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NGP Railway Station

Trains from station NAGPUR - NGP

BKN (00:10)BSP (12:45) 36hr 35mins

LTT (00:15)PURI (08:45) 32hr 30mins

ADI (00:15)HWH (13:30) 37hr 15mins

LTT (00:15)BBS (07:10) 30hr 55mins

LTT (00:15)VSKP (05:25) 29hr 10mins

LTT (00:15)HTE (04:00) 27hr 45mins

ADI (00:15)HWH (13:30) 23hr 45mins

MDU (00:45)NZM (18:00) 41hr 15mins

SNSI (00:45)PURI (11:00) 34hr 15mins

BGKT (01:15)BSP (12:45) 35hr 30mins

TEN (01:15)BSP (21:35) 44hr 20mins

SA (02:00)BTI (23:50) 22hr 0mins

RXL (03:15)HYB (23:15) 44hr 0mins

RIG (03:30)NZM (07:30) 28hr 0mins

ASR (04:10)NGP (04:25) 24hr 15mins

MAS (05:15)SVDK (15:10) 57hr 55mins

MAS (05:15)LJN (20:40) 39hr 25mins

PURI (05:25)LTT (13:35) 32hr 10mins

JAT (05:30)TPTY (11:25) 53hr 55mins

BSL (05:35)NGP (16:10) 10hr 35mins

GAYA (05:35)MS (20:45) 39hr 10mins

TPTY (05:40)NZM (18:00) 36hr 20mins

NZM (05:50)TVC (11:35) 53hr 45mins

NZM (05:50)VSKP (17:30) 35hr 40mins

NZM (05:50)ERS (06:00) 48hr 10mins

BSL (06:00)NZM (07:30) 25hr 30mins

CSMT (06:00)HWH (12:30) 30hr 30mins

NGP (06:00)CSMT (05:35) 23hr 35mins

TVC (06:05)GKP (15:20) 57hr 15mins

MAS (06:05)NZM (10:40) 28hr 35mins

TVC (06:05)KRBA (03:10) 45hr 5mins

TVC (06:05)INDB (05:15) 47hr 10mins

MAS (06:05)NZM (10:40) 28hr 35mins

HYB (06:25)NDLS (09:05) 26hr 40mins

NDLS (06:25)VSKP (17:50) 35hr 25mins

VSKP (06:25)NZM (16:45) 34hr 20mins

NZM (06:25)YPR (19:35) 37hr 10mins

HYB (06:25)NDLS (09:05) 26hr 40mins

GKP (06:35)YPR (04:45) 46hr 10mins

GKP (06:35)TVC (17:20) 58hr 45mins

GKP (06:35)SC (15:10) 32hr 35mins

GKP (06:35)YPR (09:45) 51hr 10mins

MAS (06:35)NDLS (10:30) 27hr 55mins

MAS (06:40)NZM (10:40) 28hr 0mins

JBP (06:45)YPR (13:30) 30hr 45mins

MS (07:00)GAYA (22:00) 39hr 0mins

OKHA (07:05)HWH (03:35) 44hr 30mins

NZM (07:10)CAPE (07:40) 48hr 30mins

BBS (07:10)LTT (13:35) 30hr 25mins

BJU (07:10)SC (22:40) 39hr 30mins

NZM (07:10)TPTY (21:50) 38hr 40mins

NZM (07:10)MDU (02:25) 43hr 15mins

NGP (07:20)REWA (19:50) 12hr 30mins

SC (07:20)GKP (15:20) 32hr 0mins

MYS (07:20)DBG (14:35) 55hr 15mins

NGP (07:20)BSL (17:45) 10hr 25mins

YPR (07:30)GKP (13:30) 54hr 0mins

PBR (07:50)HWH (03:35) 43hr 45mins

CDG (07:55)MDU (12:45) 52hr 50mins

SA (08:00)HSR (09:00) 40hr 0mins

RU (08:00)NZM (17:20) 16hr 0mins

BSP (08:10)HAPA (14:50) 30hr 40mins

G (08:10)SUR (09:30) 25hr 20mins

BSP (08:10)TEN (05:20) 45hr 10mins

BSP (08:10)ERS (21:45) 37hr 35mins

PBR (08:15)SRC (08:05) 47hr 50mins

HWH (08:20)PUNE (11:45) 27hr 25mins

VSKP (08:20)NZM (17:10) 32hr 50mins

HWH (08:20)CSMT (10:30) 26hr 10mins

ST (08:30)PURI (16:15) 31hr 45mins

