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ASN Railway Station

Trains from station ASANSOL JN - ASN

AII (00:15)KOAA (06:30) 23hr 45mins

UDZ (00:20)KOAA (15:10) 38hr 50mins

JSM (01:25)HWH (16:55) 39hr 30mins

MTJ (04:25)HWH (06:50) 26hr 25mins

AGC (04:40)KOAA (09:00) 28hr 20mins

JYG (05:10)PURI (03:20) 22hr 10mins

BKN (05:20)KOAA (13:15) 31hr 55mins

PNBE (05:30)HWH (13:25) 7hr 55mins

DBRG (05:30)JAJ (17:50) 36hr 20mins

ASN (05:30)HWH (08:50) 3hr 20mins

SMI (05:30)SDAH (03:35) 22hr 5mins

DNR (05:45)TATA (17:20) 11hr 35mins

DHN (05:50)HWH (10:30) 4hr 40mins

ASR (05:55)KOAA (15:15) 33hr 20mins

ASR (05:55)KOAA (11:35) 29hr 40mins

ASR (05:55)KOAA (11:35) 29hr 40mins

SDAH (06:00)SMI (03:15) 21hr 15mins

CSMT (06:00)HWH (01:45) 42hr 0mins

ADI (06:05)KOAA (15:15) 57hr 10mins

HWH (06:05)RNC (13:15) 7hr 10mins

MAS (06:05)GHY (14:00) 55hr 55mins

HWH (06:15)DHN (11:10) 4hr 55mins

ASN (06:45)SDAH (10:45) 4hr 0mins

NLDM (06:50)KOAA (15:15) 32hr 25mins

JSME (07:00)KOAA (13:35) 6hr 35mins

ANVT (07:05)HWH (06:10) 23hr 5mins

GWL (07:15)HWH (06:50) 23hr 35mins

DURG (07:25)RJPB (07:45) 24hr 20mins

JAT (07:25)SDAH (18:05) 34hr 40mins

KOAA (07:25)JHS (09:00) 25hr 35mins

BPL (07:30)HWH (15:05) 31hr 35mins

KOAA (07:40)NLDM (16:00) 32hr 20mins

KOAA (07:40)ASR (17:20) 33hr 40mins

ASN (07:50)MLDT (14:00) 6hr 10mins

MLDT (07:50)DGHA (22:40) 14hr 50mins

ASN (07:55)PNBE (14:05) 6hr 10mins

ASN (07:55)PNBE (14:05) 6hr 10mins

AMH (08:00)KOAA (04:00) 20hr 0mins

HWH (08:00)NDLS (06:05) 22hr 5mins

GKP (08:00)KOAA (04:45) 20hr 45mins

HWH (08:00)NDLS (06:05) 22hr 5mins

HWH (08:15)JSM (23:50) 39hr 35mins

HWH (08:15)NDLS (06:05) 21hr 50mins

HWH (08:15)LKU (07:20) 23hr 5mins

TATA (08:15)DNR (20:00) 11hr 45mins

HWH (08:15)NDLS (06:05) 15hr 45mins

YPR (08:30)KYQ (14:00) 53hr 30mins

HWH (08:35)NDLS (06:25) 21hr 50mins

PNBE (08:40)PURI (03:20) 18hr 40mins

BUI (08:50)SDAH (03:50) 19hr 0mins

SHTT (09:00)TBM (20:50) 59hr 50mins

ASN (09:00)TATA (12:25) 3hr 25mins

HWH (09:35)SGNR (07:10) 45hr 35mins

RXL (10:00)HWH (04:05) 18hr 5mins

GKP (10:10)KOAA (04:45) 18hr 35mins

KOAA (10:40)DBG (23:05) 12hr 25mins

ASR (10:55)SDAH (17:30) 30hr 35mins

MAS (11:00)NJP (04:30) 41hr 30mins

HWH (11:05)DBG (23:05) 12hr 0mins

CSMT (11:05)ASN (23:20) 36hr 15mins

KOAA (11:25)MDJN (05:35) 42hr 10mins

KOAA (11:25)AMH (06:05) 18hr 40mins

GKP (11:30)KOAA (04:45) 17hr 15mins

KOAA (11:45)JAT (09:55) 46hr 10mins

KYQ (12:00)RNC (14:35) 26hr 35mins

KOAA (12:10)AGC (16:50) 28hr 40mins

KOAA (12:10)ASR (17:20) 29hr 10mins

KOAA (12:10)ASR (17:20) 29hr 10mins

HWH (12:30)BPL (18:45) 30hr 15mins

MLDT (12:30)ST (04:50) 40hr 20mins

SMI (12:35)KOAA (04:00) 15hr 25mins

CPR (12:35)TATA (06:35) 18hr 0mins

JYG (12:40)KOAA (04:00) 15hr 20mins

MKA (12:45)HWH (03:15) 14hr 30mins

AII (12:45)SDAH (16:00) 27hr 15mins

ST (12:50)MLDT (06:30) 41hr 40mins

NDLS (12:55)HWH (10:40) 21hr 45mins

HWH (13:00)HW (15:50) 27hr 5mins

HWH (13:00)HW (16:15) 27hr 15mins

TATA (13:00)ASN (16:30) 3hr 30mins

VSG (13:00)GHY (07:00) 59hr 0mins

HWH (13:10)JBP (14:25) 25hr 15mins

