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TNA Railway Station

Trains from station THANE - TNA

DR (00:05)SWV (10:40) 10hr 35mins

CSMT (00:10)BSB (04:40) 28hr 30mins

LTT (00:15)PURI (08:45) 32hr 30mins

LTT (00:15)BBS (07:10) 30hr 55mins

LTT (00:15)HTE (04:00) 27hr 45mins

LTT (00:15)MDU (09:45) 33hr 30mins

KCVL (00:35)LTT (04:10) 27hr 35mins

LTT (00:45)KRMI (12:30) 11hr 45mins

LTT (00:45)KCVL (09:05) 32hr 20mins

LTT (01:10)KRMI (11:00) 9hr 50mins

LTT (01:10)KRMI (12:30) 11hr 20mins

LTT (01:10)MAO (12:35) 11hr 25mins

LTT (01:10)SWV (12:30) 11hr 20mins

PBH (01:50)LTT (06:00) 28hr 10mins

TVC (04:25)CSMT (20:50) 40hr 25mins

J (04:45)DR (12:30) 7hr 45mins

CPR (05:15)LTT (16:15) 35hr 0mins

AMH (05:20)LTT (12:05) 30hr 45mins

LTT (05:23)RBL (08:30) 27hr 7mins

LTT (05:23)BSB (07:10) 25hr 47mins

LTT (05:23)ALD (08:50) 27hr 27mins

PURI (05:25)LTT (13:35) 32hr 10mins

MMR (05:25)CSMT (10:07) 4hr 42mins

DR (05:25)MAO (14:10) 8hr 45mins

GKP (05:30)KOP (13:05) 55hr 35mins

RN (05:30)DR (14:20) 8hr 50mins

GKP (05:30)LTT (16:00) 34hr 30mins

LTT (05:33)MAO (17:30) 11hr 57mins

CSMT (05:40)PUNE (09:05) 3hr 25mins

CSMT (05:50)KRMI (14:00) 8hr 10mins

MAO (06:00)LTT (17:10) 11hr 10mins

NCJ (06:00)CSMT (20:50) 38hr 50mins

NCJ (06:00)CSMT (20:50) 38hr 50mins

NGP (06:00)CSMT (05:35) 23hr 35mins

CSMT (06:15)NED (18:00) 11hr 45mins

GKP (06:20)LTT (16:15) 33hr 55mins

NED (06:30)LTT (23:45) 17hr 15mins

LTT (06:35)GKP (19:10) 36hr 35mins

CAPE (06:40)CSMT (04:40) 46hr 0mins

CSMT (06:40)PUNE (09:57) 3hr 17mins

CSMT (07:00)PUNE (11:05) 4hr 5mins

BBS (07:10)LTT (13:35) 30hr 25mins

CSMT (07:10)MAO (19:00) 11hr 50mins

TEN (07:15)DR (15:10) 31hr 55mins

PUNE (07:50)CSMT (11:15) 3hr 25mins

LTT (07:50)KYQ (04:25) 44hr 35mins

BIDR (08:20)LTT (23:55) 15hr 35mins

KRMI (08:20)LTT (00:20) 16hr 0mins

ASR (08:30)CSTM (04:05) 43hr 35mins

MMR (08:35)LTT (13:00) 4hr 25mins

KCVL (08:45)LTT (11:45) 27hr 0mins

CBE (08:55)LTT (14:30) 29hr 35mins

BGP (09:00)LTT (20:00) 35hr 0mins

MAO (09:15)CSMT (21:40) 12hr 25mins

SNSI (09:20)DR (15:10) 5hr 50mins

TVC (09:30)LTT (16:40) 31hr 10mins

NED (10:05)CSMT (21:50) 11hr 45mins

LTT (10:55)CPR (21:05) 34hr 10mins

LTT (10:55)GKP (20:20) 33hr 25mins

BSB (11:20)CSTM (14:15) 26hr 55mins

BE (11:25)LTT (20:00) 32hr 35mins

LTT (11:30)KZJ (15:00) 27hr 30mins

LTT (11:30)KZJ (06:45) 19hr 15mins

LTT (11:40)TVC (18:25) 30hr 45mins

MAO (12:00)LTT (23:55) 11hr 55mins

