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OKHA Railway Station

Trains from station OKHA - OKHA

OKHA (04:05)ERS (22:35) 42hr 30mins

GKP (04:45)OKHA (03:55) 47hr 10mins

DDN (05:50)OKHA (16:10) 34hr 20mins

OKHA (07:05)HWH (03:35) 44hr 30mins

OKHA (07:30)NDT (05:50) 22hr 20mins

OKHA (07:30)RMM (19:30) 60hr 0mins

OKHA (08:30)DDN (19:40) 35hr 10mins

OKHA (08:30)PURI (10:20) 49hr 50mins

PURI (09:25)OKHA (13:50) 52hr 25mins

GHY (10:45)OKHA (03:55) 65hr 10mins

OKHA (11:40)GHY (07:10) 67hr 30mins

ADI (12:10)OKHA (05:30) 17hr 20mins

VG (12:40)OKHA (00:50) 11hr 20mins

OKHA (13:10)MMCT (07:10) 18hr 0mins

OKHA (13:45)BSB (02:50) 37hr 5mins

OKHA (14:45)BVC (05:50) 15hr 5mins

JP (16:20)OKHA (13:50) 21hr 30mins

OKHA (19:20)JP (15:20) 20hr 0mins

OKHA (20:05)SMNH (05:30) 9hr 25mins

ERS (20:25)OKHA (17:05) 44hr 40mins

OKHA (21:00)GKP (19:25) 46hr 25mins

MMCT (21:35)VRL (15:35) 18hr 0mins

NDT (21:40)OKHA (20:50) 23hr 10mins

BVC (21:40)OKHA (13:05) 15hr 25mins

BSB (21:55)OKHA (08:50) 34hr 55mins

TN (22:00)OKHA (01:35) 51hr 35mins

RMM (22:00)OKHA (13:50) 63hr 50mins

OKHA (22:10)ADI (14:10) 16hr 0mins

OKHA (22:10)RJT (05:00) 1hr 50mins

RJT (22:20)OKHA (05:30) 1hr 40mins

SMNH (22:35)OKHA (08:25) 9hr 50mins

HWH (22:50)OKHA (20:00) 45hr 10mins

OKHA (23:55)TN (07:10) 55hr 15mins

"Okha railway station" is a railway station in Okha, Gujarat. It belongs to Rajkot Division of Western Railway (India) in India.

Okha railway station is one of the western broad gauge railway stations in India. It serves the port of Okha. There are trains to different destinations in India like Mumbai Central railway station, Somnath railway station, Howrah railway station, Nathdwara Railway Station, Gorakhpur railway station, Puri railway station, Guwahati Junction railway station, Rameswaram railway station, Ernakulam Junction railway station, Tuticorin railway station, varanasi railway station, Dehradun railway station and Jaipur Railway Station .

Jamnagar-Okha metre gauge line was opened for traffic in the year 1922 by Jamnagar & Dwaraka Railway. Later Jamnagar & Dwaraka Railway was merged into Saurashtra Railway in April 1948. Later it was undertaken by Western Railway. Gauge Conversion of Hapa-Okha section was later completed in 1984 by Indian Railways.

Following Express/Superfast trains originate from Okha railway station:, 15635/36 Dwarka Express, 15045/46 Gorakhpur - Okha Express, 19567/68 Okha - Tuticorin Vivek Express, 16337/38 Ernakulam-Okha Express, 19251/52 Somnath - Okha Express, 22969/70 Okha - Varanasi Superfast Express, 22905/06 Okha - Howrah Link Express, 16733/34 Rameswaram - Okha Express, 19575/76 Okha - Nathdwara Express, 18401/02 Puri Okha Dwarka Express, 19565/66 Uttaranchal Express, 19573/74 Okha - Jaipur Weekly Express, 22945/46 Saurashtra Mail