KOAA (13:10)UDZ (02:45) 37hr 35mins

SDAH (13:10)ASR (19:45) 30hr 35mins

KOAA (13:10)ADI (19:16) 54hr 6mins

SDAH (13:10)ANVT (11:55) 22hr 45mins

KOAA (13:10)AGC (12:30) 23hr 20mins

SDAH (13:10)JAT (23:30) 34hr 20mins

JSME (13:10)TBM (23:40) 34hr 30mins

SDAH (13:20)BUI (06:10) 16hr 50mins

YPR (13:30)BGP (08:45) 43hr 15mins

BGP (13:30)YPR (09:05) 43hr 35mins

CSMT (13:30)ASN (02:00) 34hr 30mins

RNC (13:45)HWH (21:30) 7hr 45mins

TBM (13:45)JSME (23:10) 33hr 25mins

HWH (13:50)ASR (10:20) 44hr 30mins

KYQ (14:00)YPR (18:25) 52hr 25mins

PNBE (14:00)ERS (16:15) 50hr 15mins

KIR (14:00)TATA (06:35) 16hr 35mins

HWH (14:05)PNBE (22:45) 8hr 40mins

GCT (14:10)KOAA (05:15) 15hr 5mins

PURI (14:25)JYG (13:35) 23hr 10mins

PURI (14:25)PNBE (10:00) 19hr 35mins

PURI (14:25)KYQ (21:35) 31hr 10mins

KOAA (14:30)GKP (08:15) 17hr 45mins

KOAA (14:30)GKP (09:45) 19hr 15mins

KOAA (14:30)GKP (07:45) 17hr 15mins

MFP (14:40)KOAA (04:00) 13hr 20mins

MLDT (14:45)ASN (21:25) 6hr 40mins

PNBE (14:55)ASN (21:45) 6hr 50mins

PNBE (14:55)ASN (21:45) 6hr 50mins

GD (15:00)ASN (11:30) 20hr 30mins

GHY (15:00)KZJ (16:00) 33hr 0mins

MFP (15:15)HWH (03:10) 8hr 45mins

HWH (15:45)RXL (09:30) 17hr 45mins

DBG (15:45)HWH (03:10) 11hr 25mins

DBG (15:45)KOAA (03:20) 11hr 35mins

JYG (16:00)SDAH (07:00) 15hr 0mins

FUT (16:00)YPR (05:00) 32hr 0mins

ASN (16:15)GD (13:00) 20hr 45mins

ASN (16:15)GKP (05:50) 13hr 35mins

DHN (16:25)HWH (21:20) 4hr 55mins

NDLS (16:25)SDAH (10:10) 17hr 45mins

AGC (16:45)KOAA (17:20) 24hr 35mins

PNBE (16:45)GRD (04:20) 11hr 35mins

SDAH (16:50)NDLS (10:35) 17hr 45mins

HWH (16:50)NDLS (10:00) 17hr 10mins

NDLS (16:55)HWH (09:55) 17hr 0mins

NDLS (16:55)HWH (09:55) 17hr 0mins

SDAH (17:00)ASN (21:00) 4hr 0mins

HWH (17:05)NDLS (10:00) 16hr 55mins

ERS (17:15)PNBE (20:00) 50hr 45mins

HWH (17:20)DHN (21:40) 4hr 20mins

BVC (17:30)ASN (10:25) 40hr 55mins

HWH (17:30)ASR (08:30) 30hr 30mins

HWH (17:30)ASR (06:30) 30hr 30mins

NDLS (17:35)HWH (17:15) 23hr 40mins

NDLS (17:35)HWH (17:15) 23hr 40mins

NDLS (17:35)HWH (17:15) 23hr 40mins

NDLS (17:35)HWH (17:15) 23hr 40mins

GIMB (17:40)HWH (13:10) 43hr 30mins

HWH (17:45)GWL (17:15) 23hr 30mins

HWH (17:45)MTJ (20:20) 26hr 35mins

SDAH (17:45)JYG (08:50) 15hr 5mins

HWH (17:45)INDB (01:35) 31hr 50mins

ASR (18:10)HWH (15:50) 45hr 40mins

HWH (18:20)ASN (21:40) 3hr 20mins

HWH (18:40)ANVT (11:20) 16hr 40mins

ASR (18:40)HWH (07:30) 36hr 50mins

ASR (18:40)HWH (08:30) 29hr 20mins

BKN (18:45)HWH (04:15) 33hr 30mins

BKN (18:45)HWH (04:15) 33hr 30mins

HWH (18:50)ANVT (17:05) 22hr 15mins

JAT (18:55)KOAA (15:45) 44hr 50mins

MDJN (18:55)KOAA (17:15) 46hr 20mins

JAT (18:55)KOAA (15:45) 29hr 5mins

DDU (19:00)HWH (07:40) 12hr 40mins

BGP (19:05)RNC (08:35) 13hr 30mins

KYQ (19:05)PURI (03:20) 32hr 15mins

ANVT (19:10)SDAH (17:30) 22hr 20mins

HWH (19:10)ASR (08:55) 37hr 45mins

RNC (19:10)BGP (09:25) 14hr 15mins

LKU (19:20)HWH (18:55) 23hr 35mins

ASN (19:30)CBE (15:00) 43hr 30mins

HWH (19:40)KLK (04:35) 32hr 55mins

RJPB (19:45)DURG (20:40) 24hr 55mins

ASN (19:45)BVC (11:10) 39hr 25mins