VSKP (08:35)NDLS (19:05) 34hr 30mins

NZM (08:35)VSKP (18:10) 33hr 35mins

NZM (08:35)CBE (09:15) 48hr 40mins

GKP (08:50)YPR (11:30) 50hr 40mins

ERS (08:50)BSP (21:35) 36hr 45mins

SBC (09:00)DNR (09:05) 48hr 5mins

VSKP (09:00)LTT (13:35) 28hr 35mins

PDY (09:15)NDLS (02:10) 40hr 55mins

CBE (09:20)JP (06:15) 44hr 55mins

NGP (09:20)PUNE (04:05) 14hr 40mins

SC (09:35)DNR (18:55) 33hr 20mins

SC (09:35)DNR (18:51) 14hr 25mins

HTE (09:40)LTT (13:43) 28hr 3mins

YPR (09:55)PPTA (10:00) 48hr 5mins

SBC (10:00)DNR (09:05) 47hr 5mins

ERS (10:15)BJU (23:10) 60hr 55mins

PURI (10:30)GIMB (06:40) 44hr 10mins

PUNE (10:30)SRC (18:15) 31hr 45mins

NGP (10:30)ADI (03:25) 16hr 55mins

MYS (10:40)JP (06:15) 43hr 35mins

PUNE (10:45)HTE (17:05) 30hr 20mins

SRE (10:45)MDU (12:45) 50hr 0mins

YPR (10:50)LKO (08:50) 46hr 0mins

NLR (11:00)AII (23:30) 13hr 0mins

CSMT (11:05)HWH (19:30) 32hr 25mins

GAD (11:15)ASR (08:10) 44hr 55mins

TVC (11:15)NDLS (13:45) 50hr 30mins

NDLS (11:25)TVC (15:15) 51hr 50mins

LTT (11:30)KYQ (18:45) 55hr 15mins

BSP (11:35)PUNE (09:45) 22hr 10mins

NGP (11:55)JP (14:10) 26hr 15mins

MDU (11:55)BKN (17:45) 53hr 50mins

PURI (12:00)SNSI (20:00) 32hr 0mins

NTSK (12:00)GNQ (17:00) 36hr 0mins

DNR (12:15)SC (21:30) 33hr 15mins

DNR (12:15)SC (21:30) 11hr 45mins

KOP (12:20)NGP (12:20) 24hr 0mins

MQ (12:25)BGKT (17:50) 53hr 25mins

MLDT (12:30)ST (04:50) 40hr 20mins

RXL (12:45)SC (06:55) 42hr 10mins

SC (12:45)NZM (10:40) 21hr 55mins

ST (12:50)MLDT (06:30) 41hr 40mins

KRMI (13:00)NGP (14:30) 25hr 30mins

SUR (13:00)NGP (05:15) 16hr 15mins

YPR (13:00)GKP (23:00) 35hr 0mins

GKP (13:00)YPR (21:45) 35hr 0mins

SC (13:10)NZM (10:40) 21hr 30mins

SC (13:10)NZM (10:40) 10hr 50mins

SC (13:15)NDLS (10:40) 21hr 25mins

INDB (13:20)PURI (20:05) 30hr 45mins

LTT (13:20)TATA (14:20) 10hr 40mins

KJM (13:37)PNBE (12:45) 47hr 8mins

HWH (13:40)CSMT (21:20) 31hr 40mins

DHN (13:50)KOP (03:35) 61hr 45mins

SNSI (13:55)HWH (19:30) 29hr 35mins

SNSI (13:55)PURI (21:50) 31hr 55mins

JU (14:00)PURI (10:00) 44hr 0mins

BSP (14:00)NDLS (10:55) 20hr 55mins

TVC (14:15)NZM (17:10) 50hr 55mins

CAPE (14:15)SVDK (15:10) 72hr 55mins

CSMT (14:30)NGP (05:40) 9hr 30mins

HWH (14:35)CSMT (23:25) 32hr 50mins

HWH (14:35)SNSI (20:00) 29hr 25mins

G (14:40)CSMT (07:00) 16hr 20mins

SRC (14:50)NED (19:10) 28hr 20mins

VSKP (14:50)NZM (04:05) 37hr 15mins

SUR (14:50)SRC (06:10) 33hr 10mins

CSMT (14:55)BPQ (09:45) 18hr 50mins

CBE (14:55)NZM (14:15) 47hr 20mins

NGP (15:00)KOP (14:00) 23hr 0mins

SHM (15:00)LTT (04:50) 37hr 50mins

BKN (15:00)MDU (18:40) 51hr 40mins