LTT (12:05)BIDR (01:30) 13hr 25mins

LTT (12:05)NED (04:45) 16hr 40mins

LTT (12:05)KIK (18:35) 30hr 30mins

CSMT (12:10)NCJ (03:40) 39hr 30mins

CSMT (12:10)NCJ (03:40) 39hr 30mins

CSMT (12:10)TVC (03:50) 39hr 40mins

LTT (12:15)DBG (01:10) 36hr 55mins

MAS (12:20)CSMT (13:35) 25hr 15mins

LTT (12:40)BSB (19:25) 30hr 45mins

KRMI (13:00)LTT (00:20) 11hr 20mins

KRMI (13:00)LTT (00:20) 11hr 20mins

DBG (13:05)LTT (03:40) 38hr 35mins

SC (13:25)CSMT (07:10) 17hr 45mins

GDG (13:40)CSMT (05:10) 15hr 30mins

LTT (13:40)LKO (13:45) 24hr 5mins

MAJN (13:50)CSMT (04:25) 14hr 35mins

THVM (13:50)LTT (00:20) 10hr 30mins

CSMT (14:00)MAS (16:20) 26hr 20mins

KIK (14:00)LTT (23:45) 33hr 45mins

DR (14:00)J (21:30) 7hr 30mins

KRMI (14:00)LTT (23:55) 9hr 55mins

KCVL (14:15)LTT (23:55) 33hr 40mins

SWV (14:20)LTT (00:20) 10hr 0mins

CSMT (14:25)PUNE (18:40) 4hr 15mins

MAQ (14:25)LTT (06:35) 16hr 10mins

G (14:40)CSMT (07:00) 16hr 20mins

KRMI (14:40)CSMT (23:15) 8hr 35mins

MAO (14:40)DR (23:15) 8hr 35mins

BJP (14:50)CSTM (04:10) 13hr 20mins

CSMT (14:55)BPQ (09:45) 18hr 50mins

LTT (14:55)MMR (19:25) 4hr 30mins

SHM (15:00)LTT (04:50) 37hr 50mins

GHY (15:00)LTT (20:00) 53hr 0mins

CSMT (15:05)BBS (04:35) 37hr 30mins

PUNE (15:15)CSMT (19:17) 4hr 2mins

LTT (15:20)MAQ (07:30) 16hr 10mins

BBS (15:25)CSMT (03:55) 36hr 30mins

NGP (15:30)CSMT (06:15) 14hr 45mins

CSMT (15:35)CAPE (12:50) 45hr 15mins

FD (15:35)LTT (21:30) 29hr 55mins

DR (15:40)RN (01:00) 9hr 20mins

BSB (15:50)LTT (22:50) 31hr 0mins

MAO (16:00)LTT (05:10) 13hr 10mins

LKO (16:10)LTT (17:30) 25hr 20mins

AJNI (16:15)LTT (13:45) 21hr 30mins

RBL (16:15)LTT (21:30) 29hr 15mins

LTT (16:25)AGC (13:50) 21hr 25mins

LTT (16:25)PBH (19:05) 26hr 40mins

CSMT (16:25)PUNE (19:50) 3hr 25mins

LTT (16:25)LJN (15:10) 22hr 45mins

LTT (16:25)HBJ (05:20) 12hr 55mins

CSMT (16:35)NGP (16:15) 23hr 40mins

LTT (16:40)AMH (02:10) 33hr 30mins

LTT (16:40)AJNI (14:15) 21hr 35mins

LTT (16:55)KCVL (20:50) 27hr 55mins

GHY (16:55)LTT (20:00) 51hr 5mins

LTT (16:55)KCVL (20:50) 27hr 55mins

BPQ (17:15)CSMT (11:40) 18hr 25mins

PVR (17:25)CSMT (04:10) 10hr 45mins

KZJ (17:35)LTT (23:15) 29hr 40mins

LTT (17:50)GKP (04:30) 34hr 40mins

PUNE (17:55)CSMT (21:05) 3hr 10mins

MAO (18:00)CSMT (05:50) 11hr 50mins

MDU (18:00)LTT (05:45) 35hr 45mins

HBJ (18:20)LTT (07:30) 13hr 10mins

KZJ (18:25)LTT (13:45) 19hr 20mins

ALD (18:30)LTT (21:30) 27hr 0mins

PUNE (18:35)CSMT (22:00) 3hr 25mins

