins

JUC (14:20)BSB (14:40) 9hr 40mins

BSB (14:30)ADI (03:45) 37hr 15mins

BSB (14:30)ADI (03:25) 36hr 55mins

BSB (14:45)INDB (09:40) 18hr 55mins

MUV (15:00)RNC (04:15) 13hr 15mins

MUV (15:00)SBP (11:05) 20hr 5mins

BSB (15:00)NDLS (23:00) 8hr 0mins

ANVT (15:10)SMI (21:00) 29hr 50mins

BSB (15:15)INDB (09:40) 18hr 25mins

KOP (15:30)GKP (19:10) 51hr 40mins

GKP (15:30)PUNE (04:05) 36hr 35mins

NDLS (15:30)BSB (07:00) 8hr 30mins

CSMT (15:30)BSB (18:30) 8hr 30mins

BSB (15:35)ADI (23:55) 32hr 20mins

RXL (15:40)LTT (06:00) 32hr 20mins

ASR (15:45)DBRG (04:55) 61hr 10mins

DNR (15:45)ANVT (10:25) 8hr 15mins

LTT (15:50)RNC (07:25) 39hr 35mins

BSB (15:50)LTT (22:50) 31hr 0mins

LTT (15:50)GKP (02:05) 34hr 15mins

LTT (15:50)RXL (07:50) 32hr 10mins

BSB (15:50)LTT (22:50) 31hr 0mins

CNB (16:00)BSB (23:20) 7hr 20mins

GKP (16:00)MUV (21:45) 5hr 45mins

BE (16:05)BSB (07:50) 15hr 45mins

FZR (16:10)DHN (05:05) 36hr 55mins

BGKT (16:10)KYQ (23:05) 54hr 55mins

PUNE (16:15)GKP (01:05) 32hr 50mins

PUNE (16:15)DBG (06:50) 38hr 35mins

BSB (16:15)LKO (22:50) 6hr 35mins

ANVT (16:25)RXL (22:00) 29hr 35mins

ANVT (16:25)RXL (22:10) 29hr 45mins

ANVT (16:25)RXL (22:10) 29hr 45mins

PNBE (16:30)ERS (23:35) 55hr 5mins

DNR (16:40)UDN (22:45) 30hr 5mins

CPA (16:40)GKP (06:55) 14hr 15mins

BSB (16:40)GWL (09:05) 16hr 25mins

BSB (16:40)KURJ (05:20) 12hr 40mins

DBG (16:45)PUNE (08:05) 39hr 20mins

DBG (16:45)ADI (09:00) 31hr 15mins

BSB (16:50)JUC (16:45) 7hr 10mins

ANVT (17:10)MLDT (23:50) 30hr 40mins

BSB (17:15)JU (18:40) 25hr 25mins

PNBE (17:15)MUV (22:15) 5hr 0mins

KYQ (17:15)BGKT (22:15) 53hr 0mins

HWH (17:30)ASR (08:30) 30hr 30mins

NDLS (17:35)HWH (17:15) 23hr 40mins

NDLS (17:35)HWH (17:15) 23hr 40mins

MAS (17:40)CPR (11:45) 42hr 5mins

JAT (17:45)PNBE (20:55) 27hr 15mins

PYGS (17:45)GCT (00:25) 6hr 15mins

UBL (17:50)BSB (12:00) 42hr 10mins

LKO (17:50)BSB (23:20) 5hr 30mins

NDLS (18:00)MLDT (23:50) 29hr 50mins

ASR (18:10)HWH (15:50) 45hr 40mins

KOTA (18:10)PNBE (21:20) 27hr 10mins

KOTA (18:10)PNBE (21:20) 27hr 10mins

BSB (18:15)JU (18:50) 24hr 35mins

BSB (18:15)JU (18:50) 24hr 35mins

ANVT (18:15)BSB (08:05) 13hr 50mins

DDN (18:15)BSB (15:45) 21hr 30mins

ANVT (18:15)SDAH (10:55) 40hr 40mins

NDLS (18:35)BSB (08:25) 13hr 50mins

NDLS (18:35)BSB (08:25) 13hr 50mins

ASR (18:40)HWH (07:30) 36hr 50mins

ASR (18:40)HWH (08:30) 29hr 20mins

JAT (18:55)KOAA (15:45) 44hr 50mins

BSB (18:55)NDLS (08:20) 13hr 25mins

JAT (18:55)KOAA (15:45) 29hr 5mins

BSB (18:55)NDLS (08:20) 13hr 25mins

HWH (19:10)ASR (08:55) 37hr 45mins

MLDT (19:10)DLI (04:50) 33hr 40mins

MLDT (19:10)DLI (04:50) 33hr 40mins

LKU (19:20)HWH (18:55) 23hr 35mins

DBRT (19:20)NDLS (13:55) 42hr 35mins

ADI (19:20)DBG (12:15) 28hr 40mins

AII (19:25)RNC (04:15) 32hr 50mins