ASN (19:45)CSMT (06:15) 34hr 30mins

ANVT (19:50)HWH (12:50) 17hr 0mins

KOAA (19:50)GRD (04:20) 8hr 30mins

HWH (20:00)ALY (12:00) 16hr 0mins

JU (20:00)HWH (04:15) 32hr 15mins

JU (20:00)HWH (04:15) 32hr 15mins

KOAA (20:05)GCT (10:30) 14hr 25mins

KOAA (20:05)PNBE (05:30) 9hr 25mins

PNBE (20:05)KOAA (05:15) 9hr 10mins

HWH (20:25)HW (04:45) 32hr 55mins

BSP (20:30)PNBE (14:05) 17hr 35mins

RNC (20:30)KYQ (23:30) 27hr 0mins

RXL (20:30)HWH (12:20) 15hr 50mins

HWH (20:35)RJPB (06:15) 9hr 40mins

PNBE (20:40)SHM (05:40) 9hr 0mins

PNBE (20:40)SHM (05:40) 9hr 0mins

ASR (20:40)HWH (08:30) 27hr 20mins

GKP (20:55)ASN (11:30) 14hr 35mins

KOAA (20:55)SMI (11:00) 14hr 5mins

KOAA (20:55)JYG (10:55) 14hr 0mins

KOAA (20:55)MFP (09:15) 12hr 20mins

SGNR (21:00)KLK (05:50) 8hr 50mins

RJPB (21:00)HWH (06:40) 9hr 40mins

HWH (21:00)BPL (07:00) 27hr 0mins

JHS (21:05)KOAA (22:00) 24hr 55mins

NJP (21:10)MAS (14:55) 41hr 45mins

TATA (21:25)KIR (14:55) 17hr 30mins

CSMT (21:30)HWH (12:00) 38hr 30mins

CBE (21:45)ASN (10:30) 36hr 45mins

HWH (21:45)KGM (09:30) 35hr 45mins

TBM (21:45)DBRG (18:00) 68hr 15mins

TBM (21:45)SHTT (09:40) 59hr 55mins

KGM (21:45)HWH (12:40) 38hr 55mins

HWH (21:55)CSMT (11:25) 37hr 30mins

SHM (22:00)PNBE (06:40) 8hr 40mins

SHM (22:00)PNBE (06:40) 8hr 40mins

JAJ (22:05)DBRG (12:45) 38hr 40mins

GRD (22:10)PNBE (09:45) 11hr 35mins

HW (22:20)HWH (07:00) 32hr 40mins

KOAA (22:25)JSME (05:50) 7hr 25mins

SMI (22:25)KOAA (12:30) 14hr 5mins

JAT (22:45)HWH (11:30) 36hr 45mins

KOAA (22:45)GCT (12:25) 13hr 40mins

KOAA (22:45)BKN (05:50) 31hr 5mins

KOAA (22:45)SMI (13:10) 14hr 25mins

HWH (22:50)RXL (15:55) 17hr 5mins

SDAH (22:55)AII (02:45) 27hr 50mins

CAPE (23:00)DBRG (06:40) 79hr 40mins

HWH (23:00)GIMB (16:30) 41hr 30mins

ASN (23:00)DHN (00:45) 1hr 0mins

PNU (23:00)SGTY (08:35) 25hr 0mins

DBRG (23:05)CAPE (09:55) 82hr 50mins

HWH (23:10)MKA (12:05) 12hr 55mins

GHY (23:25)MAS (04:30) 53hr 5mins

GCT (23:30)KOAA (13:15) 13hr 45mins

INDB (23:30)HWH (06:50) 31hr 20mins

HWH (23:40)BKN (08:35) 32hr 55mins

HWH (23:40)JU (07:00) 24hr 20mins

DBRG (23:45)TBM (20:50) 69hr 5mins

HW (23:45)HWH (03:20) 27hr 35mins

HW (23:45)HWH (03:20) 27hr 35mins

JBP (23:50)HWH (04:30) 28hr 40mins

DGHA (23:55)MLDT (14:40) 14hr 45mins

HWH (23:55)JAT (12:35) 36hr 40mins

PNBE (23:55)BSP (17:25) 17hr 30mins

KLK (23:55)HWH (08:05) 32hr 10mins

"Asansol Junction railway station" is a Division of Eastern Railway Zone in Asansol subdivision of Paschim Bardhaman district in the Indian States and territories of India of West Bengal. The station is on the Howrah-Delhi main line. It is the 29th busiest railway station in India in terms of frequency of trains after Kanpur Central railway station, Vijayawada Junction railway station, Delhi Junction railway station, New_Delhi_railway_station, Ambala_Cantonment_Junction_railway_station, Howrah_Junction_railway_station and Patna_Junction_railway_station. Around 171 trains pass through the station daily.It serves Asansol and the surrounding areas.