NGP (15:00)SUR (08:40) 17hr 40mins

NGP (15:00)PUNE (08:05) 17hr 5mins

PUNE (15:15)HWH (19:50) 28hr 35mins

NZM (15:20)BSL (15:50) 24hr 30mins

NZM (15:20)RIG (19:00) 27hr 40mins

NED (15:25)SRC (19:15) 27hr 50mins

KOP (15:30)GKP (19:10) 51hr 40mins

NGP (15:30)CSMT (06:15) 14hr 45mins

NDLS (15:45)BSP (12:00) 20hr 15mins

NZM (15:45)MAS (20:40) 28hr 55mins

DBG (15:45)MYS (23:40) 55hr 55mins

NZM (15:45)SC (14:00) 22hr 15mins

NZM (15:45)SC (14:00) 22hr 15mins

PURI (15:50)JU (12:00) 44hr 10mins

YPR (15:50)JBP (22:30) 30hr 40mins

NZM (15:55)MAS (20:40) 28hr 45mins

NZM (15:55)SC (14:00) 22hr 5mins

NZM (15:55)MAS (20:40) 28hr 45mins

TEN (16:00)SVDK (15:10) 71hr 10mins

NGP (16:00)PUNE (10:15) 18hr 15mins

NGP (16:00)NK (04:00) 8hr 0mins

NDLS (16:00)BSP (12:00) 20hr 0mins

NDLS (16:00)MAS (20:40) 8hr 0mins

NDLS (16:00)SC (14:00) 22hr 0mins

BGKT (16:10)TBM (10:40) 42hr 30mins

BGKT (16:10)MQ (17:15) 49hr 5mins

ASR (16:10)BSP (12:15) 44hr 5mins

LJN (16:20)MAS (10:10) 41hr 50mins

PNBE (16:30)ERS (23:35) 55hr 5mins

JP (16:30)NGP (19:15) 26hr 45mins

CSMT (16:35)NGP (16:15) 23hr 40mins

INDB (16:50)TVC (17:20) 48hr 30mins

SBC (17:00)NZM (08:40) 31hr 0mins

MAQ (17:05)SVDK (15:10) 70hr 5mins

CSMT (17:15)HWH (19:50) 26hr 35mins

CSMT (17:15)HWH (00:15) 30hr 45mins

YPR (17:20)GKP (15:05) 45hr 45mins

AII (17:20)PURI (18:20) 49hr 0mins

NDLS (17:25)HYB (19:35) 26hr 10mins

NDLS (17:25)HYB (19:35) 26hr 10mins

PURI (17:30)ADI (07:25) 37hr 55mins

PUNE (17:40)NGP (09:25) 15hr 45mins

PUNE (17:40)BSP (16:50) 23hr 10mins

MAS (17:40)CPR (11:45) 42hr 5mins

ADI (17:40)NGP (10:40) 17hr 0mins

MAS (17:40)JP (06:15) 36hr 35mins

PUNE (17:40)NGP (09:25) 15hr 45mins

AMI (17:45)JBP (06:55) 13hr 10mins

NGP (17:50)ASR (21:05) 27hr 15mins

TPTY (17:55)JAT (21:10) 51hr 15mins

KYQ (18:00)LTT (23:15) 53hr 15mins

NDLS (18:00)MAS (05:00) 30hr 0mins

PAU (18:10)PNBE (02:30) 32hr 20mins

PURI (18:20)ADI (07:25) 37hr 5mins

SUR (18:20)G (20:20) 26hr 0mins

PUNE (18:25)HWH (04:15) 33hr 50mins

BSP (18:25)BGKT (05:00) 34hr 35mins

BSP (18:25)BKN (05:50) 35hr 25mins

SRC (18:25)PUNE (02:45) 32hr 20mins

LKO (18:30)YPR (13:30) 43hr 0mins

NGP (18:35)PUNE (09:45) 15hr 10mins

NGP (18:35)PUNE (09:45) 15hr 10mins

CNB (18:40)KCG (21:50) 27hr 10mins

NDLS (18:40)MAS (06:20) 35hr 40mins

ADI (18:40)PURI (08:10) 37hr 30mins

ADI (18:40)PURI (08:55) 38hr 15mins

NGP (19:00)INDB (06:50) 11hr 50mins

ERS (19:00)NZM (17:10) 46hr 10mins

NGP (19:00)INDB (05:40) 10hr 40mins

CSMT (19:05)G (11:20) 16hr 15mins

CAPE (19:15)NZM (18:00) 46hr 45mins

TBM (19:15)BGKT (19:10) 47hr 55mins

MAS (19:15)NDLS (06:30) 35hr 15mins