MAU (19:25)LTT (05:00) 28hr 35mins

BSB (19:30)ANVT (09:35) 14hr 5mins

CPR (19:35)LJN (09:00) 13hr 25mins

MFP (19:35)MUV (06:00) 10hr 25mins

DURG (19:40)NTV (22:30) 26hr 50mins

MFP (19:40)BL (05:05) 33hr 25mins

DBRG (19:50)NDLS (13:55) 42hr 5mins

HWH (20:00)ALY (12:00) 16hr 0mins

BRC (20:00)BSB (22:20) 26hr 20mins

RNC (20:10)AII (05:20) 33hr 10mins

RNC (20:10)MUV (09:25) 13hr 15mins

BL (20:15)MFP (07:15) 35hr 0mins

SHM (20:20)GKP (16:25) 20hr 5mins

BSB (20:20)LTT (21:30) 25hr 10mins

HWH (20:25)HW (04:45) 32hr 55mins

DURG (20:25)CPR (21:50) 25hr 25mins

BSB (20:30)RGD (05:55) 9hr 25mins

PPTA (20:35)CDG (17:35) 21hr 0mins

NDLS (20:40)JYG (19:25) 22hr 45mins

GWL (20:45)BSB (10:50) 14hr 5mins

ADI (20:45)BSB (09:35) 36hr 50mins

LJN (20:50)CPR (11:10) 14hr 20mins

BTI (20:50)BSB (19:20) 3hr 10mins

G (21:00)BJU (08:30) 35hr 30mins

CPR (21:00)MAS (14:25) 41hr 25mins

ADI (21:00)BSB (05:40) 32hr 40mins

HWH (21:00)BPL (07:00) 27hr 0mins

ADI (21:00)BSB (09:35) 36hr 35mins

BSB (21:05)MYS (02:35) 53hr 30mins

RNC (21:05)LTT (12:05) 39hr 0mins

BSB (21:05)UBL (13:00) 39hr 55mins

SDAH (21:15)ANVT (11:05) 37hr 50mins

TATA (21:15)ASR (06:30) 33hr 15mins

SDAH (21:15)BSB (21:40) 24hr 35mins

DHN (21:20)FZR (10:45) 37hr 25mins

BSB (21:20)BTI (19:15) 2hr 40mins

CDG (21:30)PPTA (18:50) 21hr 20mins

DLI (21:40)MLDT (07:05) 33hr 25mins

DLI (21:40)MLDT (07:05) 33hr 25mins

ADI (21:40)PNBE (07:50) 34hr 10mins

BSB (21:55)OKHA (08:50) 34hr 55mins

BUI (22:10)ANVT (13:05) 14hr 55mins

UMB (22:20)BJU (02:30) 28hr 10mins

HW (22:20)HWH (07:00) 32hr 40mins

GKP (22:45)CPA (13:20) 14hr 35mins

JAT (22:45)HWH (11:30) 36hr 45mins

KOAA (22:45)GCT (12:25) 13hr 40mins

DDU (22:50)LKO (05:10) 6hr 20mins

DDU (22:50)LKO (05:40) 6hr 50mins

RXL (22:50)ANVT (04:50) 30hr 0mins

UDN (22:50)BSB (01:15) 26hr 25mins

LTT (23:05)BSB (06:15) 24hr 55mins

BSB (23:10)BE (13:55) 14hr 45mins

ERS (23:25)PNBE (09:50) 58hr 25mins

INDB (23:30)PNBE (02:50) 27hr 20mins

GCT (23:30)KOAA (13:15) 13hr 45mins

RGD (23:30)BSB (08:40) 9hr 10mins

SVDK (23:30)BSB (03:05) 27hr 35mins

LKO (23:35)DDU (07:15) 7hr 40mins

LKO (23:35)DDU (06:45) 7hr 10mins

RXL (23:40)ANVT (04:50) 29hr 10mins

RXL (23:40)ANVT (04:50) 29hr 10mins

KOP (23:45)DHN (12:00) 60hr 15mins

HW (23:45)HWH (03:20) 27hr 35mins

HW (23:45)HWH (03:20) 27hr 35mins

KURJ (23:50)BSB (10:50) 11hr 0mins

HWH (23:55)JAT (12:35) 36hr 40mins

ANVT (23:55)BUI (15:25) 15hr 30mins

The Varanasi Junction Railway Station has a modern Route Interlock System with automated signalling system. Varanasi railway station was ranked 14 among 75 busiest A1 category stations on cleanliness scale. The station ranks 30th in overall ranking.Varanasi Junction Railway Station handles a large number of passengers, with more than 250 trains daily.