SWV (18:50)DR (06:45) 11hr 55mins

GKP (19:00)LTT (04:20) 33hr 20mins

CSMT (19:05)G (11:20) 16hr 15mins

AMI (19:05)CSMT (06:45) 11hr 40mins

DHI (19:20)CSMT (04:05) 8hr 45mins

BIDR (19:50)CSMT (07:55) 12hr 5mins

CSMT (19:55)AMI (08:05) 12hr 10mins

BSB (20:20)LTT (21:30) 25hr 10mins

CSMT (20:20)KOP (07:25) 11hr 5mins

KOP (20:30)CSMT (07:35) 11hr 5mins

CSMT (20:35)HWH (05:50) 33hr 15mins

DR (20:40)TEN (04:00) 31hr 20mins

LTT (20:45)KRMI (08:30) 11hr 45mins

LTT (20:45)KRMI (09:00) 3hr 15mins

NGP (20:50)CSMT (11:40) 14hr 50mins

KYQ (21:00)LTT (17:30) 44hr 30mins

CSMT (21:00)LUR (06:30) 9hr 30mins

CSMT (21:00)BIDR (09:15) 12hr 15mins

CSMT (21:10)SC (14:30) 17hr 20mins

LTT (21:15)MAO (11:10) 13hr 55mins

CSMT (21:20)GDG (12:20) 15hr 0mins

DD (21:30)CSMT (04:10) 6hr 40mins

DR (21:45)SNSI (03:45) 6hr 0mins

DR (21:45)SNSI (03:45) 6hr 0mins

LTT (22:00)SHM (12:20) 38hr 20mins

NED (22:00)CSMT (10:07) 12hr 7mins

CSMT (22:02)MAJN (12:50) 14hr 48mins

SNSI (22:25)DR (04:30) 6hr 5mins

LUR (22:30)CSMT (07:55) 9hr 25mins

LTT (22:35)CBE (07:00) 32hr 25mins

SUR (22:40)CSMT (06:35) 7hr 55mins

CSMT (22:45)SUR (06:50) 8hr 5mins

LJN (22:45)LTT (23:00) 24hr 15mins

LTT (22:45)GKP (07:05) 32hr 20mins

KOP (22:50)CSMT (12:05) 13hr 15mins

CSMT (22:55)PVR (10:30) 11hr 35mins

CSMT (22:55)BJP (12:30) 13hr 35mins

CSMT (22:55)DD (05:50) 7hr 10mins

CSMT (23:05)MAO (10:45) 11hr 40mins

CSMT (23:30)DHI (07:15) 7hr 45mins

LTT (23:35)PPTA (04:45) 29hr 10mins

AGC (23:35)LTT (23:00) 23hr 25mins

PNBE (23:55)LTT (11:30) 35hr 35mins

MAS (23:55)CSMT (03:45) 27hr 50mins

"Thane" (formerly "Thana", station code: "TNA") is a major railway station of the Indian Railways. Located in Maharashtra, It is one of the busiest railway stations in India. , Thane railway station handles 600,000 people daily. More than 1,000 trains visit the station each day, including around 180 long distance trains. The station has ten platforms. It is the origin and destination station of all the trans-harbour suburban trains.

Thane railway station was the terminus for the first ever passenger train in India. On 16 April 1853, the first passenger train service was inaugurated from (now renamed Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus), Mumbai to Thane. Covering a distance of , it was hauled by three locomotives: Sahib, Sindh, and Sultan, and carried around 400 passengers.

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