BSL (19:30)NGP (08:45) 4hr 30mins

JP (19:35)CBE (18:00) 46hr 25mins

JP (19:35)MYS (15:45) 44hr 10mins

JP (19:35)MAS (09:30) 37hr 55mins

KRBA (19:40)TVC (17:20) 45hr 40mins

NGP (19:40)PUNE (11:45) 16hr 5mins

PURI (19:45)ST (03:20) 31hr 35mins

PURI (19:45)GIMB (12:50) 41hr 5mins

NGP (19:50)RJT (16:30) 20hr 40mins

HWH (20:00)CSMT (05:20) 33hr 20mins

LKO (20:00)YPR (16:40) 44hr 40mins

HTE (20:00)PUNE (02:45) 30hr 45mins

SBC (20:00)NZM (05:55) 33hr 55mins

SUR (20:00)NGP (13:30) 17hr 30mins

GNQ (20:00)NTSK (02:30) 52hr 0mins

HWH (20:00)CSMT (05:20) 28hr 0mins

DNR (20:10)SBC (20:20) 48hr 10mins

DNR (20:10)SBC (20:20) 48hr 10mins

CSMT (20:15)NGP (07:20) 11hr 5mins

PNBE (20:15)BAND (21:00) 48hr 45mins

PPTA (20:15)YPR (20:55) 48hr 40mins

NDLS (20:15)VSKP (05:05) 32hr 50mins

NDLS (20:15)VSKP (05:05) 32hr 50mins

PUNE (20:30)NGP (14:30) 18hr 0mins

SBC (20:30)NDLS (05:55) 33hr 25mins

LTT (20:35)HWH (03:35) 31hr 0mins

LTT (20:35)PURI (07:50) 35hr 15mins

CSMT (20:35)HWH (05:50) 33hr 15mins

LTT (20:35)HWH (08:25) 35hr 50mins

INDB (20:35)NGP (08:25) 11hr 50mins

CSMT (20:35)HWH (05:50) 27hr 25mins

NGP (20:40)CSMT (08:05) 11hr 25mins

NZM (20:45)SBC (06:40) 33hr 55mins

NGP (20:50)CSMT (11:40) 14hr 50mins

JBP (20:50)AMI (09:50) 13hr 0mins

REWA (20:50)NGP (10:55) 14hr 5mins

MUV (21:00)RMM (00:45) 51hr 45mins

CPR (21:00)MAS (14:25) 41hr 25mins

NGP (21:00)CSMT (12:10) 3hr 0mins

HWH (21:15)LTT (07:30) 34hr 15mins

NDLS (21:15)SBC (06:40) 26hr 45mins

NDLS (21:15)SBC (06:40) 33hr 25mins

PURI (21:25)LTT (07:30) 34hr 5mins

SRC (21:25)PBR (20:30) 47hr 5mins

INDB (21:25)NGP (08:25) 11hr 0mins

AII (21:35)RMM (03:15) 53hr 40mins

SC (21:40)RXL (18:15) 44hr 35mins

HYB (21:40)RXL (17:25) 43hr 45mins

SC (21:40)PNBE (09:50) 36hr 10mins

HWH (21:45)PUNE (06:50) 33hr 5mins

SHM (21:45)CSMT (09:25) 26hr 15mins

SVDK (21:55)MAS (10:10) 60hr 15mins

SVDK (21:55)TEN (18:00) 68hr 5mins

SVDK (21:55)TEN (00:45) 74hr 50mins

TATA (21:55)LTT (23:45) 2hr 5mins

YPR (22:00)NZM (09:15) 35hr 15mins

NGP (22:00)SC (08:25) 10hr 25mins

LTT (22:00)SHM (12:20) 38hr 20mins

MAS (22:00)NDLS (07:05) 33hr 5mins

RMM (22:00)AII (23:25) 49hr 25mins

RJT (22:00)NGP (22:15) 24hr 15mins

PUNE (22:00)NGP (13:30) 15hr 30mins

VSKP (22:00)NDLS (06:35) 26hr 0mins

VSKP (22:00)NDLS (06:35) 26hr 0mins

SC (22:15)NGP (08:15) 10hr 0mins

SC (22:15)BJU (11:40) 37hr 25mins

HAPA (22:25)BSP (04:40) 30hr 15mins

HYB (22:30)NZM (04:05) 29hr 35mins

NDLS (22:30)MAS (07:10) 32hr 40mins

PURI (22:45)AII (21:10) 46hr 25mins

GIMB (22:45)PURI (16:15) 41hr 30mins

PURI (22:45)SNSI (07:30) 32hr 45mins