"The entire belt between Durgapur (158 km from Howrah), and all the way up to Dhanbad and beyond is industrialized. Apart from factories, there are many coalmines, some closed now, and some with fires burning deep in the mineshafts. The mining area extends for a large area, mostly to the south of the tracks. Quite a portion of the track passes through cuttings, where the surrounding area is higher than the track level, resulting in the profusion of characteristic small masonry bridges crossing the tracks." This description is from "Gomoh loco shed and CLW trip record" by Samit Roychoudhury.

"A historic outline map of the Raniganj Coalfield Limited showing the proposed extension of railway tracks from Raniganj to Asansol">File:Raniganj Coalfield 1867.jpgThe East Indian Railway needed land to develop the infrastructure for the railways. While the Searsol Raj, then the zamindar in the Raniganj area, refused to provide the land, the Panchakot Raj, then functioning from Kashipur (community development block), agreed to provide the land in Shergarh, of which Asansol was then a part in 1863-64, East Indian Railway purchased a large area of jungle land from the Panchakot Raj, thereby initiating the development of Asansol as an industrial area.

While momentous developments were taking place in connecting Delhi and Kolkata by rail, Bengal Nagpur Railway extended its tracks to the Asansol coal belt in 1887, thus connecting Adra, Purulia with Asansol. The Tatanagar-Adra-Asansol section was electrified in the 1957-1962 period.

Asansol is home to the oldest electric locomotive shed of Indian Railways. It houses WAP-4, Indian locomotive class WAG-5 and Indian locomotive class WAM-4 and Indian locomotive class WAG-7.

Established in 1925, Asansol Division is one of the oldest divisions of Indian Railways. On the Howrah-Delhi main line, its jurisdiction extends from the distant signal of Khana junction to the distant signal of Jhajha . On the Grand Chord line its jurisdiction extends up to the distant signal of Pradhankhunta. Branch lines under its jurisdiction are: Andal-Sainthia, Andal-Tapasi-Barabani-Sitarampur, Madhupur-Giridih, Jasidih-Baidyanathdham and Jasidih-Dumka. With a total of 565 route kilometers, the division has quadruple lines (two up and two down line) from Khana to Sitarampur. It handles 100 mail/express trains daily and 212 passenger train runs per day. The number of originating passengers per day is 144,070.

Asansol is amongst the top hundred booking stations of Indian Railway. 152 trains (including weeklies and bi-weeklies) originate

pass through Asansol railway station. All trains including Sealdah Rajdhani, Howrah Rajdhani, Howrah Duronto, Sealdah Humsafar Express, Yuva Express and Shalimar Duronto stops at Asansol Junction except Sealdah Duronto and Howrah Rajdhani Express Via Patna

Asansol railway station has three double-bedded AC retiring rooms, two double-bedded non-AC retiring rooms and an eight-bedded dormitory. Escalators are present at platform no. 2 & 7. WiFi service also available here. Food Plaza available in station premises and open 24/7. It also has an air-conditioned Premium Lounge for upscale passengers.