PUNE (22:45)HWH (06:45) 25hr 15mins

HWH (22:50)LTT (05:50) 31hr 0mins

HWH (22:50)OKHA (20:00) 45hr 10mins

BJU (22:50)ERS (13:00) 62hr 10mins

NZM (23:00)VSKP (13:30) 38hr 30mins

GIMB (23:00)PURI (19:00) 44hr 0mins

RMM (23:00)MUV (04:45) 53hr 45mins

RMM (23:00)FD (08:30) 57hr 30mins

PNBE (23:10)PAU (07:10) 32hr 0mins

KCG (23:20)CNB (02:20) 27hr 0mins

ERS (23:25)PNBE (09:50) 58hr 25mins

NGP (23:30)SRC (17:15) 0hr 30mins

MDU (23:35)CDG (03:50) 52hr 15mins

YPR (23:40)LKO (18:40) 43hr 0mins

YPR (23:40)GKP (19:45) 44hr 5mins

KOP (23:45)DHN (12:00) 60hr 15mins

NDLS (23:45)PDY (17:55) 42hr 10mins

AII (23:45)NLR (18:00) 24hr 15mins

HWH (23:55)ADI (13:25) 37hr 30mins

FD (23:55)RMM (07:10) 55hr 15mins

PURI (23:55)INDB (11:25) 35hr 30mins

HWH (23:55)ADI (13:25) 24hr 5mins

CSMT (23:55)SHM (11:35) 24hr 5mins

"Nagpur Junction" (station code: "NGP") is a railway station in Nagpur, in the Indian state of Maharashtra.It situated at the junction of Howrah-Mumbai and New Delhi-Chennai main lines.

Nagpur Train station is one of the oldest and busiest stations in Maharashtra, India. In 1867, Mumbai rail first connected to Nagpur. In 1881, Nagpur was connected to Kolkata via the Nagpur State Railway of Chhattisgarh. Prior to 1924, the Nagpur Railway Junction Station was located east of its current location. Nagpur Junction Railway Station became a major tourist destination.

Nagpur railway station receives two hundred and twenty-eight trains, with approximately 160,000 passengers embarking and disembarking daily. but it will be clean very soon and compete with other station"Survey of new rail line Chhindwara-Kareli-Sagour Rail line is in progress. This will help in connecting Villages of Chhindwara, Narsinghpur And Sagar Districts and Help in the Development of Satpura, Mahakaushal and Bundelkhand Area respectively as a whole. This will provide and alternative North South Route Via Lalitpur-Sagar-Narsinghpur-Chhindwara-Nagpur route alternative to Bina-Bhopal-Itarsi-Amla-Betul-Nagpur route thereby decreasing the distance between North South by nearly 300 km. Kareli Railway Station will serve as an alternative to Itarsi Junction. This railway line will help in connecting Itarsi-Narsinghpur-Jabalpur-katni stretch and Itarsi - Bhopal-Bina-Saugor-Katni stretch of West Central Railways. Recently CCEA also Sanctioned Gadarwara-Indore new rail line via Budni. These two rail lines in combination will reduce the distance of State's Financial Capital Indore from District like Jabalpur, Narsinghpur, Hoshangabad, Sagar, Chhindwara which will help in industrial and economic development of these regions"